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December 2009

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    Organization Continued…

    After all the Christmas decorations are put away, I often get on a roll and keep on cleaning and organizing. Well, that would be sometimes. I’ve heard that my posts on organizing the closet and jewelry inspired a few of you. I have since continued…

    1.  My scarves were a mess. I opted for a basic hook that hangs on the wall behind my door vs. the one from IKEA. I have some scarves hanging in my bedroom, others in the basket by my outside door. I chose the location based on by “fashion” scarves and those I wear with heavier coats.




    2. My makeup was a mess. I’m not sharing a “before” picture. The result was this acrylic, easy to clean Organizer. I love it!


    3. Drawer Organizer for Socks/Tights. The picture on the cover of the box should explain what mine looked like. The result is so worth it. I plan to continue in other drawers.


    Let me know what else you find!

  • InShop on a Budget

    The Steamer

    I’ve wanted a garment steamer for years. I’m not a seamstress. I don’t own a clothing store. I don’t sell a clothing line. It was hard to justify this purchase. I’ve priced the smaller hand steamers, but they just don’t seem the same.  Several weeks ago my husband called from Costco…

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  • InBeauty Tips, Cosmetics

    Perfume Dilemma

    Thanks to everyone who participated in my first Giveaway. Congratulations to Annette, winner of the pedicure from “Nails by Kimberly”! I’m not much of a perfume person. There, I said it! I’m sure many women will find this very hard to believe. I don’t have any allergies or strong aversions to perfume….

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