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January 2010

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    Shoes & Boots Part 3: My Favorite Brands

    You’ve been asking for specific brands so here they are! Remember that on the final installment of this series I will be sharing shopping tips especially for online stores. QUICK TIP: Find the style name of a shoe you like in the store or online. Google and you will see all the stores that carry it, prices and even if it is on E-bay.

    I rarely pay full price for any of my clothes. I’ve learned to shop smart, watch sales and go for price adjustments. With shoes, I often pay full price. I believe my feet are worth it. I don’t skimp when it comes to shoes and look for fine leather that gives and breathes. When I find a sale, it’s even more of a bonus. Here are brands I love. Keep in mind that many of these styles are 3-4 years old. You will probably be able to find a similar look

    BORN: Cut generously, cushioned insoles, great choice in styles, easy to find at department, online or discount shoe stores.

     SOFFT: Wide width options, very stylish, cushioned insole, 2 1/2-3 inch heels. This brand allows me to wear a higher heel–the brown patent pair shown are very comfortable. Macy’s, Nordstrom, Zappos and many other stores carry a wide variety of styles.

    FIDJI: I found this brand a year ago and I LOVE it! As you can see, I went crazy. I love the styles, perfect heel height, European sizes. I get compliments every time I wear these shoes. (not found in all stores)  Locally: Lily Atelier, Camas WA

     La CANADIENNE: Higher end, waterproof, well-cushioned, perfect heel height, extremely comfortable. Although the square toe on the boot is not my personal best look, these boots can be worn when I need to be on my feet ALL day.


    FRANCO SARTO : Great selection of styles, EXCELLENT price point, found everywhere. While only one pair is shown, I’ve had several over the years. Love them!

    CLARKS: Variety of styles, lower heel, some styles in wide widths, one of the most popular comfortable shoes. Check out their Indigo line.

     HELLE COMFORT: Extremely comfortable AND stylish, low heel. I rarely buy the same shoe in two colors as I like variety-these were worth it.

     I know you may be tempted to run around with your walking/jogging shoes when you dress casually in jeans, sweats or capris. The heavy look of a running shoe is really best left for exercise. Find a lighter shoe for casual wear. Kohl’s calls them Fashion Athletic. I like that.

    Other brands I’ve worn, admire or are recommended for comfort: SUDINI, ERIC MICHAEL, HISPANITAS, CIRCA JOAN & DAVID, ONEX, GENTLE SOULS, MIZ MOOZ.

    HIGHER PRICE POINT: Cole Haan: Their Nike Air technology makes them a favorite and they come in NARROW widths.

    Let me know if you have a favorite I missed.

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    Shoes: Comfort & Style Part 2

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    Shoes: Mixing Comfort & Style

    Congratulations to Stacey (Comment#1) the winner of the Bathrobe Giveaway!  Thanks everyone for your participation–more opportunities are coming. Keep reading and tell your friends. Well over a year ago when I imagined writing a fashion blog, I knew one of my first topics would be SHOES! Like many women, I have a “Shoe Jones”. In my opinion, shoes…

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