Premier Jewelry Giveaway

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It’s time for a Giveaway thanks to Linda from Premier Designs Jewelry.

I’ve mentioned many times how much I enjoy featuring a small business owner.

Linda is a faithful Style by Karen reader and when I featured Premier in a previous post she won the giveaway, scheduled a party and then became a consultant. Love what my little blog can do!
Linda will give away TWO $25 Gift Certificates. Premier does not have a website for ordering, but you can view many of the designs and learn more about the company from their site. If you are local, Linda would love to show you the jewelry in person. If you are not local, the catalog is a wonderful source as well. Contact Linda and she will send you a catalog.

Premier is known for their ENHANCERS that can be put on any necklace even if it is multi strand. The enhancer opens up and snaps on rather than SLIDES on. This allows it to go on any thickness.

Here is the piece I chose. LOVE!

EVERYONE should have “THE CLIP”. Premier is the only source that I know for this. I have one in gold and silver and they are $10.

The clip allows you to take any long necklace and double it and clip it in the back.

Do you ever double a long necklace only to have the upper strand move throughout the day and practically choke you? I’m always adjusting and fussing when I wear a necklace that way. Here I am in a photo where a long strand of beads is doing the “choke effect”.

NO LONGER with the clip. Now look at the same necklace with the clip.

The clip opens up, you thread the two pieces through and then snap together and it stays securely in place! Not only does it stay in place but my long necklaces have more versatility worn double with the clip. (note: these are necklaces from my own collection)

In addition to the TWO WINNERS, Linda will give a FREE CLIP IT to the first THREE who contact her to see the jewelry in person or a long distance reader who places a catalog order. Be sure and mention where you read about it.

ALL COMMENTS WILL BE ENTERED FOR THE GIFT CERTIFICATES. Remember, TWO $25 winners. Then the first three orders will receive a Clip It.

Have lots of jewelry? Order a Clip It and enhance the pieces you already own. When you see Linda’s name in this post, it is a link that will give you her info. Click there and you’ll be connected immediately.

Let me know what you think! Can’t wait to see your comments.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: May 27th 2013 at 9 pm PST

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Style by Karen Turns 3: A Week of Giveaways!

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It’s hard to believe I’ve been blogging for 3 years!! My blog hasn’t hit the “big time” with thousands of readers and dozens of sponsors. Blogging is my sideline and not a full-time job as it is for some, but I still enjoy writing and sharing my ideas with you. Whether you have been with me from the beginning, or a new reader, thank you for your support and encouragement.

What better way to celebrate this milestone than a bunch of Giveaways! I’ve chosen Giveaways that are a mix–for local and long distance readers.

First up: Silpada

I can’t imagine that many of you reading have NOT heard of Silpada Jewelry. It is sold exclusively by consultants at home shows. Simply said, Silpada is some of the finest sterling silver jewelry you fill find. It has been a favorite for years and I own a number of pieces. You may recall that I first wrote about Silpada a couple of years ago.

For this giveway, I’m featuring consultant Kristi Jacobsen who is sponsoring the Giveaway this time around. I’m happy to support Kristi in her new venture and pleased to feature her on the blog. Krisit lives in Missoula, Montana, but of course with the wonderful Silpada site, it is very easy to order long distance.

Kristi also happens to be my cousin. Although we didn’t grow up in the same area, we wrote letters frequently to each other as kids in between family visits. We also shared a common interest: Fashion

I always admired Kristi’s style and somewhat envied the fact that her mom liked to shop and allowed her to buy nice things. While our moms were sisters, they did not share that love for shopping. Kristi always had the latest–at least in my eyes!

She is a faithful reader and comments often. In May, we were able to meet and shop together for TWO days! Oh, the fun we had.

For this post, I wanted to focus on a recent trend: Bracelet Stacking. I had never been a fan of a wrist of bangles because I didn’t like the “clanging” as the bracelets moved on my wrist. Once the stretch bracelet came on the scene, I did enjoy layering those a number of years ago before it was “on trend”. I also went through a streak where layered a bracelet with my watch. 

Then, it seems I left my bracelets alone until recently.

Now the trend is stacking LOTS of bracelets usually on the left arm. It makes quite a statement.

