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“Smooth” Wear

It’s been a while since I wrote about Shapewear. At that time I highlighted the various brands and pointed out the differences in their ability to “suck it in” .

Now, I often refer to a few brands as “Smooth Wear”. I think there are several options that smooth the lumps and bumps but aren’t necessarily considered Shapewear.

One of the most common complaints about shapewear is the fact that it is too hot.

Here are a couple options that are not heavy duty, but they will help smooth inconsistencies in the back and help with the “muffin top”. They are comfortable and you will not feel totally bound in.

First on the list is the Shimera Cami found at Nordstrom. I find this is perfect to smooth  and add that layer under tops that come a little low. It also really helps smooth that area above the waistband of your jeans.  It comes in a variety of colors and the scoop neck is reversible meaning you have two ways to wear the neckline–one higher and one lower.

Next I want to point out Yummie Tummie as I did in that original post. Again, you will get light support. It will hold you in a little more than the Shimeras. They are also made from a fabric that regulates your body temperature so you won’t be too hot or cold. It is reversible so you have a V-neck or a scoop neck. Nordstrom has a number of styles, but the Yummie site has a whole lot more.


The next time you need a little smoothing action, consider one of these options!



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  • cj Brouhard

    Love my Yummy Tummy’s! And you are so correct… in the summer you don’t feel like you have a ton of clothes on, they breath! I feel put together when having something like this and my Yummy Tummy’s are the favorites!

    April 4, 2013 at 8:17 am Reply
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