Avoid Those Shopping Mistakes

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Shopping Mistakes: We’ve all made them–some of us many times! You know how it goes–the item looks great in the store, you get it home and try to make it work and it just doesn’t. You miss the window of time to return and there it sits with tags still on. Or you rip the tags off, wear it a number of times and can’t return. Then it ends up in your donation or consignment pile. Money wasted!

Some of these type of mistakes are simply unavoidable. If you have clothes with tags or things that just don’t look right after you’ve worn, don’t be too hard on yourself. It happens.

Karen’s Tips:

1. If possible, do not shop when you are in a hurry.

2. Step OUT of the dressing room and look in another full length mirror–do not rely on the one in the dressing room. It is so hard to get a good idea from a mirror when you are standing two feet away. Step out of the room and look at the item in different light if possible.

3. Find a salesperson and get to know her. When you work with the same person repeatedly, they learn your style and body type. They see what you are drawn to and what is flattering on YOU. This will help you receive a more honest opinion–not just someone who is  trying to get a sale or who is not knowledgeable on fit and trends. Some stores offer Personal Stylist as a complimentary service. Use it!

4. Shop with a friend who knows you and your style well. This is especially important if you choose to shop in stores where sales people are not going to be available in the dressing room. Choose that friend carefully. Some people tell you everything looks great. Some don’t know about current trends. I like the combination of asking a knowledgeable salesperson and a friend.

5. Know your return policy. When you make the puchase, ask how many days you have to return. Find out if you receive a full refund or store credit only. Ask if you need a receipt, tags or both. Do tags need to be attached?

6. Try everything on AGAIN when you get it home especially if you have a deadline for returning.

Avoid buyer’s remorse and returning by asking yourself these questions in the dressing room.

1. What do I have in my closet that will work with this? If the answer is zero, make sure it will be a fairly easy thing to match. If you are unsuccessful and hate the challenge, the item should go back or it will be a shopping mistake.

2. How many months out of the year will I wear this? (9 or more helps justify those higher price items)

3. Are you buying it simply because it’s on sale? DON’T!

4. Does it fit? Don’t buy something that might fit IF you lose weight. It has to be close in fit to make that purchase justified. I WILL say that something hanging in the closet can be very motivating.

Everyone makes shopping mistakes. Do you return what doen’t work or do you leave it in the closet? Is there one item that stands out as a shopping mistake?

Hopefully these tips will help you be a smart, savvy shopper.

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Karen’s Top 20 from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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Here are my Top 20 picks from the NAS in no particular order.

 (excluding shoes/boots and handbags which will be in a separate post!)

Below are the photos of my favorites. I then have listed each separate item and detailed description.The bold print is a link which gets you directly to the details of the item on the site.



1. Calvin Klein ponte knit dress. Color blocking at it’s finest and so flattering

2. Bernardo leather jackets have an amazing fit. Definitely a favorite brand

3. Halogen plaid skirt comes in 2 color combinations. GREAT fit

4. Michael Kors 2-tone watch. It’s on my personal list!

5. Tarnish scarf  Great color combinations. It is very lightweight and can be worn now!

6. Cara bracelets. It’s a set of 3 so you can mix and match and layer with other favorites

7. Caslon roll sleeve blazer. Comfort/style rolled into one.

8. Classiques. I buy one of these tops every year at the sale because of the savings. You can wear this year round

9.  Halogen high waisted skirt is incredibly flattering and comes in 2 color combinations

10. Halogen Taylor fit pants–a great staple for every wear to work wardrobe in 4 colors

11. Hinge jacket. Fun, trendy look that can be dressed up or down

12. Free People plaid shirt and lace top. When you can get this brand on sale, it’s a win!

13. Trouve sweater with leather trim. The Navy color is a good choice!

14. Kenneth Cole coat. Great color, great fit.

15. Paige Denim. When this comes on sale you must take advantage

16. Holistia dolman sleeve sweater. Comes in 4 colors

17. Kut from the Kloth Baby Boot. Such a great fit on most body types.

18. Zella Jacket Love anything Zella in any style and color. If low inventory online, be sure and check stores

19. Zella booty fit pants. These clothes are NOT just for the gym

20. NYDJ ponte knit available in Reg and Petites and 3 colors. AMAZING!

What did you find? Every store gets some different items. Leave a comment and tell me about one of your great finds.

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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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It’s that time of year again! The Nordstrom yearly event begins today!

