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August 2010

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    Quick Tip: Jewelry Storage

    As I continue to encourage jewelry as one of the best ways to accessorize, the thought may come to mind… “Where in the world am I going to store it?” I have shown some photos in the past of solutions I’ve created for myself. The main thing to remember is storing the jewelry so you can SEE it and it is convenient. I go to many homes/closets where the jewelry is nowhere in sight. It’s stuffed into a jewelry box in a drawer and is forgotten about. Again, the answer is very simple:

    When you see it, you will wear it!

    Many women have space issues in their closets. However, even if you just have a small area of wall space, I think the ideas below may work for you. I usually try to find a small area in the closet where you can put a piece of pegboard. It’s a great way to display jewelry. The photo below is an example of what a client created after my suggestion.

    The following photos show the same idea with cork board, straight pins and a belt holder for the heavier necklaces.

     Have you found a great way to store your jewlery? Is it out in the open so you can see it and combine with your outfits?

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    Do You Prefer Patterns or Solids?

    Our winners for the Silpada Giveaway are: Comment #2: Cynthia D. Comment #3: Kristi G. Winners were chosen by Congratulations to you both. Kristi Thomas will be contacting you soon. Thanks for reading. Does your closet favor solids or patterns? If you are “anti-pattern” could it be that when you think…

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    Jewelry Giveaway

    I believe I went to my first Silpada party nearly ten years ago. It was love at first sight. Since that time, Silpada as a company has achieved great success. I enjoy promoting a company started by two women who believe in helping women succeed by working from home. Over the…

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