The photos above are from random pictures/products on the internet so you can get the idea.

Below, Kristi sent some great photos of bracelet stacking with Silpada bracelets.

She is giving away the Goddess bracelet  (top photo) to ONE lucky reader. This is the perfect bracelet for layering–7 individual pearl bracelets. You can intersperse other favorite stretch bracelets or bangles for optimum mixing/matching!

Now there is so much more available from Silpada than bracelets! Another winner will receive a $25 Gift Certificate. Oh the possibilities… I’m going to treat myself to a couple of things, but it is really hard to decide. Here are a couple of my favorites from the latest catalog. Radiate Earrings, Indigo Mood Necklace and Go Coastal Necklace. And I’m a big fan of the Goddess bracelet because of how they would mix and match with what I have and give some of my older pieces new life.

Since we are doing a week of different Giveaways, you have until Thursday, November 15 to enter.

To enter, you MUST make a comment directly on the blog. DO NOT reply to the feed you receive in your e-mail. Click on the title of the article and make a comment about the jewelry OR bracelets in general. Do you have a favorite Silpada piece? Tell us if you are game to try the bracelet layering trend.

Remember, TWO winners will be chosen!

Good Luck and keep reading for more fun things to be coming your way this week!


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Fall Trend 2012: The Brooch

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It was about a year ago that I wrote about Vintage jewelry. Reading the post over again, I realized that I had not really done as much as I could have with some of my vintage pieces, especially the brooches. The brooch started making a comeback last year, yet we really didn’t see that many different ideas.

I wore one on a scarf and that was about it. I tried putting them on different outfits and somehow I always felt like it was out of place. I’m re-inspired thanks to this video from Nordstrom. I just love the ideas shown here and can’t wait to try a couple.

I have 3 brooches and don’t need more right now, but here are more that caught my eye.



Tasha clover jewelry


Tasha floral jewelry

Swarovski crystallized

Judith Jack Starburst Pin
$160 -

The choices are endless when you search–everything from Amazon to If you re-read my vintage post, E-bay was my source last year and I could spend hours looking at all the fun vintage pieces.

So are you ready to wear a brooch this fall? If so, how will you wear it?

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Stella & Dot Giveaway

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It’s time for another jewelry giveaway! I’ve featured Stella & Dot several times, and it is one of my favorite lines. Thanks to consultant, Kyla Glass for sponsoring this Giveaway. Coincidentally, Kyla became a consultant last year after seeing the post on my Style by Karen Facebook page. She fell in love with the earrings I pictured and signed up shortly thereafter. Kyla and I have common friends, but had only met a couple of times. Since then we’ve become friends through Facebook, my blog and now our common interest in S & D. I enjoy helping women kick off a business and am happy to be featuring this company once again.

I look forward to the new catalog each season to see the unique styles. I love reading about the background that goes into each design, and it’s fun to hear about the inspiration that drove the designs.

“New ideas are everywhere… from vintage stores & art galleries of faraway cities to urban sidewalk graffiti to the fresh vibrant colors of a farmer’s market produce display.”
- Blythe Harris, CCO

In addition to vintage feel, I think one of the best features of this line is the mixture of silver and gold. Many styles are available in both. I went through my silver phase like everyone else. Believe me, there are certain pieces of silver jewelry that I’m very drawn to. Certain outfits just scream for a bold piece of silver jewelry.

But, I like to mix it up. I encourage you to embrace some gold in your wardrobe. Gold looks beautiful with warm colors; lately I like it with just about everything.

MEMO: Gold is everywhere and it is IN!

Rather than show individual pieces, I went to the S & D blog so you could get some ideas of how to wear the jewelry. Wow, look at these combinations. Stunning!


The Stella & Dot site is easy to navigate and the shop area is divided into categories: Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and now even handbags!

There are great videos that show even more ideas. Don’t forget the sale category. I love the Cascading Chain and own the la Coco Chain  Both are winners.

Now to the Giveaway. Kyla is giving away a $25 Gift Certificate AND the Chloe necklace.


I will choose TWO winners. To enter, make a comment and tell us about your favorite piece of jewelry and why you love it. Contest ends Wednesday, February 8th at 9 PM PST.

