A 5 Day Wardrobe Plan

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Yes, I’m back. I have not blogged in a month. I haven’t been out of the country. I haven’t been seriously ill, thankfully. I guess I haven’t been inspired to write. I always have at least 4-5 ideas bouncing around in my head for posts. Yet, getting them down in writing has been nearly impossible. I just didn’t feel like writing. Then I went through a streak where I just didn’t know what to write that hadn’t been said or would be unique. I guess bloggers are allowed the writer’s block too. I enjoy my blog, so hopefully this post will get me back on track!

It took a Sunday evening conversation with my sister to get me going. We really didn’t even talk about the blog, but in the middle of our typical topics, she explained how she tried on her outfits for the week. Note, she didn’t just lay them out, she tried everything on. How many times have you been getting dressed in the morning (after it was laid out) and it just doesn’t feel or look quite right. You can’t be late, so you just end up wearing it anyway. All day it irritates you in some way. A bad outfit day is just as miserable as a bad hair day.

I decided to use her idea and tried it for myself. Now, I don’t have to leave for work early. I often plan out what I’m going to wear the night before. But just like many of you, every minute is valuable before going to work.

We all know how planning meals helps our household run smoothly. Try the same thing with your wardrobe.

Here are some suggestions before you make your plan.

1. Check the 5 day forecast

2. Think about your activities during the week. Do you have a meeting where you need to be dressed differently? Will you be outside more than usual? Do you have to do a lot of running around? As I thought about my week, I realized I have a shorter shift one day so that right away made me think that I could plan my outfit around  a pair of shoes that I typically can’t handle all day. I also chose 2 outfits with wool. It’s been cold here and since this is often our coldest month, I want to get the wear out of these things while I can. Many days I’m too warm in wool at work.

3. Choose a back-up outfit just in case.

Here are some photos of my 5 Day Plan. Remember the purpose of this was to show you how I laid things out, NOT to show my outfits in detail. I did lay jewelry out because it is something that I do spend time choosing each day. I then just hung everything back in my closet in order so I’m ready for the week. If I want to switch the days around I can especially if the forecast is off or I”m just not “feeling it”.


 What do you think? Is this a doable plan for you?

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T-shirts and Those Annoying Holes

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At first I blamed it on my washer. Next I blamed it on the snap or button of my jeans. It was so frustrating when I would look down and see the holes starting to form at the bottom of my t-shirt.

If I caught it in time, a little stitching could help the holes from getting larger, but what in the world was causing this? The holes were always in multiples. Rarely did I ever just see one; it was several in a series. Below you can see the beginning of the a series of holes. It’s caught at the “early stages” but only to get worse with time.

Working retail, I soon came to the realization that this was a common problem among women. They complained about my same frustrations.

I also could not pinpoint it to one certain retailer. Price was not necessarily a factor. I’ve had it happen with things I’ve purchased at Target, Nordstrom or Cabi. I even had it happen with tanks constructed from heavy organic cotton.

I decided to consult my friend Google and was astounded to find that this problem was universal. I found one blog post with nearly 400 comments from frustrated women. It was maddening how the holes were always in the same place. The blogger declared that it was from rubbing against her granite countertops. Others claimed they didn’t have granite and still had the problem. Here is a summary of their responses:

-washer (some even purchased a new washing machine after so many cases of T-shirt holes)

-button/snaps  from jeans rubbed against the shirt

-seatbelts rugging against shirt coupled with button from the jeans underneath

-poor quality and weight of fabrics

-rubbing against counter tops

 My conclusion:  I have  noticed “shinyness” next to the holes which to me indicated some friction. I think it is a combination of several factors. Friction, thin fabrics and the buttons on jeans.


1. I wear a cami under many tops. The extra layer provides a little protection from the button.

2. I avoid really light weight  fabrics

3. I spend a fair amount of time in front of a counter. I try not to rub against that if possible. I’m just much more aware that I was previously as I’m not sure if this is the cause.

4. I would recommend repairing the holes to keep them from getting worse especially if you cannot replace the top. If a store has an alterations department, they most likely will repair this at no charge. Note: The top shown in the photo has holes that can be repaired. The top is salvagable.

Over to you…I’m all ears. I want to know if any of you out there have the same frustrations or better yet any solutions?

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A Little TLC for Your Clothes

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I get asked repeatedly about “pilling”.

I recall that back in the day my acrylic sweaters were prone to pilling and my drugstore sweater shaver did the trick.

Now it seems that many of my clothes pill when there is any type of movement or rubbing. For example, you will see it under arm of a sweater or across the chest–especially if you tend to fold your arms frequently.

I also see it with some rayon garments.  Here are some tips for you.

1. I pay careful attention to how I wash certain clothes. I have several mesh lingerie bags that I use for these rayon garments. I’m very careful WHAT I wash them with. Some will even say dry clean only. I believe this is because manufacturer’s fear that women will place the garment in the dryer if it says “machine wash”. I also think that dry cleaning does add to the life of a garment. But that gets expensive. The gentle or hand wash cycle on my washer gets a lot of use.
I realize that it is time consuming to do more loads of laundry and that if family members help out, things get thrown in the dryer inadvertently. However, taking a little extra time will help things last longer, and in the long run save you money.

2. I found a sweater shaver at Brookstone a number of years ago that has salvaged many pieces and just helped them look better. It is now called a fabric shaver because we need to use this on many more things than just sweaters! The fabric shaver cannot bring a garment back to life after YEARS of constant wear (please say goodbye to these well worn pieces!)  It can help the pilling that occurs sometimes even after a few months. This heavy duty shaver is much better than the small drug store model that sometimes snagged my clothes. I have not had that happen one time with this. It’s well worth the extra dollars.

Do you have trouble with your clothing pilling? If you have any other tips, I’d love to hear!

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