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September 2012

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    What is Modal?

    Continuing the series on fabrics, I once again chose a fabric that many of you may know by sight and touch, but NOT by name.

    Modal is a type of rayon–a processed textile made from reconstituted cellulose from the beech tree. Modal is sometimes used alone or combined with other fabrics like cotton and spandex.

    We classify modal as a rayon. While rayon may be made of wood pulp from several different trees, modal uses only beechwood.

    Consumers often “write off” modal and other types of rayon because they are not natural. It’s important to know that the raw materials used ARE natural, but then they are heavily processed with chemicals

    On the Positive Side:

    -50% more absorbant than cotton

    -takes dye like cotton

    -color fast in warm water

    -resistant to shrinking

    -smooth, soft and breathes well

    -hard water deposits less likely to adhere to surface so the fabric stays soft through repeated washings

    Modal, orginally marketed as “artificial silk” is often mistaken for silk at first touch. The modal tops I’m familiar with are perfect layering pieces under sweaters and jackets. They are extremely comfortable. I refer to them as my “Second Skin”. I like them for layering, but because they tend to cling a little, personally I would not wear them without a jacket or sweater. However, you may find, they are just fine for you to wear that way.

    The only downside I can find with this fabric is that it is prone to stretching and can pill.


    Wash in cooler temperatures and again I advise that mesh bag. I meet women frequently who do not own a mesh bag usually used for lingerie. It is a MUST HAVE. I also recommend the lingerie wash. Don’t forget that the lingerie wash is also a great stain remover that is gentle at the same time.



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