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I can’t begin to explain how much this experience has enhanced my life and increased my self esteem! The closet “cleansing” experience was worth the $$ alone, and then we went shopping! What a difference the right styles and colors make. Now I’m making the most of what I have and letting the real me shine through! It’s a small price to pay for all the benefits seen and unseen. Karen’s expertise and advice were invaluable. She’s the fashion/style teacher and I’m the student!

–Angela C.

Karen’s service has been a tremendous help to me.  Like many women, I work full time, and the last thing I want to do it go shopping in my spare time!  I almost faint when I go into a mall.  Shopping is overwhelming to me.  I am a person who always needs a second opinion on what I buy.  I lack the talent of pulling outfits together and accessorizing.  My approach has been to just keep buying and buying clothes with no real game plan in place.   This is where Karen has really helped as well.  She has created more outfits out of my closet than I can wear.  She has the knack of putting pieces together that I never would have imagined would look good together. Anything she has bought me has been extremely affordable and versatile.  My husband likes the fact that I don’t constantly ask him “how does this look?”  He’s especially happy that my stress is decreased and my confidence is increased. 

–Lynn E.

My experience with Karen Herrema was very positive.  She helped me to identify what looks best on my body type.  I gained a renewed sense of confidence in my body which is invaluable.  Finding clothes that are flattering is her forte. She is very easy to work with and I appreciated the individual attention. I was able to let go of some outfits and make my wardrobe more complementary and exciting with the addition of a few pieces. I loved having a short list of the things I needed to make what I already have more usable. The experience gave me a greater desire to look my best and not be weighed down by clothes that need to retire but are still hanging in my closet. I feel like a new woman.  Yes, Karen did all that and more!

–Cathy S.

I had Karen come transform my closet! Not only did she transform my closet, she helped me to define my own sense of style. I appreciated her thoughtful, efficient way of going through my clothing and eliminating clothing that I wasn’t wearing, was out of style, didn’t flatter me and was worn out.
Our shopping trip was fun, educational and instead of buying all new outfits, we focused on finding pieces that would complete outfits that I had, or give me new combinations of clothing to wear to stretch my closet.  She helped me to shop for clothing with a plan and helped me to see that my body type/issues was not as difficult to fit as I had perceived.  I now have a closet full of clothes that I wear regularly, express who I am and that flatter my best features.  I have received compliments since my “transformation” asking me how much weight I had lost, when in reality, I hadn’t lost any!!! Who wouldn’t want to maximize their shopping dollars, look and feel fabulous in everything you wear and receive compliments on losing weight by spending a little on a stylist?  Thank you, Karen!

–Laurie M.

Karen recently came over and worked with me, this experience was informative, fun and very worthwhile. I benefited from all the information. With the knowledge I gained I have confidence that I can now make better choices when I go shopping. I look at my wardrobe differently, with a better understanding of making outfits and what I should be wearing. The best part was going through my closet. I did not realize all the combinations that I could put together with what I already had, and it was like a FREE shopping spree right from my own closet. I feel better about how I look, get compliments on my outfits and have a confidence that I did not have before. Thank you Karen, your services were priceless.

–Kristi G.

What a difference hiring Karen has made for me!  She really has helped me learn to shop my closet and think of what I already have in new ways.  I am the type of shopper who goes to the store, sees an outfit I like on display and buys it.  I wear it as that outfit, rarely thinking to combine the pieces with other items in my closet.  Karen put an end to all that!  She came and in a matter of hours I was amazed at how many great outfit combinations I had right there at my fingertips – without investing in any new items.  Also, through this process of learning to shop my own closet, Karen helped me to be so much more intentional and aware of what are the missing wardrobe pieces that would make the biggest difference.  Now, when I am able to go shop for new items I know that I will be so much smarter about my purchases.  I will be investing in items that will expand my current wardrobe and give me even more choices.  Thanks a million Karen!  You have made a huge difference in my closet, in my daily life and saved me hundreds of dollars in “mistake” purchases!!  You are simply the best! 

–Dominique M.

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