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    Trip Re-cap/Holiday Dressing

    I have a hunch that you may be curious to know the results of packing for my trip. I had more than enough to wear with two tops not being worn at all. The suitcase fit fine in the overhead bin. On the way home, I was stopped at the gate and told that it was too large. Different plane with smaller overhead bins? Who knows. I assured her it fit on the way over. The flight attendant said I probably packed it differently and it was fuller on the way home. Not true! I didn’t purchase one thing for myself (unbelievable I know) My suitcase was whisked away, I didn’t have to pay extra. Enough said.

    Thanks to reader Linda for her advice on packing makeup, hair and skin care products. I will be working on this for next time. I know now I can pack for 5-8 days in that suitcase.

    We had a wonderful trip and great times with family in Dallas. My husband’s parents and siblings all are in the area. My sister is nearby and my oldest son attends college there. Since 1996 we’ve been making annual or biennial trips to the great state of Texas. I’ve learned to love many things about it. My husband and youngest son could move there tomorrow. I’m not ready for that quite yet.

    My mother-in-law requested a family photo and this turned into quite a “production”. I will be blogging about this at a later time. I’ve mentioned this topic before and I’m doing my research. I soon will have a complete post full of advice and examples.

    In addition to all the food, good times with family, there was shopping! After our first time out, I was reminded again of all the choices a larger city has to offer. The focus this time was on my college son who needed a suit for an event as well as casual clothes. I was also able to help my niece who was visiting my sister and brother-in-law. She and her husband live in Chattanooga. She has a two darling children ages 2 and 5 months. She’s a busy mom with no time to shop. Most of us are not all that happy with how we look after the birth of a child. In just two hours I was able to help her find some jeans and casual clothes that are perfect for her lifestyle. She looked fantastic. My family is very spread out across the map and the opportunity for me to help them in person is rare. Such fun! I keep quite busy helping women over 40. Sometimes I forget about this age group of women who become frustrated with the way pregnancy affects their bodies. Just a few tips will go a long way.

    On to holiday dressing! I love getting dressed up. I love sequins, satin, silk and lots of bling. Sadly, I have no place to wear much of the holiday attire I enjoy finding. It’s been great helping a couple of clients for holiday parties. It seems that many companies have cut holiday events in recent years. Overall, I’d say things have become a bit more casual. Taking all of this into consideration, and keeping in mind that you have get togethers with family and friends, I will do several posts this week on what to wear this holiday season. If you need to begin looking NOW, I suggest Nordstrom and White House Black Market. I will be highlighting Nordstrom for dresses and WHBM for all other attire and accessories. For a lower price point I’m choosing Kohl’s or JC Penney. Stay tuned and enjoy the holiday preparations! Take a peek of what is to come. Yes, feathers are in and the more pearls the better! What type of events do you need to dress for this year?

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