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    Spring Trends: What will be your MUST have?

    Thanks to all of you for participating in the CABI giveaway. Congrats to Comment #4: Noelle!

    On my Style by Karen Facebook page, I have been showing spring trends. If you haven’t had a chance to become a fan, make sure you do. Sometimes I ask a question and I often show 3-4 photos. It’s a great way to get a few tips and stay current just by scrolling through your feeds. Most of the time there is info NOT covered on the blog. There you go-even more tips for you on Facebook!

    Check out Musings of a Housewife for more great spring looks. All of us in the NW can relate to what she is saying! Be sure and check out the other blogs listed at the end of the post.

    Spring Trends for 2011. What is a must have? At this point in spring, I recommend transitioning into spring by layering bright colors. Most of the time it’s not quite warm enough to wear all the things we see in the stores and in photos. But we are tired of the dark, winter colors and need a change. Lightweight sweaters, jackets and scarves are a great way to add the color.

    Honeysuckle was named the color of spring 2011. The true definition of Honeysuckle as named by Pantone  is a deeper pink, yet some reports showed it more in the coral range. I chose two things that have a little of each color. Of course you will see all sorts of bright colors from turquoise (last year’s color) deep lavender and more. Neutrals are also very in and I showed those with the stripes below.

    All selections from LOFT

    Another trend: STRIPES! I’m not a big fan, because they do not flatter me personally, but I do love them on other people. I especially love the very narrow stripe.


    Banana Republic

    I asked on Facebook…Blouses or Tops? Blouses have made a comeback this season. Some of you have wondered if they ever have gone out. Certainly tailored blouses haven’t. Blouses in general have been more difficult to find as of late. Tops were still the favorite because they are a better fit.


    Denim Trends: It’s all in this season. You have choices. Trouser, Bootcut, Bell bottom, Straight Cut, Skinny and Boyfriend Capri!


    Of course this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the spring trends. What would be a MUST HAVE for you? Are you partial to stripes? Do you love a feminine blouse? Weigh in and let me know what you love.

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    Client of the Month: Laurie

    Don’t forget to enter the drawing for the Gift Certificate for CABI! Deadline is tomorrow. Laurie was one of the first clients I worked with when I started my business. We’ve been working together off/on for two years and she is a VIP client. Laurie has great figure. Her shoulders and hips…

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    CABI Giveaway

    CABI stands for Carol Anderson by Invitation. Yes, a clothing show in your home! I’ve been purchasing CABI since 2005. I can’t imagine that there are still people who haven’t heard of CABI, but I know you are out there. If you have never seen CABI, and do not live…

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