In case you are not a Nordstrom shopper, they are the only retailer that I know of that does this type of sale in July. Most stores are offering deals on summer clearance; Nordstrom offers fall and winter merchandise at 30-40% off!

The sale began in the early ’60′s as a way to boost sales mid-summer–typically a slower time for retail. Customers receive tremendous savings on fall items and Nordstrom buyers get a “heads up” on what is hot. It’s a win/win for everyone! There will be many things you see that are NORDSTROM EXCLUSIVE. Pay attention to this! You will not see these items the rest of the year ANYWHERE. Nordstrom has a deal with many of these vendors to design exclusively for this sale.

As the years have gone by, this tradition has many shoppers planning vacations around the date (3rd weekend in July). I for one have never missed this sale in the 20+ years of living in the Northwest.

Having a difficult time thinking about fall/winter clothes in the middle of July? Me too! With my small closet, all those clothes are packed away. There have been times I did not choose wisely. I know now that I needed a STYLIST back then to help me weed my way through the departments! There are pieces at this sale you will not see another time of the year. Couple that with the 30-40% discount, double points, and you just don’t want to miss it! Here are some tips that I believe will help you find your focus and prioritize.

Karen’s Guide to Shopping the Anniversary Sale

  1. Clothing: If possible, take inventory of your fall/winter clothes and make a list before coming in. If these clothes are not accessible, focus on replacing basics that are getting worn (favorite cardigans, camisoles, jeans, black skirt, pants etc) OR concentrate on finding one special, unique outfit in a different style or color that is not presently in your closet. This is also the time to go to the one of those departments that is normally out of your price range. It may be the time to pick up a Classiques jacket or those Paige jeans you’ve had your eye on.
  2. Handbags: You are going to love what there is to offer! This is definitely an area where you will see styles for ANNIVERSARY SALE ONLY. Think about the style you need to add to your handbag wardrobe, and I will help you choose the best one.
  3. Shoes and Boots: Think replacement and additions. If you feel like your clothes are in good shape, you can change an outfit quickly with a fun pair of shoes in a different color. Haven’t jumped on the boot bandwagon quite yet? You need to. I live in boots in our rainy weather and wear them nearly year round. A woman who lives in the NW or anywhere should have several pairs!
  4. Activewear: If you haven’t put on a Zella pair of pants or jacket, now is the time! These pieces are perfect for the mom on the go or ANYONE who wants to look cute/comfortable when out and about. It’s NOT just for the gym.
  5. Scarves: Choose that unique scarf that is going to get attention all year long and then let me show you how to tie scarves and add to your outfits!
  6. Coats: Do you need to replace a winter coat, need a trench coat or want to invest in a leather jacket? Anniversary Sale is the time!
  7. Lingerie: I know this is not as exciting, but you must look at this area of your closet too. Remember, what’s underneath makes everything on the outside look a little better! You will see brands like SPANX, CHANTELLE, WACOAL, and my favorite: TC FINE on sale only during Anniversary.
  8. Watches and Jewelry: For the younger set, a watch appears to be a new accessory, for me, it is a NECESSITY. I can’t live without my watch. When it comes to jewelry think unique statement or add that bracelet you’ve always wanted.
  9. Men’s Department: Have everything YOU need? Check out the men’s department and think of the men in your life. Perhaps it means buying ahead for a special event like Christmas or Birthday. Keep in mind that this department has great accessories (luggage, wallets) that make perfect gifts.
  10. Back to School shopping August can be hard on the budget. Space out those school purchases and find a few pieces now in July.

I hope this guide helped you think about what your priorities will be at this year’s sale.

Nordstrom card holders have been able to get in to preview items which started on the 11th. Have you had a chance to take a peek? Some customers feel it takes away the excitement of that first day. I have many things I loved at the Preview.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my TOP 20 items

Happy Shopping!

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Shape Up Part 2

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Thank you for your comments and questions on Shape Up Part 1.

As mentioned previously, a main concern for many women is the comfort level when having to wear shape wear all day. Another concern is the heat. If you live in a warm/humid climate, suffer from hot flashes or have any sensory issues, the fabric from SPANX and other shapers can be VERY uncomfortable. I live in a cooler part of the country. Just days ago we hit over 90 for the first time this year. Even though that is unseasonably cool, I do not have to endure weeks of 100+ degrees.

