Clothing Care Labels

I’m not sure what is happening with care labels, but if you are like me it is becoming more difficult to decipher the instructions when it comes to laundry or dry cleaning garments.

It used to be so simple. Hand Wash. Machine Wash. Dry clean. Dry Flat. Cool Iron etc. Remember that?

Now the labels look like this. If you examine carefully, yes you can probably figure them out. This one is better than most. Our eye tends to go to the symbol, but if you look closely, the 2nd line on this label in between all the other languages gives the directions. This one is magnified. Many tags are much smaller with only symbols. When you’re trying to quickly throw in a load of laundry, the room is dark or you need readers to see fine print, this could be particularly annoying.

Here is one you can download, in case you are not able to save images above and print. Hope this is helpful, eases the frustration and demystifies all the symbols!


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