VIP Services

Introducing my VIP program…

Specially designed for clients who have been through Profile, Organize and Shop. Now you can receive ongoing advice and consultation for a $59.99 a year.

This includes:

  • 30% off all services. As a VIP, you always will get a special hourly rate: $50/hr.

1. Virtual Consultations: Do you ever get something home and you just aren’t QUITE sure if it’s a good look? I’ll give my advice and suggestions in an e-mail or phone call. Very convenient for long distance clients OR women who find it difficult to carve out time in their day for an appointment. A Second Opinion may be all you need!
*These can take place via phone call, e-mail photos, Skype/webcam.

2. Personal Shopping: Let me know what you are looking for and I will be on the search. I will purchase and bring to you. If it doesn’t meet your specifications, I take it back! Save time, gas money and frustration by becoming a VIP!

Feel free to be creative with your VIP membership (see testimonial below). If you need help with something, and don’t see it listed, let me know.

Extra Perks will be revealed spontaneously throughout the year!


Below is a testimonial from a client who needed help around the holidays with parties and a family photo!

For the Semi-formal event, Karen selected a dressy navy dress from my closet and proceeded to help me accessorize it in a new way.  We shopped from my closet; she loaned me some sparkly jewelry and later Karen found the perfect black lace shawl to help give me some warmth for the evening.  I received many compliments and my husband was wowed, even though he had seen me several times before in that dress.

The other Christmas party was for my husband’s work.  It was a semi-dressy affair held in the ballroom of the Hilton hotel downtown, where he was honored for patents he had received.  There was a buffet brunch, toys from Santa for the kids, multiple family activities and his company gives a free family portrait. It is something our family looks forward to every year. But, we have had so many pictures taken with my husband Jim and I wearing nearly the same thing year after year, we decided it was time for some help coordinating the clothing for the picture. I made a few purchases for Jim and my youngest daughter, Emily.

Then utilizing Karen’s VIP service, I asked Karen for advice on what to find for my oldest daughter and myself. For my outfit, she pushed me outside of my box. We chose a gray cardigan that was a different shade than the gray in Jim’s sweater. My blouse didn’t have any of the purple/plum colors that Jim & Emily were wearing, yet the periwinkle blue was in the same tone of the other purples. I probably never would have looked at the blouse because it was so different, but it coordinated beautifully. We all love the clothes and they aren’t the “holiday” colors we were drawn to in the past.  Now we have items that integrate into our closets that aren’t just for one or two occasions.  Thank you, Karen for making this portrait one of the best we’ve ever had taken!
-Laurie M.

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