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March 2010

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    Spring Trends

    Thank you to everyone who commented and participated in the Lily Giveaway. I loved reading the comments and input many of you had. Congratulations to our winner: Kristi-Comment #12. I hope everyone reading will check out the store–I know you won’t be disappointed. Jot me a note if you are going and maybe I can meet you there.

    Yesterday I met with the owners of a consignment store and shoe store in Portland who are excited to partner with me. My goal is to feature a local store one time a month and incorporate another monthly giveaway which will allow for long distance readers’ participation. More great things to come. If you are on Facebook, you can join my Style by Karen page which will also keep you updated if you are not a subscriber.( Becoming a subscriber allows you to receive every post directly to your e-mail.) Thank you for reading my blog. I appreciate your support and comments.

    The calendar says it is spring! Many of you across the country are on spring break or perhaps just finishing your break. Easter is on Sunday–and that is often a turning point for wearing spring clothes. Here in Washington we are on break and experiencing some of the worst weather of the month. We’ve had some nice spurts of sunny weather, but not this week! In celebration of spring, I plan to post several times focusing on photos of some of the latest styles. Earlier I gave you a taste of spring trends when I took my own challenge to step out and visit different stores. This month I spoke to two different women’s groups. I love to bring samples and use models from the group– dressing them in some of the latest fashions to show great fit. I have seen lots of clothes this past month, and I’m eager to share with you.

    First off: Tops. You’ll see a pattern here with the embellishments, detailed necklines and ruffles. If your body type allows you to wear details on top, many of these styles are great for you. The extra embellishments around the shoulders and bust help give you a little something where you need it. Details on top balance larger hips. If you carry your weight on the top, you can still wear many of these styles. Be careful to choose ruffles that lie flat or cascade and do not protrude which can increase bust size. I chose Ann Taylor Loft as they had such a great representation of the variety of embellished tops and tees. I like this store because of the price point which allows you to purchase trendier pieces without spending a fortune. Your first reaction may be…”it looks a little young.”  It will look different on you and it will look different when you combine it with something in your closet. Combine any of these tops with dressier pants, jeans, and pair with a cardigan or jacket and you are set. Don’t forget stylish, comfortable shoes! You will also find similar embellished tops at J Crew and Anthropologie.

    Next Up: Cardigans: The Long and  Short of It

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    Lily Atelier Giveaway

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    Leggings, Jeggings and Skinny Jeans

    I have to admit that when I saw the trend of tucking my jeans in boots I never thought I’d be able to pull off that look with my short legs. Then came leggings! I laughed and vowed I’d never wear them. I was pregnant with my children in the early ’90s when…

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