My favorites? Too many to show. Last fall I did a Series What I Wore for a Week.  Almost every day I wore a little S & D. Many of those pieces are still available.

This year I want that statement necklace shown in the Casual Friday layout above. I also am very partial to the blue shown with tangerine in the Date Night layout. I am happy to answer any questions about the jewelry and please feel free to contact Kyla through her website.

I can’t wait to hear about your favorites!

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Get Your Vintage On

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I’ve always been drawn to all things vintage. My house is decorated traditionally and sprinkled with antiques. My mom liked old things. I inherited a few things from her, my grandmas and my aunt. I imagine that greatly influenced my taste.

When it comes to jewelry, my taste varies. I’ve gone from small delicate necklaces, to layering and making bold statements with my jewelry. There is something about vintage jewelry that intrigues me. I’ve done a lot of antiquing over the years. The jewelry catches my eye. It sparks my curiosity and I think about the history behind each piece. It is interesting and original. If I had lots of extra time on the weekends, I would be at Estate Sales.

My mother wore very little jewelry, but I was always fascinated with her small jewelry box as a young child. I loved playing with those clip on earrings. My sister inherited a few of those pieces, and recently we had fun discussing our memories after she sent photos. She claims the bracelet is too heavy. I told her I’d be happy to take it off her hands! I would wear it with the lighter plum, purple or dark red, and add a brass earring to match the metal.

 I’m not sure if I’m ready to break out clip on earrings, but you never know! I’ll bet many of you reading can relate to seeing similar styles.


I have found a number of vintage inspired pieces over the years. When I re-did the design of my wedding ring several years ago, I again went with vintage inspired. Although it’s an original design (thank you Erik Runyan Jewelers) created from about ten different pictures, I have to laugh because this style now has become very popular. Many women comment that it is so similar to their brand new engagement ring–I thought I was being somewhat unique!

This past spring a trip to the Oregon Coast encouraged me to once again “get my vintage on”. Divine Decadence in Florence, Oregon features a great combination of vintage and contemporary jewelry. In fact, this post has been in the works since my April visit. I was there 8 years ago and bought pieces I still wear. I was happy to see they were still in business. I could spend hours in this store.

In addition, I credit the Stella & Dot catalog which gave me even more ideas. This company is truly the epitome of “Vintage Inspired” when you read the stories behind their designs. This brooch got the creative juices flowing and I started playing with my strands of pearls to create my own ideas seen in my Pearls Etc video. I attached the brooch to a chain to give it a different look. I even paired two S & D rings with my Grandma’s wedding band–now 100 years old which I wear frequently. It didn’t take long, and I saw the beauty of combining the old with the new.

I typically do not buy matching sets. When I purchased this S & D necklace in November, I waited for earrings.

Good decision. Months later I found this pair of earrings and bracelet at Divine Decadence that worked perfectly with the necklace as well as other things in my jewelry collection. 

The store owner threw in this set when she heard I was doing a blog post. I’m eager to work with this one!

Anything VINTAGE is presently a popular fashion trend. If you love the look of vintage jewelry there are many sources. I’ve already mentioned estate sales and antique stores. Goodwill, flea markets, and stores devoted to vintage clothing are all great places to find inexpensive treasures. Once you start looking, you will see vintage inspired pieces everywhere.

Downtown Camas has a new antique store called A Twist in Time and I’m happy to highlight their business! I found this piece for $32. A brand NEW vintage inspired piece would probably be 3 or 4 times that price. I can’t wait to show some great ways to wear this later this fall.

As much as I enjoy the search, it takes time. Thank goodness for eBay which allows me to look at dozens of vintage pieces in the comfort of my own home. I’m drawn to pieces from the ’40s and ’50s. I gave myself a budget (eBay can be addicting) and found these 3 pieces for under $50 including shipping! I was on the hunt for lockets with heavy chains which also double with a brooch as seen above. One of the lockets came with the photos that looked to be from the ’40′s era.

So how do you incorporate vintage jewelry with your outfits? At first you may be a little hesitant because it may not be your taste at all. Many women feel it reminds them TOO much of something their grandma wore, and they don’t want to re-create that look. My best advice is to start small with a couple of pieces and mix them with the jewelry you already own. Brooches are really in this fall, but if you can’t quite go there, then wear it as a necklace. I think you’ll find that with a little bit of effort, it’s pretty easy to mix old and new. Below are vintage earrings with a clearance necklace from Target!

