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August 2012

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    Fall Trends: Coated and Printed Denim

    The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale gave us a taste of what we’ll be seeing this fall. In addition, the new CAbi line is out which I was able to see recently. Other stores have fall merchandise arriving every day. I will be doing an ongoing series on what you will see out there this fall. As I’ve said before, don’t try to attempt every trend. Find one that is reasonable and give it whirl. I love hearing what you think so please weigh in during these posts and let me know what you might try.

    First colored denim, now printed denim. Looks great on some, not sure of this one myself. The Wit and Wisdom denim below comes in two colors. If you are skeptical of a print, try the blue one vs the red as it look like regular denim from a distance.

     What do you think of these? NYDJ  has come a long way.

    Next up–“Coated”. It is difficult to get a full perspective from the photo. You almost need to feel these. I’ve learned to never say never, but I’ll be interested to see if these grow on me.

    This is just he beginning. I have much more to share with you in the next weeks. I’ll be reviewing the CAbi line as well as some highlights from my a few of my favorite stores like Loft, WHBM and J Crew.

    This is a great time to let me know your questions about fall trends. If you see something out there you are not sure about, ask away!

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    The Pull-On Jean

    Just the very words PULL ON could be a total turn off. It may even cause you to hit DELETE or UNSUBSCRIBE to my posts. However, I hope the majority of you reading will “hear me out” for my thoughts on this style. The Pull on Jean that I know was designed by…

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