Breathable, comfortable fabric is key. SPANX has two lines: Simplicity and Skinny Britches that might be a better match for you because of the fabric. The fabrics here are more in line with another shaper I discovered two years ago by DKNY. Unfortunately it has been discontinued, but I mention it because it was cooler.

I found the SPANX site to be more helpful than going to a store site because there is much more choice. They rate the support of each garment: Medium, Super or Super Duper. They recognize that each woman is looking for a different option based on the situation and body type. You’ll find the shapewear guide to be very helpful.

If you need to smooth your backside and tummy, consider two of the lighter weight pieces–much easier to get into! A slip is also a great option if you wear many dresses and skirts.

As I mentioned in Part 1, Yummie Tummie was a great find for me several years ago. Their revolutionary concept encourages the combination of shape wear and clothing that can be worn every day. I’m generalizing a bit because I have not tried every Yummie Tummie garment,  but overall I’d say the support level is in the Light-Medium category. For some women, this is all they need. In fact, I often explain that just one light weight layer in a cami or tank under a top can smooth out a slight muffin top. No shaper is needed-just another layer.

Dislike websites or going to the store? Check out Essential Bodywear and locate a representative near you. They know their stuff when it comes to proper fit and their products are amazing. I highly recommend them! You can even have your own party to help your friends improve their look. Let’s get rid of that staggering statistic that 85% of women are wearing the wrong  bra!

To Summarize Part 1 and 2 on Bras and Shape wear:

1. Have a bra fitting one time a year (more often if you have lost or gained weight) and do NOT put it off! The proper bra will lift the “girls” to show off the smallest measurement on most women’s bodies (directly under the bust) If your chest and upper middle mesh together it is not a good look. When you get the proper lift, immediately it will visually take off the pounds.

In addition, the right fitting bra eliminates “ripples” in the back a.k.a. BACK FAT. The Spanx Bra-llelujah  is one choice that helps smooth the back. When you click on that link, you will see a short video which tells you everything you need to know about bra fitting. WATCH IT!

 Soma Vanishing Edge is another option and they are also known for the Cami bra!

2. Seek out shaper options that will work for you (or ask your favorite stylist for help) and do not give up after trying just one! The sales associates in the lingerie department can be helpful or clueless. If you don’t get the info you need the first time around, try another store or come back. You will be surprised to know that many of the associates wear shapers–even the really thin women. I know because I’ve asked!

The key is just that–ask questions. Find out what the best sellers are (I’ve only mentioned 2-3 brands) and what most women prefer. Tell her what you are looking for in a shaper and what you dislike. Once again, I need to compliment Nordstrom for their excellent customer service in this area. Time and time again they have been helpful and knowledgeable. They have helped my clients feel comfortable while listening to their needs.

I’d love to hear what you think!

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Top Picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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It’s here! It started at 7 AM. No, I was not there. I have never gone at 7. It’s kind of like Black Friday. I don’t do that.

However, tonight I will be shopping at the Downtown Portland store. Can’t wait. I am going to share some of my top finds from my two trips to the pre-sale. I have tried on most of these picks. There will be more on my Facebook page. Next week–more choices from other departments.

I like to take it by department. Perhaps that is how my sequential brain works.

I like Point of View. I admire most everything in Individualist & Savvy but it is typically out of my price range unless I see it at The Rack or the Sale. I enjoy going to t.b.d for the wide array of denim and unique styles. I browse Narrative occasionally too.

I’ve covered most of the clothing departments so far and here is what I’ve found. First from Point of View. In this department you really won’t find many unique styles, but the price point allows you stock up on separates/basics you might need. The styles are classic/chic with a touch of romantic.

Striped Cardigan                           V-neck Cardigan

This brand tends to run a little small so keep that in mind. The striped cardigan is extremely flattering because of the peplum waist (and I don’t do stripes typically) I tried the petite size because I have short arms. It fit well and was not too short, nor did it hit my waist at the wrong place.  The ‘Girlfriend” cardigan comes in a variety of colors. There is a fabulous shade of blue!  Note they call this the girlfriend cardi which is taking the place of the “boyfriend” from last season and is a shorter version. Super cute.

Halogen Pencil Skirt                   Pencil Wrap

At 45.90/47.90, these are a great buy. Not your typical uncomfortable pencil skirt. You can move AND breathe!


