Things I Love: The Fossil Store

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Perhaps you’ve never had the opportunity to shop at a Fossil store. Maybe you’ve seen the name in other department stores, but really never paid attention. I’m a Fossil fan.

I chose the affiliates on my blog carefully and the Fossil brand has been a favorite for a long time. I’ve had a 2-tone Fossil watch for years and recently had to replace it because it was looking worn. I chose almost an identical one. I’ve owned Fossil belts and I admire Fossil handbags. I’ve had a pair of their sunglasses and a couple of wallets over the years. My husband has had watches and wallets. I think they have a fantastic price point.

Watches When you click on the link you will see all the choices. The first one below is the one I own. White is really hot right now and the chocolate and rose gold (another recent trend) is an interesting combination.

Belts and Handbags

You will also find an even different styles from Fossil at other department stores. Macy’s also has a fine selection.

So what do you think? Did I introduce you to a new brand or did I affirm one you already like?

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Ulta Review: Mascara

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When I started my blog a year and a half ago, I told everyone I’d be writing about everything from body types, to mascara. Well, it’s taken all this time to delve into makeup. While fashion is my forte and focus of most posts, overall appearance coincides directly with the level of a woman’s confidence. This includes clothing, hairstyle, skin care and makeup. I encourage subscribing to All Things Chic where you will get a variety of  posts on many topics.

I chose Ulta as an affiliate because of the wide range of products I will eventually write about. I love this store. Ulta opened a couple of years ago just minutes from my house. I could easily kill an hour looking at all the products. I love the variety and sales they have.

When choosing a popular cosmetic, it seems fair to start with mascara. You read so often that this is one product most women cannot live without.

Statistics show that a tube of Maybelline Great Lash mascara in the infamous pink/green tube is sold every 1.6 seconds in the US. The price point is great, it’s often recommended by professional make up artists world wide. Personally, it’s not my favorite.

Take a look at the space devoted to mascara in an Ulta store. How does a girl even begin to choose? There is lengthening, strengthening and conditioning. Each claims not to clump and make your lashes the longest or fullest ever.

The big companies have gotten creative with names:  Maybelline’s Volum’ Express The Falsies and Lash Stiletto to name a few. Then recently vibrating mascaras hit the shelves. What next? While looking at the choices in Target one day, I struck up a conversation with the district manager from Maybelline. She suggested Colossal. I liked it. I also like Cover Girl’s Lash Blast.

Several years ago, In Style magazine raved about DIOR. I’ve always purchased drugstore mascara and didn’t see the need to spend the money. I liked this mascara a lot for a while. Then it got really thick and didn’t apply well. I read in a magazine that when this happens to put a couple of drops of Coca Cola in the tube. The ingredients in Coke brought back the perfect consistency. Ok that is a bit of a scary statistic but then this is not a nutrition blog!

The best match for my thin, short eyelashes (yes my two boys have longer, thicker eyelashes than I do) is L’Oreal’s Double Extend. Half of the tube is a primer which lengthens and strengthens. Then you apply the mascara. This has made a world of difference for me.

Over to you. Do you have a favorite brand you swear by? What about Latisse–anyone out there tried it?

Go to for 20% off one item Code: 64450 Check out all the other offers as well!

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Macy’s: The Great Shoe Sale

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A couple of times a year at Macy’s is the GREAT SHOE SALE and it’s one you don’t want to miss.

Purchase one pair and you’ll receive 15% off. Purchase TWO pairs and you’ll receive 20% off. Purchase 3 pairs and you’ll receive 30% off. Sale ends April 16th so you’ll want to act now.

When you are on my blog home page, you’ll now see some affiliate links on the right side bar. I’ve chosen my new affiliates carefully and will feature each one in an individual post. When you place an order from Macy’s, while you are on my site, I receive a small portion of the sale. If you are an online shopper and use any of the affiliates I have posted, I appreciate the help. You simply click over to the store when on the Style by Karen home page.

Macy’s has a great shoe selection and I’ve taken advantage of this sale in past years. I decided to feature some selections from BORN because I’m a big fan. I love the comfort of their cushioned foot beds even when the heel is a bit higher. Of course this sale applies to hundreds of pairs. Online shopping gets overwhelming for many women. I recommend starting on the shoe home page and doing a search by brand or the categories they have provided (flats, heels, comfort etc.) Many of the selections I showed in a previous post from SOFFT are also now on sale.

Here is what I found for you from Born:  Happy Shopping!

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