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    Random Finds

    I thought it would be fun to start a weekly post on “random finds” to share with you. I know for myself that when I don’t have time to page through magazines, I love being able to quickly read and see a picture that will hopefully stick in my memory when the need arises.

    Random finds could be anything from cosmetics to clothes.

    The first random find I want to share with you is a new product I discovered at the Kiehl’s counter. You may remember me singing the praises of Kiehl’s self tanner a couple of years ago. I do love this brand even more as I continue to try different products. It’s available in most major departments stores, online, and well, we even have a Kiehl’s store in the Portland Airport now.

    I tried a sunscreen that is the lightest, freshest sun care product I’ve put on my face in a long time. You can add this to your daily routine right after your moisturizer and before you put on foundation, or you can use it just on your face before hitting the beach.

    Most day moisturizers and some foundations also have a fairly high SPF so you might be full protected. However, in this day and age, as we become more in the know about the damage the sun can do, sunscreen is  super important daily if you are out/about at all.

    I also tried a body lotion that was wonderful. I do not like heavy lotions or ones with strong scent. This was perfect.

    I typically don’t buy the largest size of something when I’m trying a new product–even if that is the better deal. I bought the 4 oz. instead of the 8 oz. Most counters will also throw in some samples of things for you to try. It’s the best way to get a taste before stepping up and spending a bundle. So here are my random finds. Let me know if you try either of these and what you think.

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    What’s in my Makeup Bag Part 2

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    Self Tanners

    In many parts of the country you’ve had summer weather for weeks or months. Here in the Northwest, we’re still struggling a bit with that. We get a glimmer of hope here and there, At any rate, many of us have decided it’s time to pack away the boots, get…

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