Holiday Outfit Ideas

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Holiday Sparkle
Holiday Sparkle II

Coast sequin tank, $72 / Wallis twill jeans / MICHAEL Michael Kors high heel shoes / Crossbody handbag / Michael Kors water resistant watch / Stella & Dot stella dot jewelry / Banana Republic / Bangle bracelet
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Rich Reds/Orange Accents

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Earlier this season I did a post on Rich Reds we are seeing this year. You will hear this color called oxblood and you will see shades leaning towards red to the deepest burgundy or even purple. Now add the orange accents and you have a brand new color combination you may not have worn before.

What do you think? Willing to give these brighter a colors a try together?


Reds with Orange Accents
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Fall Trend 2012: Snakeskin

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So what do you think of snakeskin? Some women think of it as a little trendy, a bit on the wild side or just too edgy for their style. I know women who will not even go near it because of their fear of snakes. I hate snakes with a passion, but I’m drawn to certain snakeskin prints especially in shoes/boots.

Snakeskin prints are a great way to add a little interest if you are a “neutrals only” gal. Many customers I know simply are drawn to shades of gray, taupe, cream and of course black. When then add color they feel conspicous and do not like the attention color can bring. Some don’t like color around their faces. Snakeskin accessories are a way to add a little something extra without color.

I like the texure and variety that snakeskin offers with accessories. I purchased my first snakeskin piece (other than a belt) at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale by Sam Edelman. I haven’t worn them yet, but I’m hopeful they will work for me. They are now on sale again. I liked them because they have more of the brown tones vs gray. Snakeskin can really take on different shades of black/gray or brown.


Snakeskin has been popular the last couple of years. I think this fall you are seeing more than ever. Below is a layout I create for my Nordstrom board on Pinterest. Start with a small accessory if you’re unsure and see what you think of snakeskin!


Snakeskin Separates and Accessories
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Fall 2012: Leather Details and Patterns

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This fall you will see an increase in patterns–particularly houndstooth, plaids and tweeds.

Another fall trend we are seeing is leather in small increments. Obviously leather jackets are not going anywhere. However, if you feel like you aren’t into a full leather jacket, this season’s jackets are for you. Leather trim enhances each piece shown in the layout. I purposely chose several jackets with a patterns so you could see both trends in one post.

What do you think? Does a pattern or a little leather appeal to you?


Leather Trim
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Wear it Now, Wear it Later

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Spring has sprung. Yesterday was the first day of spring. Certain parts of the country that are often still suffering from cold weather have hit the ’70s. But here in the Northwest it is raining. I complain about the weather often in the blog, so I will bypass that now and just move on!

Spring weather can be streaky in any state. I thought it would be a good idea to do a post on layering brighter colors. It is easy to grow tired of our dark colors about now. It’s time to change it up. Yet sometimes it can be difficult to invest in pieces you can’t wear until July. You need to come up with ways you can wear it now and wear it later.

Below you will see a pair of neutral linen pants, jacket, a merino wool v-neck, striped tee and closed-toe shoe. You could even add a scarf for more warmth on a cool spring day. The bright sweater and bag help give it a spring feel. As the weather warms up, you shed the jacket, sweater and shoes and add a summer sandal and more jewelry for color.

Wear it Now

J Crew knit sweater
$73 -

Madewell striped tee
$90 -

Topshop blazer
$130 -

Wallis linen pants
$42 -

Seychelles gold high heels
$100 -

Nine West shopping tote
$100 -

Stella & Dot chandelier earrings
$49 -

Madewell straw fedora
$58 -



Wear it Later

Madewell stripe t shirt
$90 -

Wallis wide leg linen pants
$42 -

Aerosoles wedge shoes
$56 -

Nine West leopard tote bag
$100 -

Amrita Singh antique gold jewelry
$120 -

Flower belt
$9.99 -


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How to Style Colored Denim

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After seeing the post on colored denim are you ready to go out and buy a pair or do you need to see some more ideas? Here are a couple ways to put together an outfit with colored denim. Let me know what you think!

