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October 2009

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    Learning Your Style

    Creating a look you love and feel great in encompasses many aspects—all pieces to a puzzle. However, do not think of it as a complicated jigsaw puzzle. Broken down, it all fits together with a little effort.

    Determining your Personal Style is one of the pieces I focus on when I sit down with a new client. It truly sets the tone for making wise shopping choices. Many women purchase things they have seen on a friend, a model or a store display. When they get ready to wear it, something isn’t right and off it comes only to be stuffed back into the closet. This is often why I see clothes hanging in closets with tags still attached. If you have done this, join the crowd. Often this circumstance occurs because we are trying to emulate someone/something we admired. It looked so great on her… and for whatever reason it doesn’t on me! This is because it isn’t “YOUR PERSONAL STYLE”

    What is Personal style? Doesn’t that just mean it’s what we like? Certainly it can. Perhaps you’ve heard someone say, “That is SOO you!” I recall shopping in High School and one of my friends pulled something from the rack and said, “Here’s a Karen dress!” I wasn’t sure at the time if that was a compliment. This told me I had a very distinct style that was recognizable, but it also meant that I might be a redundant dresser. I think it is fine to have a distinct style, but personally I want to mix it up a little bit. If I’m drawn to the same style and have it in several colors, I want to add some variety with an accessory to make it different. I don’t want to be predictable.

    Take a look in your closet. Do you have many pieces that look exactly the same? As I continue blogging, I will teach you how to define your style. I will also teach your tips/tricks to change it up.

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