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    What’s in My Makeup Bag?

    Recently when I asked for feedback on topics for posts several readers mentioned makeup.

    First and foremost I am not  an expert on makeup. I get more compliments on my hair than my makeup. That tells me I have a long way to go. However, I have learned a great deal in recent years, and I’m eager to share some basics with you.

    There are so many products available that it can be very overwhelming. This 2- part post will help you weed your way through.

    Before we get to the products, here are some things to keep in mind.

    1. A change will do you good! If you’ve been using the same brand for years and it works there is nothing wrong with that. Add a couple things from a new line. Eye makeup is an easy and fun place to start.

    2. Use the store’s resources. Trained makeup artists are on hand to help you. Use their expertise to help weed your way through all the choices. Ask for samples. Do not feel you have to purchase everything shown, but at the same time don’t take advantage of this service either and be mindful of their time.

    If you’re a magazine reader you’re familiar with the celebrity feature–“What’s in your makeup bag?” This post is my version with a few more details.

    First of all you need a great skin care routine. I’ve covered this in previous posts and given you guidelines on what to look for with ingredients.

    A number of years ago I wanted a change in makeup. I had always admired Bobbi Brown when she did guest spots on the Today show. I liked her natural approach to applying makeup. Nearly ten years ago I made a switch. Her line can be found at most major department stores or online.

    Foundation: Previously it had been difficult to find just the right shade to match my skin tone. I use Warm Sand 2.5 in the moisture based foundation coupled with the foundation stick. I have looked long and hard for a drug store brand that gives me this shade and I can’t duplicate it. It’s a key part of your look. Do it right, even if you have to pay the price. (remember most brands have several formulas. Find the right one for your skin type.)

    Concealer: Bobbi Brown

    Blush: Bobbi Brown Tawny

    Pressed Powder: Mac’s Finishing Powder  (I’ve also used a Neutrogena product that works well)

    There is a fair amount of moisture in my foundation so the powder “sets” the makeup and helps it last throughout the day. You may prefer a loose powder over a pressed one.

     Cream Eye Shadow by Bobbi Brown: I use this product in a neutral tone under my eye shadow which helps it last ALL day. Seriously! You could sleep in your eye makeup and the next morning it would still be on.

    This is an overview of the neutral products I use which is the base of any look you create.

    Next up: Adding color.

    What is your favorite foundation product?

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