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    Find the Perfect Sunglasses

    Sunny weather is here in many parts of the country. We’re even getting our share of sun in the “it almost always rains all spring” Northwest!

    It’s been over 5 years since I bought a new pair of sunglasses. I’ve loved my Kate Spade glasses I found at the Nordstrom Rack for 49.99.  I know, that’s quite a record if you’re one who buys inexpensive sunglasses and purchases new ones frequently. I believe in spending a little more and taking good care of them. They are always in a case and I try not to wear them on top of my head.

    I decided I wanted the royal treatment this time so I could learn all the ins/outs of my purchase to share in this post. I went to the sunglasses section at Nordstrom.

    I judge a pair of sunglasses BEFORE I ever look in the mirror. I learned this from that Kate Spade pair I bought years ago. They FELT good the minute I put them on.

    I suggest you put them on, then look in the mirror and try pair after pair.

    Face shape/Shape of glasses: There are many articles on the web to help you find the right shape. In short you want to balance your face shape with the opposite shape of frame. If you have an oval face, you can wear almost any shape. I think that most of the time you will be drawn to what looks good on you. Ask for honesty with your salesperson or bring a friend.

    Most pairs despite the shape, brand or price point have 100% UV protection.

    Do you need polarized lenses? Polarized glasses reduce the glare. If you suffer from eyestrain, headaches when driving in the sun, spend time on the water, this may be a good choice for you.

    Here is what I tried when I went shopping:

    Michael Kors                                                                      Vince Camuto

    Ray Ban

    Kate Spade


    So what do you think? Which ones do you like

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