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    Organize/Prioritize your Clothing Needs

    As I continue talking about closet purging and starting over, I’m realizing how difficult it is to do in writing! It’s so much easier to explain all this when I’m talking to a client in person. I’ve discussed “capsule” dressing before and really that is where we need to start.

    When someone needs help re-building I suggest starting with bottoms and third pieces in basic neutrals. Pants and skirts along with jackets and/or sweaters need to fit well as this is what typically gives the first impression. This is where you want to put your money. If you purchase good quality pieces, they will last for several years. Then you can switch out the tops, layering pieces and accessories. Since these are typically more affordable, it makes sense to replace these when you get tired of the same outfits.

    Build your capsule according to your lifestyle.

    Bottoms will include dress pants, skirts, jeans, cropped pants depending on what you do. Some of you that need “wear to work” clothes will want to build work AND casual capsules.

    I suggest laying things out on your bed to really visually see what you have and what will coordinate together.

    Neutral capsules will need to start with black or gray. I like to have both shades in my wardrobe. I have dress pants, denim, skirts and now cropped pants ALL in black AND gray. It gives you much more versatility so it doesn’t look like you are always wearing black. We all know that it often seems like we could wear black pants 4 out of 5 days!

    Charcoal gray is perfectly fine for spring and summer. Here are some casual options. I think of dark gray as the “new khaki”.

    Wit and Wisdom                                      Caslon

    I like gray vs khaki because it provides a really great contrast with your bright colors and it does not show dirt as quickly.

    Below is a photo of options for bottoms in black and charcoal. Pair that with what is above and you will have a great selection in bottoms in these colors. I need all of these styles in my wardrobe, but many of you will only choose pants and no skirts or no denim. When you begin building the black/gray capsule you may just choose one gray and continue to add gray slowly,


    Black and Gray bottoms

    Next: Jackets and Cardigans

    Now, depending on your taste and lifestyle you will start choosing your third pieces in the SAME neutral tones as the bottoms. You have much more flexibility if you can wear separates instead of suits. Notice all the variety in shades of black/gray, different textures and of course different styles. This all adds interest.

    Does it look a little boring? I think so. Now you can add your colors and patterns with tops, camis, tanks and accessories!

    black and gray jackets


    A Wear stripe blazer
    $68 – awear.com

    2nd day

    Miss selfridge

    Superdry jacket

    Jersey blazer
    $42 – matalan.co.uk

    Rare London baseball jacket
    $48 – rarelondon.com

    Vero Moda biking jacket
    $86 – veromoda.com

    Wallis black jacket

    $91 – houseoffraser.co.uk

    I wear a lot of brown. I think everyone should have a brown/khaki capsule too. You can do the very same thing with those shades.

    What about colored jackets and colored jeans? ABSOLUTELY! Next week I’ll show you some ways to wear those colored bottoms and pair the right colored jackets.

    Keep sorting and evaluating. Make your lists and then prioritize. Make it fun and don’t stress. Rebuilding a wardrobe takes time and patience and it won’t happen all at once.

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