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    Stella & Dot

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I normally won’t post two consecutive days, but in celebration of this day, I thought it was appropriate to talk about jewelry.

    Stella & Dot is a direct sales company that has been around since 2003. I went to my first home trunk show in 2008. I wrote several posts featuring the jewelry. It was a new/different look. My love for accessories kicked in, and I had a new brand that I loved.

    My decision to become a rep with the company was based on the fact that Stella & Dot has expanded their choices far beyond jewelry. Bags, sunglasses, scarves and even a selection of tops! Now when I go to women’s homes, I feel like I will have a “traveling boutique”. We can pair my samples of jewelry with their clothing to add some life to an outfit, or add a few great tops to give a little variety in your wardrobe.

    This post is going to feature necklaces, but I’ll circle back again and feature bags and then later tops and of course more jewelry. The tops (which come in extended sizes) are selling out so quickly and have been extremely popular.

    To simplify all the choices, I have chosen to categorize by showing first the more delicate pieces that will go with everything. Stella & Dot is known for its statement and more chunky pieces. Those will catch your eye on the site. The more simple pieces may not grab your attention, but are so versatile, and fit into my category of what I call “the everything necklaces”

    When scrolling through, you will often see “6 in 1 or 3 in 1”. This is one of the best things about the necklaces. You can separate them and wear each piece individually! Below, are a few of my favorite necklaces. You won’t go wrong with any of these and each will be incredibly versatile and “go-to” pieces. Below are the links that correspond with each photo.

    1.Natia Layered

    2.Ulani Pendant

    3.Kari Layered

    4.Janson Horn Pendant    (paired with)   Diedre Double Horn Pendant

    5. Rayna Pendant

    Hope you enjoy Valentine’s Day. Give yourself a gift and give back to Dress for Success (bonus Free pink Lux Studs)

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