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    Tights, Hose and Open-Toed Shoes

    Be sure and check out the other fashion blogs at Musings of  a Housewife. She has a great post on wearing white to weddings. AND, pop over to my Style byKaren facebook page and weigh in on Kate’s dress!

    It’s that time of year. We want to wear open-toed shoes with summer skirts and dresses. But then there is the dilemma: What about the legs? In recent years, hose have gone “out”. We saw a lot of bare legs with skirts. Now let me clarify, some work places still require hose and many of you didn’t really have a choice. Luckily hosiery designers have come a long way from the “brown” pantyhose that came in plastic eggs.

    Hose are very sheer and much more flattering.

    Tights have made a strong comeback the last few years. Fun patterns added texture and interest to an outfit. Yet, I know many women were a little hesitant to go with a pattern. Perhaps designs like this scared them away. There are many more subtle designs so I encourage you to try!

    Personally I prefer solid opaque tights in the fall and winter. I do have a few patterned pair and they’re fun for a change. I almost always wear tights with boots/booties as I have more boots than pumps. However, this year I bought a dress that I liked with shoes and boots. Every time I tried my brown tights with the shoes, it just didn’t look right. Patterns weren’t the answer either. What to do?

    So I was off to the Nordstrom hosiery department to do some research. I had a nice conversation with the department manager and caught up a little bit on hose. When I described my problem, she had the perfect solution. Tights that were a cross between an opaque tight and hose. As she described it, “you want to see a little skin show through”. This was exactly right. I’m not sure the picture below is the best representation, but I believe you get the idea. Some outfits just call for this look

    But now as spring and summer are around the corner, who wants to think about tights? Yet, it can be cold in the spring, our legs are not ready to see the light of day, and many women hate showing their legs all together.

    All winter I’ve been wearing these tights with the dots. They are really more like sheer hose. They have been a great option for several outfits.

    Colors are getting lighter and I needed another option. I remember the manager at Nordstrom telling me about the fishnet tights. They are perfect for spring–lightweight and light in color. They are a little hard to see in the photos, but check them out in the store.

    Many of you in various parts of the country are already experiencing warm weather. Your legs are tan or you’re using self tanner. We’re not quite there yet. (I’ll cover the topic of self tanners in a future post.)

    Wearing the sheer tights like the ones shown above brings up the topic of closed and open toed shoes. I did a little research. Some women say they would never wear any tights or hose with anything but close toed shoes. Other fashion sites and magazines show great examples of a tight with a peep toe shoe. Generally the consensus is this:

    1. Never wear nude, sheer hose with an open-toed shoe or strappy sandal.

    2. Tights (especially with a pattern) are OK with a peep toe or some open- toed shoes/sandals. I found that shoes that showed the least amount of skin looked better with tights. Keeping sandals and tights the same color also was a much better look overall.

    Shoes that look fine with opaque tights and patterned tights

    Shoes that look better with bare legs NOT sheer hose:

    Shoes that could go either way:

    Note how these shoes will cover most of the foot, yet they are not a peep toe as shown above. They have a sandal toe and personally I would NOT wear these with tights.

    This photo taken on Easter Sunday shows the nude fishnets and a pair of shoes that are a little “iffy”. They might be a little too open. However, you can see from a distance that these are the perfect look with this outfit especially when I’m not ready to bare my legs quite yet.

    What do you think? How do you wear tights and hose with your shoes?

    Photo credits: Nordstrom.

    Michael Kors and Sofft shoes

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