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September 2011

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    Make a “Look Book”

    I would have written about a Look Book eventually, but wouldn’t you know it, In Style beat me to it in their “50 Best Fashion Tips of All Time”. By the way, I hope you have enjoyed how I’m incorporating these tips here/there. I doubt I’ll cover all 50, but hopefully it has been affirming. We are all doing many things right!

    Do you ever put an outfit together and feel a real sense of accomplishment when someone comments on it? Then when you try to duplicate it or even remember what you did, you can’t come up with the exact same thing. Now some of that isn’t all bad–I believe in change. HOWEVER, when you are in a hurry to get out the door having a photo reference can be a huge time saver when you are getting ready to go. That is worth a lot.

    These photos do not have to be top notch quality. They are only for reference.

    The camera on my Smart Phone is better than other phones I’ve had in the past. I could have a handy log right in the files on my phone. Yes, I forget things too. Part of me loves the challenge of changing it up, but honestly there are times when I just want the photo reference.

    Take a quick photo of yourself in the mirror OR lay out the outfit with accessories AFTER you arrive home and snap a photo. You might recall a post in which I shared the photos I had taken in the mirror. One of my friends who is a faithful reader told me “Karen, you really need to get a tripod and remote control. Then you can just stand there and push the button. You don’t have to worry about anyone being home to snap the photo or stand in front of the mirror.” She of course is right. I’ll get there.

    Remember, don’t worry about how you look in the photo. Their purpose is to jog your memory of clothes and accessories. Many women actually develop the photos and have them in their closet or on their dresser to refer to. Others keep them on their computer. I don’t recommend that method because it really defeats part of the purpose–saving time. If you have to run and look at your computer, it slows down the process, but whatever works for you.

    Here are a few I’ve taken recently. I knew there was a way I could still use those photos of summer dresses! Sometimes you don’t even need the full length pose because you simply want to remember the accessories and other times you may want to show shoes.

    I hope you will consider making a Look Book. I would be happy to help you put new looks together for you book. Let me know if I can help as you get out those fall clothes!

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