Random Find: L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray

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I’ve gone through many brands of hairspray over the years. Aerosol, non-aerosol…
I have fine, thin hair so hair spray is an absolute must have for me. Without hairspray my hair would be flat in 30 minutes.

Looking back over the years I can remember the sticky phase, the “my hair won’t move” stage. In those stages I would say that most of the time my hair did not look like it was caked with hair spray, but when you felt it–well, quite a different story. It always felt so good to wash my hair and I did that every day.

For years, In Style magazine gave high ratings to L’ Oreal’s Elnett.  I hesitated to try it, but when I did I really could understand what all the fuss was about.


As advertised it really does allow me to comb through my hair. Instead of washing my hair every day, now there are times I can skip a day and it’s fine. I don’t have to worry about all the awful hair spray residue.

The best part is that you can find it at any drug store (Walmart comes in a the best price of 12.97) rather than depending on a salon or beauty supply store.

If you need a new and light hair spray, give it a try!


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Random Finds

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I thought it would be fun to start a weekly post on “random finds” to share with you. I know for myself that when I don’t have time to page through magazines, I love being able to quickly read and see a picture that will hopefully stick in my memory when the need arises.

Random finds could be anything from cosmetics to clothes.

The first random find I want to share with you is a new product I discovered at the Kiehl’s counter. You may remember me singing the praises of Kiehl’s self tanner a couple of years ago. I do love this brand even more as I continue to try different products. It’s available in most major departments stores, online, and well, we even have a Kiehl’s store in the Portland Airport now.

I tried a sunscreen that is the lightest, freshest sun care product I’ve put on my face in a long time. You can add this to your daily routine right after your moisturizer and before you put on foundation, or you can use it just on your face before hitting the beach.

Most day moisturizers and some foundations also have a fairly high SPF so you might be full protected. However, in this day and age, as we become more in the know about the damage the sun can do, sunscreen is  super important daily if you are out/about at all.

I also tried a body lotion that was wonderful. I do not like heavy lotions or ones with strong scent. This was perfect.

I typically don’t buy the largest size of something when I’m trying a new product–even if that is the better deal. I bought the 4 oz. instead of the 8 oz. Most counters will also throw in some samples of things for you to try. It’s the best way to get a taste before stepping up and spending a bundle. So here are my random finds. Let me know if you try either of these and what you think.

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What’s in my Makeup Bag Part 2

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After giving an overview of all the neutral products I use, now it’s time to talk about eyes.

I’ve already highlighted the cream eyeshadow I use for a base. One reason I was drawn to Bobbi Brown products was the neutral eye shadows. I’m not sure, perhaps it’s the memories of using blue eye shadow in the seventies that has me turned off, but I don’t like a lot of color on my eyes. It’s crazy because evidently I have one of those eyelids that every makeup artist loves to work on.

I also do not like any shimmer or sparkle on my eye lid. I like it on other people, but on on me it just looks heavy. 

I use a Bobbi neutral on the lid (cement) a darker neutral in the crease, with really light shades in the inner corner and below the brow. I like a charcoal, dark brown, green or purple in the crease. My biggest tip with eye color: Blend, blend and then when you think you are finished, blend again. I’ll get to brushes in a minute, but a good blending brush is your friend.

I have used the Dior palettes in the past and love them. I’m trying one in shades of purple to get a litttle more color on my eyes. I’d love to achieve something like this.

Eyeliner: You can use a number of eye shadows as liner just by putting a little water on your brush. However, I prefer the gel eyeliners. Previously I used Bobbi Brown, but just recently realized they changed the formula. I now prefer Laura Mercier. It’s creamy and glides on.  I do NOT put any liner on my my lower lid. I had read about this trend some time ago, and my Bobbi Brown artist really encouraged it, but it was a very hard habit to break. I’ve worn eye liner on my lower lid forever!  A year later, I like it so much better. The brush shown below is a must have for this gel liner. You want your liner to be an extension of your lash line so a good brush and steady hand is important.

Mascara: I use drugstore mascara with a primer. Just recently I found this Dior product that is supposed to promote growth. I’m anxious to give it a try.

Last, you cannot achieve a natural and professional look without the proper brushes. There are a great deal of brushes out on the market. I have gone cheap and had the bristles falling out. Since then, I’ve slowly purchased Bobbi brushes. I have also tried and liked a few brushes from Sonia Kashuk from Target and they are very reasonably priced.

I plan to try some ideas and take photos so stay tuned for Part 3 in the next couple of weeks.

I’d love to know what you love when it comes to eye make up. What are some of your favorite products?


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Reinvent Yourself: Hairstyles

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Congratulations to Marsha, Comment #4, winner of the Redbook subscription!

I may be heading into a rather controversial topic: Hairstyles! I encourage you to think of your hair as one of your best accessories. There is no better way to give yourself a “new lease on life” than creating a new hairstyle. If you have had the very same hairstyle for five years or more, it may be time for a new look. I have been talking to my own personal stylist for months to gather this information to share.