Are you drawn to vintage or are you purely contemporary? Have you inherited something from a relative and it sits in your jewelry box unworn? I would love to help you and give you some ideas. If you have something, send me a photo and I can share ideas in a future post. Stick with me and I will be showing some of these vintage pieces with my clothes this fall.

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What I Wore: Day 4/InPink Winner!

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Thanks to all of you for leaving comments to enter the drawing for the InPink Giveaway. Our winners (thanks to are Comments # 8-Barb W, 14- Ally and 46-Merri. Congratulations! They each will receive $75 to spend at

All readers can place an order and receive 20% off using this code: STYLEBYKAREN20. Don’t delay-it expires on September 30th. I know I’m going back to the site. Thank you InPink!

After seeing the photos of the outfit I chose for Day 4 I had second thoughts because I felt I wasn’t giving you enough variety in style and color. I was considering many different things when I chose the clothes. I decided to go ahead with this one because it is more casual. I often hear…”I’m drawn to dressy clothes, but have no place to wear them!”

You can put a casual look together, still be polished and put together, yet not TOO dressed up.

I wore this with jeans in early spring and you could also pair it with dark brown pants for fall. On hot days–get rid of the sweater. Again, when you are building an outfit, always think how you can adapt it to get the most wear for 2 if not 3 seasons. The sweater is an interesting color. It also looks great over animal print tops that have black/brown paired black pants.

Sweater: Emu Australia found at Accentuate. We were excited to carry this line. It is machine washable merino wool that is so soft and comfy. Not itchy wool as we know it. When you can choose quality fabrics, you pay a little more, but they will last.

Shorts: Ann Taylor Outlet

Tank: Nordstrom

Bag: Nino Bossi found at Accentuate

Shoes: VanEli from Nordstrom

Jewelry: Street Fair in Palm Desert and Lia Sophia

I can’t say enough about the convenience of a cross-body bag. Women love them for travel. I love them for shopping (free hands to find more bargains quickly!) Cross body bags are all the rage. This was also noted in IN STYLE’s Top Fashion Tips. They promoted them for evening bags. I say they’re for every day too. The trick is finding one that is not too small and will hold the basics. The bag above is the perfect “Mom on the Go” purse.

 This outfit is a little blah if it weren’t for the jewelry. The Lia Sophia necklace (layered with a piece I’ve had for years) makes the outfit, and is one of my all time favorites. I wore gold hoops as well.

I sure have learned from this photo session that next time I’ll pay more attention to getting closeups of the jewelry. I have a new found appreciation for all that goes into magazine photos!

Thanks for your comments and personal e-mails! One more day to go.

On the weekend, stay tuned for a post on Vintage Jewelry which will coincide with an article on vintage clothing in The Columbian, our local newspaper. I can’t wait to share what I’ve found.

You’ll hear less from me next week as I’m doing some research on hair styles; then an interview with an aesthetician to kick off a series on skin care!

If you like what you read on Style by Karen, please forward a post to a friend. If you have a question, or would like me to cover a particular topic, don’t hesitate to write me!

Pin It Jewelry Giveaway

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OK readers, you are in for a treat! This is clearly the most generous Giveaway on Style by Karen to date. Three winners. $75 each. Keep reading…

Recently I was contacted by Briana, Editor of  about doing a promotion and Giveaway. I just need to hear the word JEWELRY and I’m IN!

I spoke with Briana, and Connie, co-founder. In Pink, based in the Bay Area was created to give women all over the country a taste of what California girls were experiencing with adorable, affordable retail jewelry found in San Francisco’s Pinkies nail salons. No longer just a regional draw, In Pink has brought the convenience of online shopping to women everywhere looking for a quick addition to complement a favorite outfit.

I found the site to be very user friendly. I was given $50 to spend. What fun I had!

A series of bangles and a tangerine orange necklace/earring set which just “screamed” summer found their way to my shopping cart. My goods arrived in this beautiful packaging.

And what came inside was even better.

