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    What I Wore: Day 3

    What have I started? I’m not used to blogging every day. I wasn’t kidding when I said you might be tired of seeing me by the end of the week! Thank you for your comments–it keeps me going.

    When choosing the outfits, I tried to include as many of my PARTNERS as possible. It’s hard sometimes because I can hear them saying…”But Karen, that piece is discontinued!”  To that I say–if you see something you like from a certain line that is discontinued, there will be probably be something similar or even better now. Contact them anyway!

    Today I’m a little bit classic. I like black and white, but I’m not obsessed with it. It’s more flattering with another color. This time I chose green.

    I purchased the black skirt with my CABI credit this spring. Then what happened? It sat in my closet for some reason. I guess I have way more things to go with black in the winter than summer. It is one of the most comfortable skirts I’ve ever put on. I “forced” myself to come up with some ways to wear this and make new combinations.

    -The skirt is a little tricky because of the detailed “pleats” in front.

    – It looks better with a shorter top or in this case something tucked in with a wide belt.

    -You could skip the wide belt and simply close two buttons on the sweater under the bust as I’ve shown dozens of times. This sweater is rather long so you’d want a short sweater if you try that combo with this particular skirt. Try a skinny belt over the short sweater.

    Skirt: CABI

    Top, sweater and belt: The Nordstrom Rack

    Shoes: Bella Vita from Online Shoes

    Jewelry: Silpada, Lia Sophia and Liquid Metal  We get a few bracelets in every so often at Accentuate. I wear it frequently. It lies flat and doesn’t interfere with a computer keyboard as bangles sometimes do.

    Handbag: Maxx New York from Ebay. I get so many comments on this blue bag I’ve had for years. I need to use it more.

    -If you have a similar combination in your closet, there are many ways you could style this. I chose the oxidized silver jewelry and black hoop earrings. They are dull rather than shiny– a gunmetal color which I like with black/gray. You could completely change the look with silver jewelry that has lots of shine and sparkle. I chose less color with the jewlery because I had more color with the sweater and purse.

    – try red–one of my favorite additions to B/W. Add a sweater with a floral pattern or small stripe. Polka dots are a great base for mixing a pattern. Just keep the colors similar.

    -pearls would look so great with this! I should have taken some of my own ideas from Pearls Etc. but honestly there is only so much jewelry a girl can bring to a photo session!

    Do you have a lot of of black and white in your closet? What can you do to change it up?

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