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February 2010

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    It’s All About the Bling!

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    It’s no secret that I love jewelry. I find it to be one of the best ways to give a boring outfit some pizzazz! My motto has become: Jewelry makes an ordinary outfit extraordinary. I definitely meet women on both ends of the spectrum–jewelry lovers and minimalists. There doesn’t seem to be many in the middle. Some say it’s just out of their “comfort zone.” I would say that adding different types of jewelry has significantly changed my look over the years. I went through the stage when my children were young that it was not practical to wear much jewelry. That style stuck with me for quite some time. I wore very simple, almost dainty necklaces and earrings.

    About six years ago, I started receiving many compliments on what I wore and how I put things together. I started helping friends shop. It was the springboard for starting this business. I believe some of those compliments were a result of my jewelry. Back then, I definitely had the “matchy matchy” syndrome going on, but my pieces made more of a statement and people noticed.

    One of the best way to take the eye away from flaws we all have is to bring the eye AWAY from the flaw (hips, middle) and to the face. Jewelry does that. A large, beautiful bracelet calls attention to the wrist and away from the upper arm which is another problem area.  In the photos below I have noted the source of the piece if it is still available. If you love something that is not available, I can help you find a similar item.

    Finding your Focal Point. Many women feel too conspicuous with jewelry because they’ve seen it overdone. If you make a statement with your necklace, keep the earrings more subdued. Love big earrings? Go for it, but keep the necklace smaller. If your focal point is your bracelets, then necklace and earrings should be smaller. Love it all to match? Try to stay away from exact matches, but mix pieces with the same tones, similar color families etc. Non-exact matches add interest! Still not comfortable? Start with one area or a medium sized piece and work your way up. Below are examples of what may be considered statement pieces. They could be considered medium sized depending on your comfort zone.

    View 3: Lia Sophia

    Elongate: You will hear me say this over and over. Two quick ways to elongate your body and help you look thinner–V-necks and LONG necklaces. Fortunately long is in!

    View 2 Target: View 3: Lia Sophia

    Layering: If you still have smaller pieces and want to get some use out of them, layer with larger pieces. This really catches attention and makes an outfit come to life. It’s fun to think of different combinations. The first photo is an example of the tiny pieces I wore previously. I still love them, but now they can be worn in a different way. These combinations also emphasize elongation!

    View 2: Long Necklace: Lia Sophia 

    Things have been a little quiet with the comments. It makes it a lot more fun to hear your opinions so go ahead and weigh in on the bling! Would love to hear if your jewelry style has changed over the years.

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