Halogen Ruched Top                    Halogen Zip Front Pea Coat

Jag Lucy Boot                                Michael Kors

You just can’t beat a dark wash bootcut. Jag is a favorite brand for many women because the rise is “just right” At 39.90, it is a STEAL! Next are the infamous Michael Kors pants that I have suggested to so many women (Nordstrom should be paying me!) They are now in THREE colors: 49.90

(Note: must be worn with pumps as shown in photos or flats. The wrong shoes can make/break it with these pants)

Ok, there is so much more! Brands to look for in Point of View: Caslon and Halogen are Nordstrom signature brands.

Look for T Tahari (a new favorite), Vince Camuto (not just for shoes), Pleione, Bobeau, Blue Essence jeans, Kut from the Kloth

Feeling overwhelmed when shopping the sale? Don’t have a Nordstrom close to you but want to order some things online? I can help! Contact me for details and rates!

I know it’s hard to think fall in July. Let me know what you found at the sale and for more on Fall Fashion head over to the Blog Hop at Musings of a Housewife.

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Things I Love: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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I’ve shopped the Anniversary Sale for years and I enjoy every minute! Early Access Shopping for the sale began today and lasts through the 12th. You need to be a card holder and schedule an appointment (unless they are not busy) The sale begins July 15th at 7 AM.

This post will give you some tips on HOW to shop it and WHY you should. When the sale starts, look for my top picks on my Facebook  page. Become a fan today if you aren’t already. AND, there is a GIVEAWAY involved here so keep reading to the end to find out what it is!

I meet clients who have not stepped foot in Nordstrom for many years or ever because they feel it is too expensive. If you fit in that category, I encourage you to re-think it and visit another department. Nordstrom has changed a lot over the years. Shopping the regular store also educates you on what may be available at The Rack down the road. While I could be quite content to shop The Rack exclusively, there is merit in heading over to the anniversary sale to take advantage of savings that only happen once a year! They key is to look for unique pieces that are marked down significantly.

It is very difficult to think about shopping for fall clothes mid-July–especially when in some areas (one being mine) summer has just begun! I get that. It’s important to focus on what are MUST HAVES and if is REALLY worth the savings to buy now and have it sit for four months. It is easy to get carried away at this sale.

1. I shop different departments and look for brands that I would normally not be able to afford. For example: Stuart Weitzman shoes may now be affordable, although I still do not own a pair.

2. I ask myself: Is the sale price on basics (tees, sweaters) really worth it or will I find similar prices into the season?

3. I also use the sale to stock up on lingerie that needs to be replaced. In my opinion, Nordstrom has the best bra fit experts and the most choice in shapewear.

4. Although tempting, I typically steer clear of the jewelry and accessory departments. Unless it really catches my eye, I can probably find great things elsewhere throughout the season. However, if you are looking for a certain brand of wallet or bag–then by all means make it a priority and you will probably save.

 As a card holder, I get Early Access to the sale and so will many of you. If you received your sale catalog, you will note a code on the back. This allows you to preview on line. I have mixed feelings about the Pre-Sale. I appreciate being honored with a special perk for having a card, but honestly I always went the first day of sale towards evening and found plenty. With all the pre-sales does it really leave select merchandise for the general public when the sale starts? Going behind the curtain to get my sneak peek doesn’t really give me the feel that I’m seeing everything and I want to come back anyway. I guess that’s the idea. Nordstrom knows how to get me!


1. If you do not have a Nordstrom Card, sign up now and get your double points. Afraid of getting in credit card trouble? Make it a debit card. If you use a credit card, set a budget keeping in mind that some things might be savings and worth it in the long run.

2. Think about the items you never found last season (that perfect pair of black boots, gray shoes, coat with hood etc) and put your focus there.

3. Go through your winter clothes to re-fresh your memory so you don’t buy things similar to what you have. Bring things along to match. Create outfits and preferably a capsule. Stand alone pieces with nothing to coordinate could be mistakes.

4. The sale lasts for 2 weeks. If you need to buy for more than one family member, go on a different day if possible. Set priorities and make lists if you go all in one day!

 Need help? Contact Me to learn about my new “Group Rates” for shopping.  If you are local, we can get a group of friends together, or I may group with someone new. I can help you save your dollars and make wise choices!

Now, tell me what YOU love about the anniversary sale. Make a comment and you’ll be entered to receive ONE FREE SHOPPING HOUR with me in person or online for long distance readers. If you have never been to the sale, I would love to have you experience this yearly event!