Styling Ideas: Colored Denim

Phase Eight lace shirt
£59 -

Topshop boyfriend blazer
$80 -

Old Navy skinny jeans
$35 -

Toms shoes
$79 -

Mar Y Sol oversized tote
$95 -

Chandelier earrings
$54 -

Marc by Marc Jacobs engraved necklace
$88 -

J Crew paisley shawl
$60 -

Vince Camuto cat eye sunglasses
$65 -


Colored Denim: Idea #2



CALYPSO ST BARTH crew neck tee
$65 -

DAY Birger et Mikkelsen velvet jacket
£155 -

Aerosoles leather high heels
$80 -

Dorothy Perkins crossbody bag
$95 -

Ray-Ban wayfarer shades
$155 -

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What to Wear: Winter Chic

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Winter Chic

Dorothy Perkins crew neck sweater
$49 -

Quiksilver faux fur vest
$119 -

High heel boots
$350 -

Madewell leather tote bag
$148 -

R J Graziano bangle bracelet
$50 -

All Saints glass bead earrings
$33 -

TopShop felt hat
£25 -

Burberry wool scarve
$335 -

Portolano long glove
$38 -



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A Taste of Autumn

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A Taste of Autumn

Citizens of Humanity boot cut jeans
$160 -

High heel sandals
$21 -

Green handbag
$45 -

Kate Spade facets jewelry
$78 -

Michael kors jewelry
$275 -

Amrita singh jewelry
$80 -

Rag Bone floppy brim hat
$150 -



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What to Wear to a Wedding

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That question has come up a number of times in recent months. Wedding attire has changed a bit over the years. A long time ago we would have never thought of wearing black to wedding. We always wore a dress/skirt and weddings were usually in a church. Times have changed. You can wear black, a dressy pair of pants can be a great look and some weddings are extremely casual with a park setting!

I still prefer a dress at weddings and below are a couple of different looks I put together. If you are invited to a wedding this summer, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to mean a new dress. It could be simply taking a dress you own and adding completely different accessories! This is much easier than looking for a new dress. Shoes are one of the most important aspects. While you may not be able to wear the high heels shown below, the wrong shoes can ruin the look very quickly. Have questions? Send me a photo and I’ll be glad to help.

Remember, if you absolutely need to wear hose, choose the sheerest possible and wear a closed toe shoe.

The first layout is quite formal. Note: the scarf is actually meant to be a wrap and it adds a touch of pattern without going overboard. It’s probably too narrow for a wrap-but you get the idea!  Last summer I created a formal layout which would work for a wedding as well.

The second layout is a touch more casual and gives an option of a longer dress especially for women who don’t want to show their legs. The small photos of each item below the layouts are links to see each item closely. Keep in mind that I choose things to give you an IDEA of what to put together and duplicate it on your own. Sometimes it’s difficult to find all things in a reasonable price range; I enjoy pretending to be a magazine editor. I hope you find it helpful.

COMING TOMORROW: Guest post by a Stylist/ Mother of the Bride!

What to Wear to a Wedding

What to Wear to a Wedding by stylebykaren featuring a v neck dress

Summer Dressy



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What to Wear: Casual Meeting

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Thanks everyone for your comments on the new design! This article is about another casual look. I also wanted to take time to explain a couple of new features on the blog. I’m “unveiling” this slowly to point out what’s new. If you are reading this in your e-mail inbox or reader, CLICK ON THE TITLE to take you to the home page for a  better visual. Here is a little tip: the main text of the article is brown, all links are teal.

1. The way you comment has NOT changed. If you have are reading in e-mail or your reader, you just click on the article title which is a link. This takes you to the home page where underneath the title you’ll see comments. When you click there it brings up the comment box. I know you may not always feel comfortable making a comment but it really others benefit as well. Certainly it’s not all about ME, but people do judge a site when they scroll through by how many comments are on the posts. Your comments are really helpful to help me build my readership! Blogging can be lonely. When you make a comment it lets me know you’re out there reading and it motivates me to keep writing!

2. Next, look at the side bar on the home page. The way you read a blog article is very dependent on personal preference. Some of you will like it to come to your e-mail inbox. In that case, type in your info in the box under Get free e-mail updates.

3. Under CONNECT you’ll find three different buttons: E-mail (perhaps you’d like to write me a personal note) Facebook (I recommend becoming a Style by Karen fan as I post different info/photos there) RSS (click to see what it would be like to get an RSS feed of my blog articles and others you read–many like this format rather than more e-mail messages)

It’s all about personal preference and what works for you! I’m just happy you’re reading. If you read a post on the phone, now it should be more user friendly. AND if you make a comment, my response will now show in the comment section AND a personal e-mail to you. I love this!

On to the layout! I hear all the time that women are not sure what to wear to that casual meeting at school or church. They worry about being ”too dressed up”, yet they don’t want to wear a sweatshirt. This is an idea.

I would not wear ALL those accessories together–it’s shown to give you choice.

When I do these layouts, keep in mind that for the MOST part I choose affordable items but sometimes I throw in a high end piece just like the magazines do.

Wool cardigan
31 GBP -

H M top

Burberry cargo pants
$295 -

Stacked heel
$178 -

MNG by Mango wood bracelet
$24 -

Dangle earring
$5.99 -

MNG by Mango green ring
$24 -

Cameo necklace
$12 -

Modstrom shawls scarve
30 EUR -

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