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October 2010

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    The Life (and Dress) of a Sports Mom

    My boys have been involved in organized sports for twelve years. My husband was a coach for a number of those years. I know that many readers will be able to relate to all that is involved in this aspect of life–the good, the bad and the ugly! Allow me to take off my “stylist hat” for a few paragraphs. It will all come back to fashion with a couple of outfit layouts in upcoming posts.

    I have no regrets about our involvement in club sports/school sports. The kids have learned some valuable life lessons that only this type of experience can teach. Between two boys it’s been soccer, football, basketball, baseball, and golf. And one even tried wrestling…We and they have been around. The upside? You meet some great people. The downside? A certain segment of that parent population take it all a little too seriously. Oh, the stories I could tell. I’ve always had a secret ambition to write, “True Short Stories of a Sports Mom”. It would be most entertaining. I would have to change names or move away. It would have made the perfect blog back in the day when most people, myself included, had never heard of a blog.

    You see, my children are average to above average athletes. My husband and I have been very mindful of this from Day 1. My kids have played with some talented athletes–local “stars”. Mixed in were those who THOUGHT their kids were stars. I’ve sat and listened to parents boasting. I’ve smiled, shook my head, and bit my tongue. As a sports family, we’ve been involved in some unbelievable situations.

    It came full circle this fall when my college freshman chose to write an English paper about one of those experiences. Oh how interesting it was as a parent to read this perspective six years later! Of course it brought out a sports mom “instinct” that is difficult to describe in words. Can I tell you how many e-mails I wrote or conversations with coaches I formulated in my mind? Most were never sent and most of the time I sat back, muttered to myself or a friend and walked away.

    I could handle the fact that parents were probably talking about my kids/husband behind my back. What I couldn’t handle were things being said when I was sitting on the bleachers. A few of my comebacks still make the family “Remember when” stories…

    Back in September when I featured Barbara Hill Photography, I mentioned golf photos. Several of you asked me off/on the blog to send them. I love to show off the work and promote those who have agreed to be featured on Style by Karen. It’s a rainy day in the Northwest; I enjoyed looking at these again.

    High School Golf is not a “Glory” sport. It does not get the same press as Football and Basketball or even Soccer. You have to dig in the local paper to find golf. Although I don’t play myself (believe me, they’ve tried) I so appreciate what this game has taught my kids. Golf is a game of ups and downs. My kids have had their share of each. Despite team and All League awards, a trip to state, an occasional mention in the paper, they will probably not be remembered as the top local golfers.

    At one match this year, my husband was approached by a coach from an opposing school. He wanted to confirm if he was the dad of Ethan, our oldest. The coach complimented our son (who graduated) not only on his play, but his sportsmanship, demeanor and the gentleman he was off/on the course. To us, that was an achievement that far outweighs local press and awards.

    Back to fashion: I’ve sat  frozen through so many events. I’m eager to share some finds that will help you stay warm, not look too dressed up, yet stylish as a sports mom!

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