Orange Ceramic Choker/Earrings                         Wood Bangle Set

I really like bangle bracelets with sleeveless or short sleeved dresses. Five bracelets come in this set for only $28. A series of bracelets is a great way to add color fast. Right now layering is the trend–the more the better! (Yes, we should have put them on my other wrist for the photo, but you get the idea!)

I highly recommend In Pink. There are just times when we do NOT want to spend a fortune on accessories for an outfit, nor do we need to. Now you have a source to help you find something unique, and spare you the hassle of going to five stores.

In addition to affordability, what sets In Pink above the rest? Personal Advice from a stylist. If you are perplexed on what pieces needed to be added, you can ask for advice! Write a note, send a photo and you will have a suggestion coming your way.

THREE VERY LUCKY READERS will be chosen to receive a $75 Gift Certificate to spend at In Pink.

All readers will be able to place an order and receive 20% off. Use this code: STYLEBYKAREN20. (This offer will expire one month from posting which will be 9-26-11.)

Take note of the In Pink blog when you go to the site. Like them on Facebook to receive even more ideas.

To enter this Givaway, make a comment and you will be automatically entered. Contest ends Wednesday, August 31 at 9 pm PST.

Thank you In Pink!

Class Reunion coming up? In Pink may have the perfect accessory. Check out Musings of a Housewife for some great ideas.

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Pearls Etc.

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Congratulations to our Premier Jewelry Winners: Ellen and Linda who were Comments #5 and 8. They will both receive a $25 Gift Certificate. Remember that you can contact Mindy directly if you would like to see a catalog or see the jewelry. Thank you Mindy for sponsoring this Giveaway!

Now to see more on how to wear your pearls and tips on combining them with other pieces of jewelry check out my newest video: Pearls Etc. After watching you will have new ways to wear the 60 and 90 inch pearls. I have a hunch that many of you are going to want that Clip It from Premier. It opens up so many possibilities for your pearls.

Let me know what you think and please contact me if you have any questions about any of the techniques shown in the video. Enjoy!

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Premier Designs Jewelry Giveaway

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A few months ago a client referred me to a new Direct Sales jewelry company that I was NOT very familiar with. I know you’ll find that hard to believe! I had only seen a couple of their pieces. Mindy Pieper with PREMIER DESIGNS introduced me to the line, and showed me what they have to offer.

Mindy is offering a $25 Gift Certificate to TWO READERS!

Premier features a wide array of jewelry in a mix of “plated” metals which is a trend many companies are following now. You will find quality jewelry at an affordable price. The pieces are stylish and contemporary.

Their website does not show the designs. They firmly believe in having a consultant work with you individually so you receive the best personalized customer service. DO check out the site for great info about the company, the product, and the guarantee.

If you like what you see, I’d like to encourage you to get in touch with a Premier consultant. (they refer to themselves as jewelers) She will send you a catalog or meet with you in person. I can say from my experience that I saw many pieces in person, but I also thought I was able to get a really good idea from the catalog. It is shown extremely well. There are 109 pages of wonderful designs with an average price of $34. 

Given that important point, whether you are local or long distance, I highly recommend connecting with Mindy. She is very knowledgeable about the jewelry and can give you advice. She has a wonderful sense of style. Her information can be found on my Partners Page.

(Scroll over photos to see name of each design.)

I’d like to share with you some things that caught my eye and stood out in the midst of other jewelry companies.

You have probably noticed that I’m partial to pearls. I have several 60″ and 90″ strands. They layer beautifully. They are timeless, classic and go with most everything.

I enjoy playing with strands of pearls–twisting, tying and layering them. I’ve added a broach occasionally and mixed them with chains. 90 inch pearls are a bit hard to find; oh, the possibilities…! Premier features their Opening Night pearls for just $39! The best part is this little $10 clip that allows the pearls to stay put, thus opening up even more combinations with this lengthy strand.

NOTE: This is a 90″strand twisted and then clipped.

The next unique thing I noticed was Premier’s magnetic enhancers. I LOVE this concept. I’m a pendant gal. Over the years, I’ve collected numerous cords and pendants that I can interchange. I want the most “bang for my buck.” I don’t like pendants that do not come off the chain or cord! Now you see chunky strands of beads and pearls. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to add a pendant? With Premier you can! Their “enhancers” are pendants with a magnetic closure. They just snap right on to a necklace.

