Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Accessories and Shoes

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In Part 2 I’ll try to highlight some of the best when it comes to accessories and shoes. Click on the bold print to follow a link to all the choices offered with each brand.

Tasha has a great affordable necklace and earrings that will add color to many outfit. I’m partial to the emerald green and the purple. Great deal at only 31.90 and bold and silver stretch bracelets for only 17.90.

Cara is another affordable brand with some trendy studded bracelets.

Then go classic with Nadri. You don’t see these on sale very often and it’s a great time to get some of these classic, dressier pieces.

Handbags: Kate Spade and Michael Kors are a few of my favorites. Ordered the IIIBeCa (third photo) for myself.

Shoes and Boots

There are way too many to name or picture  so I’ll try to categorize for you. Here are some titles and links to take you directly to the item.

Frye the popular Melissa style finally has a zipper! Such a great looking boot in either color. LOVE! also available in extended calf.

Dansko Baker Bootie

Miz Mooz West

Corso Como also comes in extended calf.

Enzo Demario  You cannot beat this price at 59.90 for a great peep toe pump! Great neutral taupe that is perfect with most everything.

Ivanka Trump Janie is another beautiful pump for under $100

VC Signature  The smoking slipper made its entry last year and is back again.

Tory Burch has a beautiful riding boot, bootie and smoking slipper and I’d have to say these are 3 of my favorites. If you bought these 3 styles you’d have all your bases covered for fall outfits. Dressy riding boot is great with jeans or a skirt.

This barely scratches the surface, but hopefully gives you a taste of all Nordstrom has to offer during this fantastic sale. If you have a question, feel free to contact me directly because I have probably seen or tried it on.

Happy Anniversary Shopping!



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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites

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I’m back after nearly a two month hiatus! That is unheard of in the blogging world. But then again, I’ve said it many times, I’m not your typical fashion blogger! I took a different retail position, threw a big graduation party for my son and entertained family members all within the same two weeks. It was hard to fit in the blog!

I admit, the more time that passed, the more I debated blogging again. I’ll decide that at a later time–for now I’m back.

It is a tradition to write about the Anniversary Sale. As many of you know, Nordstrom is the only retailer to bring in a preview of fall/winter merchandise at a discounted rate. You have to think ahead and shop smart. When you do, the savings are big.

The sale was open to card holders on July 10th in what is known as Early Access. It then opened to the public on Friday the 19th and sale prices are in effect until August 4th. Are there many things left? You bet. While some popular items sell out the first few days, there is still a great deal of merchandise to choose from. Be patient if you don’t see your size and color. Keep checking back. Returns occur daily.

In my opinion, it’s one of the better years. Hot trends include the color purple, LOTS of leather, animal prints with a little military thrown in. This year I decided to add links by popular brand rather than list all the items/photos. When you click on the link it will bring you to the Anniversary items of that brand as they are listed first.

CLASSIQUES ENTIER  This line is known for its classic, more conservative style. The price point is a little higher for some shoppers, but the quality is superb. Anniversary sale is a great time to invest in this brand. My favorites were the stretch wool jacket/pants, drape neck tops with lace trim and the houndstooth knit jacket with leather trim.

TROUVE A little more trendy, Trouve had some great leather pieces this year. Great buy: leather clutch/crossbody for under $100

VINCE CAMUTO One of my favorite brands as it mixes current and classic. You will notice Vince Camuto has many choices when it comes to accessories and shoes too. Look for the ponte knit pants for 49.90, affordable novelty tops, unique accessories (fun hinged bangles in animal prints) I also loved the grey peplum dress.

HALOGEN Women like Halogen for its affordability and variety of styles. Great buy: shirred tanks for 29.90 are the perfect layering piece under jackets or sweaters, seamed pencil skirts: 45.90 and Taylor pants: 49.90. Items worth checking out: Cutaway leather jacket in taupe or black.

Now let’s have a little fun with some highlights from a few of the higher end lines that many women can’t look at during the regular season. Once a year during anniversary it’s worth a peek.

