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    Embrace Your Assets

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    Embrace your assets! My clients and customers at the boutique may tire of this phrase, but sometimes repetition is good so the concept sticks!

    Women are hard on themselves. If I would ask you to name FIVE ASSETS, I would dare say that you would have to stop and think. It’s not that you don’t have that many assets, but the bottom line is that we are all quick to point out our flaws.

    If I asked you to name FIVE FLAWS, I would imagine you could do that in a heart beat. It’s just how we are wired.

    Embracing your assets will influence the way you weed out your closet, shop and put outfits together. I guarantee it.

    So for fun, take a minute RIGHT NOW and write down five or more of your assets. Ok, I’ll go first just to give you the idea.

    1. Eyes: I get many compliments on my eyes. To think that when I was younger, I didn’t like them because they “bulged out”.

    2. Skin: I’ve been blessed with good genes. I also take care of my skin. It makes such a difference in your overall appearance.

    3. Hair: I have very fine, thin hair and most people with my hair would NOT consider it an asset. However, for whatever reason I seem to be able to do a lot with very little. My hair stylist compliments me on that fact–and I’ve even been known to cut it myself!

    4. Legs: If you have thinner calves it creates an illusion that helps you look taller and thinner–if you do not cover them up.

    5. Smile: I wore braces as an adult for two long years.

     Why is this so important? When you dress you want to choose things that bring the eye to your assets and away from your flaws. Add accessories that bring the eye up to your face if most of your assets are above the waist. If your assets are below the waist– shoes, patterned tights, belts worn at the hip call attention there. A set of bracelets brings the attention to the wrist. I wear a lot of bracelets!!

     Once you learn to do this, you will receive more compliments because people start noticing different things. You may even get asked if you’ve lost weight. I know I’ve scored when I am asked this question when indeed I have not lost one ounce. When you focus on your assets, your confidence level rises.

    Just so you know I’m normal and I think about my flaws. Here they are. It might be good to do this (as long as you don’t dwell on it) so you know what you need to downplay when you are dressing your body type.

    1. My waistline or lack thereof.

    2. Height: I’m 5’4 with very short legs. Need I say any more.

    3. Feet: They are small which is a good thing, but the other problems which I’ve explained in previous posts often far outweigh this attribute. Oh what I would do with a stileto heel!

    4. Chest: Although I know women pay for what I have, there are times I feel my chest adds weight. However, I’m learning to embrace my curves!

    5. Shoulders and Arms: When I did my own body type analysis, my shoulders are not exactly small. Since my weights have been collecting dust, I don’t like my upper arms much either.

    How is that for honesty! This little exercise is a good one–try it.

    Embrace what you have!

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