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March 2012

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    Cute and Comfy

    As much as I have written about shoes, I probably get asked about this topic more than any other. Everyone wants comfort withouth having to give up style. Flats just don’t work on many women’s feet including my own. Most of the wedges are too high. The heels are even higher. The intent of this post is to introduce you to brands you may not have heard of. The link and source is listed below the photo.

    I have tried many of these brands. I first found Fidji 3 years ago. The heel is lower, but I have to add a cushioned Dr. Scholl’s insert. Helle Comfort is still one of the best on my foot. Pikolinos is a favorite along with Eric Micahel. Earthies, Naya, and Everybody are options I’d like to try.

    Comfort does not come without a price. If these are out of price range, you will need to watch sales. All of these brands DO come on sale. Find your favorite shoe websites and put them in your favorites so you can check back frequently. What do you think? What catches your eye?

    comfort brands

    Earthies high heel shoes
    $159 –

    Pikolinos wedge heel sandals
    $150 –

    Earthies espadrille shoes
    $169 –

    Eric Michael wedge shoes
    $120 –

    Everybody cut out shoes
    $219 –

    Eric michael shoes
    $120 –

    Earthies wedge heel shoes
    $159 –

    Fidji rubber soled shoes
    $186 –

    Pikolinos wooden heel shoes
    $160 –

    Naya cork shoes
    $145 –

    Helle Comfort python sandals
    $195 –

    Flat strappy shoes
    $179 –

    Perforated shoes
    $189 –

    Fidji shoes
    $155 –

    Helle Comfort arch shoes
    $172 –


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  • InFabulous Footwear

    Spring Shoes Part 2

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