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    Transitioning into Spring

    This time of year the key word is TRANSITIONAL. Everyone is tired of winter clothes and ready to move on, yet many climates don’t allow that quite yet. Here in the Pacific Northwest we have had some really great sunny weather–yes in February! But I’m sure we have plenty of rain ahead of this spring. Transitional pieces here are lightweight jackets and sweaters

    When I add those transitional pieces, they typically have brighter colors because I’m tired of black and gray.

    It seems a little ironic that I’m talking about a transitional piece in GRAY. I found this Northface jacket a couple of months ago. I think it fits into the transitional category because it’s not a heavy outerwear piece. I was looking for something longer to wear to and from the gym–something a little nicer looking so I could run around and do errands as well.

    Now it almost seems too nice for the gym; I’ve been pulling it to wear frequently lately. It works well with just a white tee, a graphic tee would add some interest, or you can layer it with heavier pieces. It is insulated, and it’s warmer than it looks. Do you ever make a purchase and then just keep wearing it over and over until finally you say.. “I better choose something different today!” That is how I feel about this jacket.

    Now that I’m working from home, I have had to think about a more casual look. That is a transition in itself. It is easier for me to dress up than dress down. I’ve moved from a full-time retail position where I’ve had a dress code (no denim) In fact, probably half of those retail years I wasn’t allowed to wear denim. I wore a lot of skirts and dresses which some days I found more comfortable than pants. Now my wardrobe feels a little out of balance, weighing heavy on the dressy side.

    If you’ve ever transitioned in between dress codes you understand what I’m talking about. It takes a while to adjust. When I work with women individually, we try to take a few of those dressier pieces and dress them down. If you have to switch gears and go to a “no denim” policy, that is a different type of transition. It’s difficult and expensive to start from scratch. I encourage you to find some key pieces first and then build slowly.

    Over to you. Have you had to transition in between dress codes? Do you find it hard this time of year to find the right things to wear? Next week we will start addressing some of the new spring trends.

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    Denim on Top

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    “Smooth” Wear

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