The buzz word for 2010 seems to be REINVENT. However, it’s not as easy as it looks on paper or in the photos. Where do you start? I actually like changing my hair. When I look back over the years of photos I sometimes cringe, but I do believe my hair was always fairly current for that era. I am dating myself here–I recall the hairstyle I had when curling irons first came out. I had just gone from having long hair for several years to a much shorter style. Hairstylists did not have the layering technique down. (This came later with Farrah Fawcett) Oh, it was not good. Then came the “bi-level” in the 80′s. (see wedding photo) I am quite sure that looking at photos of old hairstyles is one of the best ways to bring on laughter. Below is a representation of my hair styles the last 20 years.



I have been blessed with fine, thin hair. I have been attempting to grow it out for two years. Growing out for me is going from a shorter VERY layered haircut to one with much longer layers. It’s a painstakingly slow process for hair like mine as it damages easily and has to be cut frequently. I’ve tolerated many bad hair days. Do you ever wonder how some women can suddenly have long hair and never seem to go through a bad stage? (I’m not referring to Kate Gosselin and other celebrities with extensions!)

How do you go about changing your hairstyle?

1. Ask your hair stylist for suggestions to match your hair texture AND face shape. These are key factors in choosing a new style.

2. Look for photos in magazines and show your stylist

3. If you see a style you like start a conversation and find out where she goes. If your camera phone is handy, take a photo. She will be flattered.

4. If you are tired of  long hair, do not make a drastic change if you want to go short. Go in stages. I’m NOT telling you to get your long hair cut. I realize the versatility it provides. Maybe cutting a few inches or adding layers will be all you need. I recently read that “collar bone length” is very flattering with most face shapes. Check out the virtual hairstyler. It should help you visualize a new you. If nothing else, it’s entertaining!

Hair Stylist Checklist

1. When you ask for a suggestion, is your stylist full of ideas or say that “you’re fine” with the style you’ve had for years. If it’s the latter, it’s a red flag to me. Great hair stylists want to help you change your look and are ready to take you through the stages of a grow out if necessary.

2. Is your hair stylist getting ongoing continuing education? Hair techniques and products are always changing. Make sure your stylist is current!

 3. Try a new stylist. I KNOW THIS IS DIFFICULT. Hair stylists become like family–they know us very well! A fresh perspective can be helpful.

4. If your hair is fine/thin is the stylist suggesting all the right products? If your hair is thick, coarse or curly there are products for you too. Advances in hair products have been amazing over the years. If your stylist is not texturizing your thick hair on a regular basis, you need to ask or find someone else. Thick or curly hair can be managed! Ask the right questions. If you do not get answers, make a change.


If you are not quite brave enough to try a new style, what about a few highlights? Getting the right color is tough and takes some trial and error. For years I did weaves. My hair got lighter and lighter and my stylist totally lost touch with my natural color. It took just as many years to find someone to listen to what I wanted and finally my hair is back to my natural color. Recently I read this suggestion:  Bring your stylist photos of yourself as a child. This is the best way to match your natural color. If you don’t care about your natural color, or never liked it, then go for something new that complements your skin tone and eye color. Step out of that box, try something new and soon you’ll be showered with compliments!

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Perfume Dilemma

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Thanks to everyone who participated in my first Giveaway. Congratulations to Annette, winner of the pedicure from “Nails by Kimberly”!

I’m not much of a perfume person. There, I said it! I’m sure many women will find this very hard to believe. I don’t have any allergies or strong aversions to perfume. I love it when I smell a really nice fragance on someone else, but when it’s on me I feel like it is strong and overpowering.

Typically I like a perfume with a light and fresh scent. Unfortunately those type of perfumes seem to last about 5 minutes. The women behind the cosmetic counters have advised using it with the accompanying shower gel or lotion. That works–sometimes.

Perfume is a very personal thing. I don’t recommend giving it for a gift unless the request is specific. My husband has given up on perfume gifts for me. What he enjoys smelling and I enjoy wearing are two VERY different things. One year he guided my two boys to purchase perfume for my Christmas gift. They spent a great deal of time looking and smelling, but sadly the choice was just not me. I felt bad. I tried to wear it numerous times. The bottle had a unique shape; they would know if I exchanged it. My son noticed one time that not much was used…So goes my love/hate relationship with perfume.

I’ve learned to ask for small vial as a sample rather than purchase a whole bottle. (also very convenient for travel) Somehow, the way perfume smells on a small card can be very different than wearing it. After a while they all the smell the same in the store despite a whiff of coffee beans. This time of year the stores are happy to give out samples. Gift sets often include small bottles and the lotion/shower gel options. I love the small Versace bottle shown in the photo. As I explained my tastes to yet another sales person at Nordstrom, she  suggested the brand new Bvlgari supposedly with a longer lasting formula. I liked it in the store. We’ll see how I do with this new scent. Do you have a favorite scent you buy again and again or do you try new fragrances as they come out? I would love to hear if you have a perfume dilemma.


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