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March 2013

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    What’s Your Spring Shopping Plan?

    We’ve actually had a little taste of spring here in the rainy NW. It gets us all excited about warmer weather, yet we know not to get our hopes up too much because rain could be very much in the picture the next two months.

    The warmer weather plus the fact that we’re  taking a trip to Atlanta in April has made me think about spring clothes much earlier than I normally would.

    Going through my spring clothes caused me to realize that next year when I put my spring/summer clothes away I need to sort out the March “transitional” pieces. It’s about this time of year that I get really tired of my fall/winter clothes and want to reach for something else, yet it’s not practical for many of the lightweight sleeveless pieces.

    This year I did a major closet purge. I haven’t felt this way in years, but I honestly just wanted to start over! I’m not sure what it was, but I guess I didn’t buy many things last spring. A few pieces I did buy were either worn or I decided I didn’t like anymore. It made me realize that I made some poor choices. As I kept going through each item, it became apparent that a few of my favorites were going on year 4. There is nothing wrong with that. They are still in style and in good shape. However, it’s time to give some things new life or buy new. Most of us can’t  buy a whole new wardrobe in one season. As I was sorting and cleaning I began to formulate a plan. I’ll be sharing it with you in the next few posts. Whether you need a new wardrobe or just a few pieces I think this will give you some ideas before you hit the stores.

    I went through all my spring/summer pieces and decided if they were consignment worthy or went to Good Will. By the time I was finished, I had a lot of empty hangers.

    First I took inventory of my bottoms:


    -denim (long and cropped)



    I wrote down what I had in colors and added anything to my “must have” list.

    Next I looked at my jackets and sweaters a.k.a those THIRD PIECES  of an outfit.

    When you categorize this way it’s easy to see redundancy and gaps. I was heavy on green sweaters and my black cardigan had seen better days. While I put black cardigan on the list, I will wait to see if it really is a gap as I start wearing my clothes. Don’t just buy because it’s on the list. I always suggest keeping an ongoing list in your closet because it becomes clear what you need as you get dressed each day.

    Now it’s time to look through tops and layering pieces and how they fit in with pant and jackets for a variety of combinations. This is another way to help the purging process. If you have a stand-alone piece that doesn’t work with a bottom or a jacket AND you don’t want to purchase something to coordinate, then it has to go.

    When I look at the pieces in my closet, I have shopping to be done and possibly more purging.

    I’m starting a list and then I’ll prioritize.

    Next Up: Must haves for spring



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