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    Avoid Those Shopping Mistakes

    Shopping Mistakes: We’ve all made them–some of us many times! You know how it goes–the item looks great in the store, you get it home and try to make it work and it just doesn’t. You miss the window of time to return and there it sits with tags still on. Or you rip the tags off, wear it a number of times and can’t return. Then it ends up in your donation or consignment pile. Money wasted!

    Some of these type of mistakes are simply unavoidable. If you have clothes with tags or things that just don’t look right after you’ve worn, don’t be too hard on yourself. It happens.

    Karen’s Tips:

    1. If possible, do not shop when you are in a hurry.

    2. Step OUT of the dressing room and look in another full length mirror–do not rely on the one in the dressing room. It is so hard to get a good idea from a mirror when you are standing two feet away. Step out of the room and look at the item in different light if possible.

    3. Find a salesperson and get to know her. When you work with the same person repeatedly, they learn your style and body type. They see what you are drawn to and what is flattering on YOU. This will help you receive a more honest opinion–not just someone who is  trying to get a sale or who is not knowledgeable on fit and trends. Some stores offer Personal Stylist as a complimentary service. Use it!

    4. Shop with a friend who knows you and your style well. This is especially important if you choose to shop in stores where sales people are not going to be available in the dressing room. Choose that friend carefully. Some people tell you everything looks great. Some don’t know about current trends. I like the combination of asking a knowledgeable salesperson and a friend.

    5. Know your return policy. When you make the puchase, ask how many days you have to return. Find out if you receive a full refund or store credit only. Ask if you need a receipt, tags or both. Do tags need to be attached?

    6. Try everything on AGAIN when you get it home especially if you have a deadline for returning.

    Avoid buyer’s remorse and returning by asking yourself these questions in the dressing room.

    1. What do I have in my closet that will work with this? If the answer is zero, make sure it will be a fairly easy thing to match. If you are unsuccessful and hate the challenge, the item should go back or it will be a shopping mistake.

    2. How many months out of the year will I wear this? (9 or more helps justify those higher price items)

    3. Are you buying it simply because it’s on sale? DON’T!

    4. Does it fit? Don’t buy something that might fit IF you lose weight. It has to be close in fit to make that purchase justified. I WILL say that something hanging in the closet can be very motivating.

    Everyone makes shopping mistakes. Do you return what doen’t work or do you leave it in the closet? Is there one item that stands out as a shopping mistake?

    Hopefully these tips will help you be a smart, savvy shopper.

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