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    What’s Underneath?

    When I discussed Shape wear I pointed out that what is underneath is often MORE important than what is on the outside.

    In this post I am tackling the topic of UNDERWEAR! No, it’s not a common topic for fashion bloggers, but why not? In my opinion, VPL (visible panty lines) can make a great outfit go sour in a glance.

    We all know thong underwear, when worn correctly, can help eliminate VPL. Personally, I am NOT a fan. However, that does not mean that it is not a feasible option for many of you. To each their own. I say as long as the thong cannot be seen underneath a snug fitting pant, or creeps above the waistband on a lower cut pair of jeans all is fine. Need I say anymore?

    If you are partial to thong underwear, you probably have tried the infamous Hanky Panky brand. I was introduced to this a number of years ago. I wish I could make them work because they really are the best out there according to many sources. There used to be 2 styles: Low rise and regular rise. Now look at all the variety! I know women who like the “retro” cut for a bit more coverage at the hip line.

    Moving on from this style, I have to say that finding the right fit of underwear is not easy. I’m sure you can agree. Then it seems that you find something you like and they change it or discontinue it and you have to start over. I don’t like to think about the money I’ve wasted over the years.

    Enter a new cut and a new brand and I am extremely pleased. Early last fall when I was shopping at Nordstrom to replenish something in the lingerie department, the department manager noticed the brand I was buying and gave me a tip on a new arrival. I agreed to try and I am SOLD!

    It is the “Wonderful Edge” boyshort made by TC Fine (also my favorite shape wear) The fabric is thin and there is no way you will have VPL. The “gripper” helps it stay put and is still comfortable. You honestly don’t even feel it. No more riding up. Wonderful edge is the signature tag line so look for that as the TC line is growing!

    If you don’t like the boyshort style, you can choose from bikini and brief styles. Not sure these are worth the price? The fun pink and lepoard prints are on sale.  It doesn’t take me long to become excited about the comfort and practicality of this garment. I just had to share even if it is not the typical blogger topic. Underwear is important too.

    OK–did I get your attention? I would love to hear from at least a few of you about this all important topic. Weigh in and let me know if you have underwear frustration 🙂

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