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    It’s Black, It’s White…getting it right

    Every week I have women come in to the boutique where I’m employed and say that their closets are full of black clothes. They would like more variety. I am generalizing a bit here, but it seems that as women age the less they like black. Typically they have worn black for years and are just plain tired of it. They feel it does not flatter them as the years go by.

    Yet the stores are full of black and bright white. I know from recent buying trips with the store that black still dominates out there in the designer world. Sometimes it seems that the only option is BLACK!

    I learned a great deal about how to wear black and choosing the right white during the color portion of my stylist training. It gave me a whole new viewpoint on color. As I continue to read info from other stylists, many are right there with me.

    It simply isn’t an option to rule out black and white from your closet all together. It IS an option to be careful in how you wear them. Here are some simple rules I follow. I think these are good rules whether you are 20 or 60. When judging colors, keep in mind that your hair, skin and eyes will be the basis for what you choose.

    1. Look for more clothing options in a dark charcoal rather than jet black which is not quite as harsh. It also adds more interest and variety. A very dark brown-what I would call espresso is another great alternative.

    2. Add color with layering pieces and accessories when wearing black–especially around the face. Scarves and jewelry make a huge difference and help brighten up black.

    3. If you are just not a bright color person and prefer neutrals, creme or khaki work well to soften black.

    Now let’s get to WHITE courtesy of  Wardrobe 911. It is the best article I’ve seen on this topic. My purpose in referring you here is not to send you into a panic about the whites already in your closet. It takes a while to find the best white for you and to see the difference. My goal is to simply get you thinking about the whites you choose to wear.

    There is going to be a certain percentage of readers who do not agree with this information because they love their bright whites. I get that. I’m also fully aware that there are certain people who look great in the bright whites. Like so many things, it’s a transition. I’m still getting there myself. I didn’t want to give up my black jackets/coats and my white shirts. Now I’ve leaned how to pair them with other things so they can remain in my closet. There are times when I find something that is such a great fit and my only color option? BLACK. I’ve learned to work with it.

    If the whites you own or continue to find are just a little too harsh, you can also follow Rules #2 that I listed for black. Have more questions? Please contact me directly and I’ll be happy to help you.

    Would love to hear from you. Black? White? What do you do to get it right?

    PHOTO CREDIT: White House Black Market

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