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    Fashion at the Oscars 2011

    It was another dazzling evening at the Oscars. Just as the Golden Globes were about green, last night was an evening in RED. My favorites in red were:

    I enjoyed all of Anne Hathaway’s gowns last night, but this one was stunning.

    Jennifer Lawrence, a newcomer to the Awards took such a simple style and made it a WOW. Her hair and makeup were also lovely.

    Sandra Bullock got this one right in comparison to the Globes in my opinion.

    The Neutrals: I love color on the Red Carpet, but there are neutrals every year that are worth showing. It was also nice to see a few different faces.

    Mandy Moore, Hailee Steinfeld (age 14) and Gwyneth Paltrow

    Just Ok for me this time around:

    Michelle Williams, Nicole Kidman, Scarlett Johanson

    I’m sure others will rave, but these were not my favorites this year.

    Unique Colors for the Evening:

    Helen Mirren in a gun metal. I have enjoyed watching her the last years and she did it well again for the Oscars.

    I have great admiration for Jennifer Hudson’s talent and recent weight loss. Not a huge fan of this dress, but the tangerine color gets some press.

    Mila Kunis in lavender. This is not typically my style or favorite color; I thought she wore it well and looked amazing

    Amy Adams in midnight blue was gorgeous as always.

    Natalie Portman was radiant in this color and overall MY FAVORITE for the evening!

    They didn’t ask me:

    Florence Welch (lead singer of Florence and the Machine,) Cate Blanchett and Melissa Leo

    Ok so I love their talent (especially Melissa Leo for her winning role in The Fighter this year) but not their style.

    So did you enjoy the Oscars? Did you have any favorites I missed?

    Photo Credits: Harper’s Bazaar and People

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