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    Accessories “Rules”

    I love my accessories, no doubt about it! However, I meet many women who don’t wear any accessories or know how to put them together.

    My friend Missy, who is also a stylist and blogger, recently wrote this post about some “rules” for accessories. After a little research, I could not find the origin of this “16 Point Rule”, although I remember talking to a Mary Kay consultant about it at one time. She referred to it when I explained my business. This was taught in a training she had attended years ago. I get the impression it’s been around for a while.

    There are some rules that are made to be broken. While I think this idea is a guideline, I would like to put my own spin on it. First read Missy’s post,then see what you think of my revisions. Some of you might like the original version better because you need all the points you can get and so be it!

    I’ve adjusted the point system to stay in tune with current trends. The trend in jewelry is all about statement pieces and layering. I wholeheartedly believe in a combination of classic and trendy. I think my new version is the best of both worlds. My revisions are in parentheses in BOLD.

    • One point for each of your shoes (ONE point for a PAIR of shoes. Who wears one shoe?)
    • One point if you have a pretty pedicure and it is showing because of open-toe shoes
    • One point if you have on fashionable tights or leggings (pantyhose do NOT count–and you do not get count these as again as a garment)
    • One point for each garment you have on.  If your garment has more than two colors, give yourself an additional point. For example, if you have on black jeans, a black jacket, and a multicolored blouse, you get 4 points. (Any pattern is as an additional point regardless of color)
    • One point if you are wearing a belt.
    • One point for each of your rings (your wedding ring set counts as one point) (Layered rings count as ONE)
    • One point for any watch, bracelet or bangle. (2-3 narrow layered bracelets count as 1 wide bracelet — ONE point instead of one point per bracelet)
    • One point for a necklace. If your necklace has a double or triple strand or it is very large, give yourself two points. (Statement piece=2 points or 1 point per necklace)
    • One point for each of your earrings, that you can see. (Again ONE point for a PAIR of Visible earrings )
    • One point if you are wearing glasses.
    • One point if you have makeup on.
    • One point if you’ve had a compliment on your hair in the last two weeks.
    • One point for nice, taken care of nails (no chipped polish please).
    • One point for your handbag if you will be carrying it 100% of the time, if not, zero points.
    • One point for a shawl, hat, scarf, wrap or other add on accessory item.

    0 points = you’d be naked
    12 points or under = girlfriend, you need some accessories
    12-14 points = you are almost there but not quite. Where can you add something? Maybe a bracelet, a scarf or another ring?
    14-16 points = well done
    Over 16 points = too much sister, time to take some things off.

    PHOTO #1 If I were to follow the “16 Point Accessory Rule” I would be at 19 Points. My System: 14 Points

    It’s hard to see everything in this photo. I am wearing large visible hoops, but in a neutral color. I have a statement piece layered with another necklace–again pretty subdued in color. I think this outfit works and the amount of accessories is just right.

    PHOTO #2 16 Point Accessory Rule: 19 Points. My system: 15 points

    It would be crazy to think you should add up points each time you get ready. I would use this system ONLY WHEN IN DOUBT. Soon it will start making sense. 1. If you have a bunch of long layered necklaces, skip the belt. If you love scarves–then wear less jewelry.

    2. If you have a statement piece or layered necklaces, wear small earrings or skip them altogether. If the bracelets are your focal point, play down the necklace. Remember it’s all about balance with accessories as well as balancing your color and texture in every outfit.

    So I’ll be curious to see what you think of the 16 Point Accessories Rule and my revised system. How did you score? Do you need to add, take away pieces or did you come out just right? I would love to hear.

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