Winner will be chosen on Friday, July 8th at 8 AM PST

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Deals of the Week

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Thanks to all of you who participated in the kikaPaprika Giveaway. Congratulations to Comment #9: Alissa! (chosen by random.org)

A special thanks to Ruth for sponsoring this Giveaway! Please check out her site again. I’ve got my eye on the Lola in Marine and the Vivienne in Denim.

There are some great discounts out there this week. In preparation for Mother’s Day there will be even more. Watch carefully and you will score some deals. 

 Get 30% off at The Gap.  Online only through April 27. Use Code: BronGap30

If you place an order, thanks for clicking on my Gap links from my site.

Macy’s Friends and Family Discount:

This is one of the best sales of the year. You will receive 25% OFF (instead of 20% with coupons) all regular price and clearance items. Many times there are exclusions and you cannot use the coupon for higher end brands. This is one of TWO times all year that most exclusions are thrown out.

Use Code: MacysFF and hit Apply. Discount will be calculated.  FREE shipping.

Again, thank you for placing an order through my site.

Check out the selections from Dooney & Bourke (typically an exclusion with 20% off coupon) And don’t forget about shoes, especially if you missed the Great Shoe Sale,

Let me know what you found!

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Shopping The Gap

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I’ve been a Gap shopper for years. The Gap closed their stores in two malls nearby–I’m not sure why. For a number of years I just got out of the habit of going to The Gap. My sister is also a Gap shopper and she would often give a heads up about “must have” items. Sometimes I would get there, other times I just didn’t. I also think that for years their style didn’t match mine.

Upon a recommendation from a friend, I headed to The Gap last spring to look for jeans for my denim series. This fall it’s safe to say The Gap is Back! In addition to some great denim, I really liked the black pants: Premium Black Pant Collection.

During my recent visit to Dallas, my sister showed me her Gap finds. I loved what I saw. The Curvy Boot from last year is now called Perfect Boot and is not quite as “perfect” in my eyes, but still great. Love the new wider waistband. And now there is a style just called Curvy. This style is designed for those who have a significant difference in measurement between the waist and hips (waistband gaps).

We tried the Perfect Boot and were pleased. Curvy fit was not for us but I would try if this is your body type. Reviews were mixed on the website. They also have legging jeans (jeggings), skinny, sexy boot and long and lean styles. 

We both LOVED the Real Straight which is a cut also available in the black pants called True Straight. Notice you can choose Ankle, Regular or Long lengths. Couple the ankle length with some great heels and you have a wonderful holiday look. Petite and Tall sizes available in some styles. There is so much more at The Gap. Check it out and let me know what you find.

Here is the BEST PART. The Gap offers coupons every Wednesday and Thursday in December for 40% off ONE SINGLE ITEM. Wow, ask for the coupon when you are at the counter.

This is the first installment in my series on stores. The stores won’t necessarily be featured in consecutive posts; instead it will be an occasional topic. Don’t forget to join my Facebook fan page. Please invite your friends to join. I’m working really hard to post info several times a week. Some are local features, others are for stores nationwide. Join now so you don’t miss it. Store are really putting out the deals now. Ann Taylor will be on tomorrow. Monday I posted an extended sale from White House Black Market for 20% off. Tomorrow and Friday it’s 30% (plus an additional 5% if you are a black book member) That is huge savings when normally you see that in January. Happy Shopping!

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Holiday Dresses

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If the sequin tank isn’t quite dressy enough for your event, it will be time to check out the holiday dresses! There are dozens of choices. To simplify, I am going to steer you towards a  few brands that are carried at major department stores such as Macy’s, Nordstrom and Dilliards etc. Adrianna Papell, Suzi Chin Maggy Boutique, Maggy London, Donna Ricco, Taylor and Museare all going to come in at the $100-$200 price range. Most of these brands carried many designs in Plus sizes and some in Petites. Certainly you will find lovely designer dresses at higher price points and more unique styles at boutiques. Here is a taste of what I found. All photos from Nordstrom. Go to your favorite website, type one of these brands in the SEARCH box and see what you can find.

