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November 2009

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    Give Brown a Chance!

    I like the color brown. In recent years we’ve been told that brown is the new black. I’ve learned in my color analysis training that brown is often more flattering on many women than black. Yes, black can be a little harsh especially on someone who is very fair. It’s difficult for me to say get rid of black. Most of us LOVE the color black! It’s slimming and so versatile. I’ve heard a woman claim she can add something new to her closet without her husband ever knowing–as long as its black. I don’t plan to stop wearing black anytime soon; I continue to add more brown.

    My mother dressed me in brown long before it was a fashion trend. My older sister used to have a fit because it just was not cool in the late ’60s to dress a little girl in brown! (She doesn’t wear brown to this day.) My mom had no interest in fashion. She liked me in brown, and said it brought out my dark brown eyes. Knowing what I know now about color, she was exactly right. Below I’m wearing a brown pleated skirt and teal sweater–two of my favorite colors. Don’t you love the red shoes? Even a bling to go with it. I was a stylin’  little chick at age 5. The other photo –not so much. No hair comments please!

    Image0001image 28-11-2009 (2)

     Recently I watched an old episode of TLCs “What Not to Wear”. The woman having the makeover refused to wear brown, and in fact made a scene in the store. She said brown was “old ladyish”. Stacey London was apalled at her resistance and exclaimed, “JUST GIVE BROWN A CHANCE!” It  made me laugh, and I couldn’t agree more. Brown should be one of your basic neutrals with most of the same color combination options as black. Women ask me,”Can I wear green/brown together or blue/brown?” Yes! Will you give brown a chance? Perhaps my sister will even reconsider. I’ve included pictures of some of my favorite brown combinations which I believe will show that brown does have potential.

    IMG_6065IMG_6066IMG_6069blouse for 3 outfits

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    Shop Your Closet

     Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I hope you have a blessed day with Family and Friends. This year I am thankful for my family and our health, and am also thankful for a job that I love with grateful clients. Tomorrow is known as “Black Friday” in the retail world. I hope that it will be a…

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    Six Rules for Women over 40

    Recently I read an article by Tim Gunn from Project Runway fame. Although I do not catch this show as much as I’d like, I have enjoyed reading things he’s written. The title Six Mistakes Made by Women over40 caught my eye on the internet home page and I clicked over to check it…

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