Theory Pants and blouse

Vince Sweater (gorgeous shade of blue) and riding pants with zipper pockets

Kate Spade black dress and purple sweater. The skirt, blouse and sweater are all on sale and shown separately. The sweater is my favorite!

Trina Turk (black coat is one of the best on the sale-hands down!) If you need a new wool coat for winter, this is a MUST HAVE!

If you’ve been to the sale did you have a favorite piece? Please share what you loved.

Coming on Friday: Accessories and Shoes



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Find the Perfect Sunglasses

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Sunny weather is here in many parts of the country. We’re even getting our share of sun in the “it almost always rains all spring” Northwest!

It’s been over 5 years since I bought a new pair of sunglasses. I’ve loved my Kate Spade glasses I found at the Nordstrom Rack for 49.99.  I know, that’s quite a record if you’re one who buys inexpensive sunglasses and purchases new ones frequently. I believe in spending a little more and taking good care of them. They are always in a case and I try not to wear them on top of my head.

I decided I wanted the royal treatment this time so I could learn all the ins/outs of my purchase to share in this post. I went to the sunglasses section at Nordstrom.

I judge a pair of sunglasses BEFORE I ever look in the mirror. I learned this from that Kate Spade pair I bought years ago. They FELT good the minute I put them on.

I suggest you put them on, then look in the mirror and try pair after pair.

Face shape/Shape of glasses: There are many articles on the web to help you find the right shape. In short you want to balance your face shape with the opposite shape of frame. If you have an oval face, you can wear almost any shape. I think that most of the time you will be drawn to what looks good on you. Ask for honesty with your salesperson or bring a friend.

Most pairs despite the shape, brand or price point have 100% UV protection.

Do you need polarized lenses? Polarized glasses reduce the glare. If you suffer from eyestrain, headaches when driving in the sun, spend time on the water, this may be a good choice for you.

Here is what I tried when I went shopping:

Michael Kors                                                                      Vince Camuto

Ray Ban

Kate Spade


So what do you think? Which ones do you like

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Denim on Top Collection

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There are so many choices out there this year! All of these pieces are available at Nordstrom and you can search by brand name.

These denim tops all run a little on the small side so it is a good idea to size up.

I own #5 and it is one of my favorites because of the incredibly soft denim and snap front. It’s fitted, but you can also layer a tank or tee with it.

I haven’t had a denim vest since the mid-90′s. I wonder if I can go there again?

I also really like #4 as the lace inset adds texture and just is a little more interesting than the typical denim shirt.

So what do you think? Do you like any of these choices or other things you’ve seen this spring?


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Denim on Top

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Denim jackets are back. Wait a minute–did they ever go out? How many denim jackets have you had over the years? I cringe a little to remember one back in the mid-nineties and another back in 2001. Remember the roomy boxy styles that were really more like a coat? Yes, we all had them.

In recent years we haven’t seen such a drastic change in styles, so if you’ve had a denim jacket for a few years, it’s probably still very much in style. The styles are short, fitted and look great with a skirt, dress or colored denim.

Next, let’s discuss shirts. Denim and chambray are back! In the past, we didn’t wear a chambray shirt with denim. Now that is ok if you vary the washes between top and bottom so it doesn’t look like you have a denim “suit”. It will also work well if you wear a long tank in a bright color under the shirt.

I really like the look of different washes with the jackets and shirts. In fact, this year I bought a dark denim shirt AND a lighter wash that can be worn more like a jacket. There tabbed sleeves, vests, and embellished denim.

Denim on top helps “neutralize” all that colored denim we see out there. It makes a great combination.

Do you have a pair of colored denim? If so, have you paired it with denim on top?


Denim on Top

ONLY fitted shirt
$54 -

Madewell block top

Fat face
$74 -


Marc by marc jacobs jeans
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What’s Your Spring Shopping Plan?

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We’ve actually had a little taste of spring here in the rainy NW. It gets us all excited about warmer weather, yet we know not to get our hopes up too much because rain could be very much in the picture the next two months.

The warmer weather plus the fact that we’re  taking a trip to Atlanta in April has made me think about spring clothes much earlier than I normally would.