Next, click over to White House Black Market. I feature this store a great deal because each time I walk in I’m very drawn to their displays and the Chic style is so me. I love the way they’re adding color rather than sticking with just black and white. They also have incredible accessories that I absolutely LOVE. At first glance, many of the styles can look younger, but I encourage you to pick/choose. Their sizes tend to run smaller than some stores so keep that in mind when trying. The first photo is a cardigan I chose for myself. I’ll pair it with something sequined of course OR possibly some of the amazing Stella & Dot jewelry I plan to feature next week. The other photos I chose are meant to show the variance in style and things that will appeal to different age groups. Don’t forget to check out the accessories!

The layered cardigan/jacket is perfect for many body types and can camouflage the middle. Take note of the “Chanel” style jacket. The model looks young, it’s paired with jeans and an older woman might rule this out. This is a look that is very classic and crosses the age groups. Anyone could wear this jacket.

Coming Tomorrow: My personal tips for formal dressing and accessorizing on a budget.

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Angela: Client of the Month

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Congratulations to reader Ruth who is the winner of the Virtual Boot Consultation. Ruth lives in Michigan. I can’t wait to help her. Comments from ALL boot posts were put in the drawing. Thanks to everyone for participating.

I began my work as a Personal Stylist two years ago. After meeting the founder of Holobi at a trade show, I knew this is what I wanted to do. I began practicing. Although I had been styling friends for years, I knew that certification was important component. In January of 2009 I went through eight hours of training and since then have taken 24 more hours. I have worked with over 40 women individually. I have been a speaker at small women’s groups, home workshops and some larger venues as well. I am fortunate to be able to say that I’m on my third career and I have loved each one. From teaching elementary school, to helping women with their family memories to now styling women, each one has been and is extremely rewarding.

For part of my certification “test” I had to style two clients and send photos. I thought it was very appropriate to feature Angela, who was my very first client as Style by Karen’s first Client of the Month. This is her story.

Angela works full time as an X-ray technician. Her commute and hours are long. She wears scrubs every day to work. Yet, the weekends and one day off provide some down time for her to dress in “regular” clothes. Angela likes getting together with friends, an occasional dinner or movie with her husband and traveling. Comfort is VERY important to her, yet, I could tell that part of her wanted to take it up a notch. My first job was to take a look at her typical week/weekend and decide what she needed clothing for. Because of her job, Angela’s clothing needs are far less than many women. In that first appointment I also analyze best colors, determine good styles for body type, discuss personal style, and how we want to present ourselves. Although I had known Angela for years, this is truly where I dig a little deeper to get to know all the details which is helpful for the closet experience. The profile we create sets the tone for all that is to follow in the closet and shopping appointments. I described a few details of closet purging in Should it Stay or Should it Go. In addition, I try to make new combinations with what is already in the closet. I call that “Shopping your Closet”.

Next comes shopping to fill the gaps. I make lists and have a specific plan. Sometimes we bring things along that aren’t being worn. I try to find something different to give it new life so it will be worn and loved. We shopped in January at Nordstrom. Top on the list were jeans and casual clothes. Here is a picture of Angela before we started and then after the first shopping trip.

I asked if she was willing to do something a little different with her hair. She was game. Angela had never worn makeup. I took her to the Bobbie Brown counter which is known for a very natural look. Miranda at Envy Me in downtown Vancouver did the cut. Angela loved her hair and so did I! She also chose new eyeglass frames.

It has been almost two years since I worked with Angela. She happily agreed to be featured as my first Client of the Month. Angela came into Accentuate in Downtown Camas when I was working. We picked out some great pieces for her. We scheduled the photo shoot around her hair appointment. Miranda has added some lighter highlights which look beautiful. Angela is still not very comfortable wearing makeup. I’m not a makeup artist, but was able to apply enough to give some color for the photos. Ilona from Studio Lumiere took the photos. Here are the fabulous results of a team effort!

The purple sweater fit really well and felt comfortable. The color brightens up her face; the scarf with all the warm colors that favor Angela’s hair, skin and eyes soften the bright color so it is not too harsh.

The Coat by Lindi is so perfect for her in both color and style. The 3/4 length is extremely flattering, and there is a lot of “give” which makes it comfy and easy to wear. Clothes and Accessories from Accentuate. NYDJ corduroy pants and Clarks shoes from Nordstrom. Another option would be to pull out the teal color in the coat with accessories. I told Angela a teal bag is on the list! We liked the slimming affect of the chocolate brown tank and pants, but you could add some color with different color tank. The coat has a metallic thread which we pulled out with her necklace (a little hard to see in the photo) If you like what you see, make a comment and make Angela’s day!

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