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    Premier Jewelry Giveaway

    It’s time for a Giveaway thanks to Linda from Premier Designs Jewelry.

    I’ve mentioned many times how much I enjoy featuring a small business owner.

    Linda is a faithful Style by Karen reader and when I featured Premier in a previous post she won the giveaway, scheduled a party and then became a consultant. Love what my little blog can do!
    Linda will give away TWO $25 Gift Certificates. Premier does not have a website for ordering, but you can view many of the designs and learn more about the company from their site. If you are local, Linda would love to show you the jewelry in person. If you are not local, the catalog is a wonderful source as well. Contact Linda and she will send you a catalog.

    Premier is known for their ENHANCERS that can be put on any necklace even if it is multi strand. The enhancer opens up and snaps on rather than SLIDES on. This allows it to go on any thickness.

    Here is the piece I chose. LOVE!

    EVERYONE should have “THE CLIP”. Premier is the only source that I know for this. I have one in gold and silver and they are $10.

    The clip allows you to take any long necklace and double it and clip it in the back.

    Do you ever double a long necklace only to have the upper strand move throughout the day and practically choke you? I’m always adjusting and fussing when I wear a necklace that way. Here I am in a photo where a long strand of beads is doing the “choke effect”.

    NO LONGER with the clip. Now look at the same necklace with the clip.

    The clip opens up, you thread the two pieces through and then snap together and it stays securely in place! Not only does it stay in place but my long necklaces have more versatility worn double with the clip. (note: these are necklaces from my own collection)

    In addition to the TWO WINNERS, Linda will give a FREE CLIP IT to the first THREE who contact her to see the jewelry in person or a long distance reader who places a catalog order. Be sure and mention where you read about it.

    ALL COMMENTS WILL BE ENTERED FOR THE GIFT CERTIFICATES. Remember, TWO $25 winners. Then the first three orders will receive a Clip It.

    Have lots of jewelry? Order a Clip It and enhance the pieces you already own. When you see Linda’s name in this post, it is a link that will give you her info. Click there and you’ll be connected immediately.

    Let me know what you think! Can’t wait to see your comments.

    DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: May 27th 2013 at 9 pm PST

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