Going through my spring clothes caused me to realize that next year when I put my spring/summer clothes away I need to sort out the March “transitional” pieces. It’s about this time of year that I get really tired of my fall/winter clothes and want to reach for something else, yet it’s not practical for many of the lightweight sleeveless pieces.

This year I did a major closet purge. I haven’t felt this way in years, but I honestly just wanted to start over! I’m not sure what it was, but I guess I didn’t buy many things last spring. A few pieces I did buy were either worn or I decided I didn’t like anymore. It made me realize that I made some poor choices. As I kept going through each item, it became apparent that a few of my favorites were going on year 4. There is nothing wrong with that. They are still in style and in good shape. However, it’s time to give some things new life or buy new. Most of us can’t  buy a whole new wardrobe in one season. As I was sorting and cleaning I began to formulate a plan. I’ll be sharing it with you in the next few posts. Whether you need a new wardrobe or just a few pieces I think this will give you some ideas before you hit the stores.

I went through all my spring/summer pieces and decided if they were consignment worthy or went to Good Will. By the time I was finished, I had a lot of empty hangers.

First I took inventory of my bottoms:


-denim (long and cropped)



I wrote down what I had in colors and added anything to my “must have” list.

Next I looked at my jackets and sweaters a.k.a those THIRD PIECES  of an outfit.

When you categorize this way it’s easy to see redundancy and gaps. I was heavy on green sweaters and my black cardigan had seen better days. While I put black cardigan on the list, I will wait to see if it really is a gap as I start wearing my clothes. Don’t just buy because it’s on the list. I always suggest keeping an ongoing list in your closet because it becomes clear what you need as you get dressed each day.

Now it’s time to look through tops and layering pieces and how they fit in with pant and jackets for a variety of combinations. This is another way to help the purging process. If you have a stand-alone piece that doesn’t work with a bottom or a jacket AND you don’t want to purchase something to coordinate, then it has to go.

When I look at the pieces in my closet, I have shopping to be done and possibly more purging.

I’m starting a list and then I’ll prioritize.

Next Up: Must haves for spring



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Florals & Patterns or Solids?

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I meet many women who prefer solids ONLY when it comes to tops and jackets. Just like those women who prefer neutrals over color, I find the same aversion to florals and prints. It’s solid colors only for many.

If you belong in that camp, I hope that after reading this post you will rid the idea that prints “look like something that your grandma would wear”, which is what I hear all the time.

1. Prints and patterns add interest to an outfit

2. Prints are much more versatile because often there are several colors in the pattern

3. Prints can camouflage the middle.

If you are worried about a pattern making you look larger:

-start with small prints

-wear a floral skirt with a solid on the top

-wear a print with a coordinating SOLID 3rd piece

I will admit that there are some prints that worn alone could very easily look “old lady”.

However, as I often say, IT ALL DEPENDS ON HOW YOU STYLE IT!

What can I say, I’m a “print” girl. Even when I wear solids I have to put a patterned scarf. I will try to show you some ways to add florals and prints in a subtle way.

I realize that you might not want to jump in with something like this right off the bat.


Polka dots are everywhere this spring. Start with small dot if you’re afraid to go to bold. Gingham is also an option.

I love the combinations below with small black/white patterns with bold colors. The third photo shows a very small pattern that is very versatile (wear it with a solid bottom)

These patterns could be those that are considered “old lady”. Picture either of these with a pair of ankle pants and heels and a fitted jacket. Or pair it with a black skinny jeans and a denim jacket.

Wear florals on the lower half. These skirts are a great example.

So, it’s been a little quiet here on the blog. What say you? Would you entertain the idea of adding more patterns or do you still think certain patterns and florals remind you of something your Grandma would wear?



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Stack your Wrist

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Several months ago I introduced bracelet stacking combined with a Silpada Giveaway last fall.

I promised a little more on this topic so here you go. Even if you are not a bracelet girl, I hope you will give this fun trend a try. It is a great way to wear bracelets that have been sitting in your jewelry box that seem out of date or “too small” compared to today’s trends.  I have dug out bracelets that I wasn’t wearing and gave them a whole new look! There were a few I was just tired of because I seemed to wear them with everything. Just adding a few helped them look different.

