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    What I Wore: Day 2

    I would define my fashion style as Chic with a touch of Classic and a sprinkling of Romantic. Thanks to CABI, I’m often drawn to a great floral pattern and an occasional ruffle.

    Tunic, Tank: CABI Spring 2011

    Jeans: CABI outlet

    Shoes: Lily Atelier Boutique (last season)

    Jewelry: Target, Nordstrom Rack, Lia Sophia and Stella & Dot

    I love how Carol Anderson of CABI coordinates colors season to season. This happens frequently. I pick something up at the outlet store that works perfectly with another CABI piece I own. Like yesterday’s post, this outfit can easily be taken from spring, to cooler summer days and well into fall. The top is very comfortable. It very nicely camouflages the middle, skims the thighs and covers the hips.

    The necklace shown in View #1 was a find on the Target clearance rack last year. I bought it to go with a dress. This much necklace looks best on something with a very open neck. The colors couldn’t be more perfect. Since the necklace is a statement, my earrings are a small gold dangle and just the gold bracelets. The necklace might be a little much for your taste–the next view might be more to your liking.

    View #2 shows a very neutral beaded necklace (you can find a variety of colors at The Rack) and this time the focal point is on the Stella & Dot bracelets. I’ve shown these often. I can’t believe how I keep reaching for these over and over. I combined the Paige Enamel, Sunset Bangle and Mira Bangles. Love. Love. Love this combo!

    What’s your fashion style? Are you drawn to anything romantic or do flowers and ruffles send you running?

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    It’s a New Look!

    It’s a new design. It’s a new style. It’s a new look for me… and it’s feeling good! If you receive this article in your e-mail or reader, click on the TITLE of the article which brings you over to my home page where you can see what I’m talking…

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    What is a Personal Stylist?

    What…Personal Stylist? What exactly do you do? Sometimes I receive a few strange looks when I tell people what I do. Often their first reaction is… “So you do hair?” This occurs especially if I forget to say WARDROBE stylist. Let’s face it, personal stylist is not an everyday term in most women’s vocabulary….

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