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    Handbags:Your Favorite Accessory?

    Thank you everyone for participating in the Gigi Hill Giveaway. Congratulations to our winner: Comment #5: Kristi J. Be sure and check out Brenda’s site if you are interested in ordering a bag.

    I imagine it’s fair to say that if we took a vote on favorite accessory, handbags would be towards the top. If you were to choose, would it be Jewelry, Shoes or Handbags? I know women who have dozens of expensive handbags. I know other women who feel it’s crazy to spend hundreds of dollars on one bag. Over the years I’ve gone back and forth between quantity or quality. I had a Brighton phase, a “knock off” phase, a department store brand phase and an E-bay designer phase. The bottom line: A purse is an item I use every day; I want it to hold up. I have purchased the less expensive handbags that wore out after one season. I have found that I like to rotate a few favorites for a number of years. It seemed a wiser investment to spend a little more and be able to use them longer than one year. You wouldn’t think that a husband and two boys would notice a new purse, but they do. My younger son has been known to say–“Mom, is that another new purse?” Numerous tops go unnoticed. A purse–not so much!

    My Personal Purse Criteria:

    1. Perfect size. It must hold my basics, yet not so large that things get “lost”. Also, I don’t want to carry “luggage” or have my purse bump into others. I like an average sized purse for everyday use. See photos below. I have smaller bags for special occasions.

    2. Strap Drop. I want a purse that sits comfortably on my shoulder–not too high, not too low. My perfect drop is between 9-10″.

    3. Quality Leather. I’ve just had too many bags fall apart so this is key for me.

    4. I like a bag to have a “bottom”. I want it to sit and not tip over.

    Where to purchase:

    I’ve had the best luck for designer purses on E-bay. I’ve really scored some deals over the years. I have also had good luck at the Nordstrom Rack and the Nordstrom Sale table right BEFORE they go to The Rack. In fact, I’ve found some great bags and I simply have to walk away. I only need so many! TJ Maxx is another good source.

    What Colors are Best?

    This is very individual. I like to have a basic black and brown. Then I want a couple fun colors. It is amazing the comments I receive when carrying a bag with a unique color. It brightens a dull outfit instantly. It also takes the eye to the handbag and at times away from my flaws. The way I see it, the right bag can take the attention away from my middle! I vacillated between showing purses I own or showing what is available. This post focuses on styles and colors I love. I do not switch on a daily basis. I carry one for a while and then rotate. Note: Shoes and bags do not have to match.

    Here are some of bags I’m using right now: The Neutrals: Black/Michael Kors, Brown/B. Makowsky(new favorite brand), Pewter/Betsy Johnson. I get comments on all of these purses, especially the pewter. It’s a difficult color to find which is unfortunate because it is so versatile. These are older styles found on E-bay and at The Rack.

    Colors: Red/Talbot’s, Blue/Maxx New York, Purple/Dooney & Bourke (I’ve received comments in stores from total strangers when I carry this purse. It’s a great color purple) Talbot’s has reasonably priced bags. The others are from E-bay.

    Are you a little Coach, a bit Dooney or do you favor Louie? Not into name brands? Do you have handbag criteria before purchasing?

    Coming Next: Handbags Pt 2.

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    Gigi Hill Giveaway

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    Style Potpourri

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