Start with just 2 or 3 and work your way up to a stacked wrist. Here are some tips.

1. If you are new to bracelets, start with something bold in color or design. This will be your center bracelet or the focal point.

2. Next, decide what colors you want to add. For example, the bracelet I have below will look wonderful with something black or teal. I’m going to add bracelets with gold and another one with similar stones to complement that part of the bracelet. It needs some sparkle to brighten it up.

3.  Don’t be afraid to mix metals and stones.

4. Vary the width and styles as much as possible for an interesting stacked wrist.

5.  It adds even more variety when you can vary the textures in your series of bracelets

6. If you don’t like the idea of a large stack, add a few with your watch to make a statement on your left arm.

I always liked bracelets, but I wore one, maybe two at a time. I have Stella & Dot to thank for showing me how to layer a couple of years ago. They have great ideas. I’ve had two jewelry shows and just loved all the free things I earned. Now, bracelets are everywhere and you can find very reasonably priced pieces. Stretch bracelets in particular are easy to layer together and they lie  flat so they do not move on your wrist. Many women prefer this.

In years past I found myself bothered by the “clingy-clangy” bangles. They were a nuisance and the noise probably got to others around me. Layering other lighter bracelets in between helps. Some of my favorite light layering bracelets are the Seasonal Whispers now ON SALE at Nordstrom.  They add dimension and depthy quickly without being too heavy on your wrist. 

 Watch this Nordstrom video for even more ideas on stacking.

I also prefer a hinge bracelet to a regular bangle. If you have a hard time getting bracelets off/on your wrist, then go with the hinge. Look at all the possibilities with these fantastic colors!

 Be sure and enter the NORDSTROM SWEEPSTAKES to win one of TEN $500 Gift Certificates. (bracelets can be from any store.)

Deadline is March 10th.

Below more ideas:

 A little gold AND rose gold!

A few bracelets on the watch arm.

One of my favorite new “creations” mixing some old and some new.

My wrap pearl bracelet with black trim was one I wore constantly. I added the black whispers from Nordstrom and pearl stretch bracelets from Silpada to give it a new look.

What do you think? Will you give bracelet stacking a try? I’d love to see a photo if you post it on instagram. Send one to ME too.

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CAbi Giveaway

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The week of Giveaways continues! Since I started mid-week last week, you can still enter to win any of the offers from last week (Silpada and Glo Beauty Lounge) with the final deadline being Sunday the 18th for all entries.

Winners will be drawn on the 18th at 10 PM PST.

I’ve written about CAbi a number of times and shown many pieces I’ve worn over the years. I’m pleased to have met Julie Dixon who is sponsoring this blog post. Julie is giving away TWO $25 gift certificates to TWO different winners.

Now look what CAbi has to offer this season. It’s better than ever! Here are a few ofmy favorites:

I own the first two pieces and I wear with my own red jeans. The top is honestly one you can wear year round–layered under sweaters in the fall and winter and either alone or under a light weight sweater or shrug in the summer. Every time I wear this I get so many compliments.

Here is the outfit broken down: Keys Please and My Fair Jacket

The Ingenue Cami

Charming Jacket

I have this Twist Tee in black from 2 seasons ago. I love how it is a great variation on the typical turtleneck.


The Faux wrap skirt in Ponte, the Bree Jean which is one of the finest fitting pieces I’ve seen and this year’s Ponte which is called the Favorite Trouser. Last year it was the RAVE trouser and it was and still is one of my favorite pairs of pants ever!

Now it’s your turn. Browse the catalog and find your favorites and then make a comment telling us what you love! Your comment is your entry!

If you have questions for Julie, please contact her directly and she will help you whether you are local or long distance. And don’t forget about the CAbi Canary. Check out all the great ways to combine the CAbi collection. They do a fabulous job on this blog. 


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Rich Reds/Orange Accents

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Earlier this season I did a post on Rich Reds we are seeing this year. You will hear this color called oxblood and you will see shades leaning towards red to the deepest burgundy or even purple. Now add the orange accents and you have a brand new color combination you may not have worn before.

What do you think? Willing to give these brighter a colors a try together?


Reds with Orange Accents
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