NOTE: The necklaces are NOT from Premier Designs, the enhancers ARE! Pizzazz and Gallery are the designs shown.I like to show how to take things in your own collection and make them look different with a new addition.

Make a comment about what you liked from the photos shown or what you like about Premier in general and you’ll be entered in the Giveaway. Remember there will be TWO winners.

I’m extending the deadline for this until Monday as I hope to publish a jewelry video later this week using Premier’s styles and a few others as well. I think you’ll enjoy seeing the potential of a 90 inch strand of pearls and be ready to order!

CONTEST ENDS: Monday, August 1 @ 9 pm PST.

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lia sophia Jewelry Giveaway

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It’s been a year since my last lia sophia Giveaway. I have established some great working relationships with my blog business partners and I am excited many are ready to do another giveaway. A big thanks to consultant Kym Merrick for sponsoring this generous one. 

Why do most women love jewelry? Jewelry, handbags and shoes. One never has to worry about them getting too small. Jewelry always fits!

Last year’s post introduced the company and offered two FREE pieces. This year Kym is offering a $50 Gift Certificate to one lucky winner. If the winner is local and schedules a show, the Gift Certificate doubles to $100! Check out the site catalog, make a comment telling us how you would use your certificate if you win.

Then pop over to my Style by Karen Facebook page. We have TWO NECKLACES to give away. If you’re already a fan-that is great! When you log into your account and go to my page, you’ll see an option to invite YOUR Facebook Friends in the top right hand corner. Start inviting now. The 300th fan AND the person who referred the 300th fan on Facebook will both receive a necklace .  Both pictures are posted here and on my page. Be sure and tell your friends what is at stake when you invite them. My fan page shows every blog post AND some extra fashion tips/photos as well. 

 If the 300th fan is someone who was not referred, we’ll give the second necklace as a runner up prize from the blog comments.

Facebook Giveaway #1                                                    Facebook Giveaway #2

If you’re a regular reader you know that accessories are my forte. It’s probably my favorite part of putting a look together. My accessories seem to always get the most compliments and I’m often asked how I decide what jewelry to wear with which outfit. In some ways it’s hard to put my finger on what helps me decide. When I meet clients who have not worn much jewelry I offer a couple of tips to get them started.

1. Layer! Even if you don’t like the multiple layers (that can sometimes be overdone) take your smaller and dainty pieces and pair them with another longer necklace. Frame your understated pieces and both will stand out. Make sure that when you layer there is space in between each piece so it really shows off each one. Each piece should “nest” inside the other. Need more help with layering? I’ll continue to show examples, for now All About the Bling will give you some ideas.

2. Choose a piece of jewelry that offers some great contrast with what you are wearing. Matching is great; contrasting is even better. It will make your pieces stand out rather than blend in with the outfit. If this seems difficult at first, just match. It will get easier as you continue to wear more and more jewelry.

This is an example of MATCHING showing the necklace from PHOTO #1 . In real life, the light would pick up the stones and show them off much better. I would wear this combination but wanted you to see a true example of a MATCH. It matches so well it blends into the sweater. It’s a great example of mixing warm/cool in the sweater– silvery gray and copper which is rarely seen. The necklace mixes these same colors. It will be very versatile.

(Sweater and tee: Sale rack at J Crew last year)

Above is an example of BLENDING. The stones are not an exact match and contrast a little, but generally blend with the blue top. I really like the contrast of the blue top and a few of the green stones in the necklace. They are close to an emerald green. Wearing this necklace with that green would be a great contrast since most of the stones are blue.

(top from Nordstrom Rack-Red tag-40% off)

Now we’re getting closer to a CONTRAST. This is an easy combination to come up with because the “gun metal” color on much of the necklace calls for gray.

I’ll be sharing more examples of Matching, Blending and Contrasting in weeks to come.

Remember, to enter the Giveaway for the $50 Gift Certificate, make a comment right here on the blog.

Want a chance at winning either necklace? Join my Facebook Fan page and invite friends to join.

Gift certificate winner will be chosen by on June 6th at 9 PM PST.Facebook contest ends when we have the 300th fan!

Don’t forget to jump over to Musings of a Housewife for Fashion Friday.

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