Sunglasses Part 2

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What did I choose? You were all right–Kate Spade all the way! However, I went with a different pair that was just a little different.

Here is the first pair I tried.

I also really liked this one too–also a Kate Spade model.

I chose:

In the end I decided I wanted to go polarized and that was the best choice. I love the little bit of teal on the corners. I did probably like the shape of the first one the best, but love the way these feel and look. I also thought they fit my face well–not too big.  And, hey I even love the case you get with them!



Thanks for weighing in with your opinions through the comment section. It was fun to read.

Are you going to buy a pair of sunglasses this season?

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Find the Perfect Sunglasses

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Sunny weather is here in many parts of the country. We’re even getting our share of sun in the “it almost always rains all spring” Northwest!

It’s been over 5 years since I bought a new pair of sunglasses. I’ve loved my Kate Spade glasses I found at the Nordstrom Rack for 49.99.  I know, that’s quite a record if you’re one who buys inexpensive sunglasses and purchases new ones frequently. I believe in spending a little more and taking good care of them. They are always in a case and I try not to wear them on top of my head.

I decided I wanted the royal treatment this time so I could learn all the ins/outs of my purchase to share in this post. I went to the sunglasses section at Nordstrom.

I judge a pair of sunglasses BEFORE I ever look in the mirror. I learned this from that Kate Spade pair I bought years ago. They FELT good the minute I put them on.

I suggest you put them on, then look in the mirror and try pair after pair.

Face shape/Shape of glasses: There are many articles on the web to help you find the right shape. In short you want to balance your face shape with the opposite shape of frame. If you have an oval face, you can wear almost any shape. I think that most of the time you will be drawn to what looks good on you. Ask for honesty with your salesperson or bring a friend.

Most pairs despite the shape, brand or price point have 100% UV protection.

Do you need polarized lenses? Polarized glasses reduce the glare. If you suffer from eyestrain, headaches when driving in the sun, spend time on the water, this may be a good choice for you.

Here is what I tried when I went shopping:

Michael Kors                                                                      Vince Camuto

Ray Ban

Kate Spade


So what do you think? Which ones do you like

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Stack your Wrist

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Several months ago I introduced bracelet stacking combined with a Silpada Giveaway last fall.

I promised a little more on this topic so here you go. Even if you are not a bracelet girl, I hope you will give this fun trend a try. It is a great way to wear bracelets that have been sitting in your jewelry box that seem out of date or “too small” compared to today’s trends.  I have dug out bracelets that I wasn’t wearing and gave them a whole new look! There were a few I was just tired of because I seemed to wear them with everything. Just adding a few helped them look different.

Start with just 2 or 3 and work your way up to a stacked wrist. Here are some tips.

1. If you are new to bracelets, start with something bold in color or design. This will be your center bracelet or the focal point.

2. Next, decide what colors you want to add. For example, the bracelet I have below will look wonderful with something black or teal. I’m going to add bracelets with gold and another one with similar stones to complement that part of the bracelet. It needs some sparkle to brighten it up.

3.  Don’t be afraid to mix metals and stones.

4. Vary the width and styles as much as possible for an interesting stacked wrist.

5.  It adds even more variety when you can vary the textures in your series of bracelets

6. If you don’t like the idea of a large stack, add a few with your watch to make a statement on your left arm.

I always liked bracelets, but I wore one, maybe two at a time. I have Stella & Dot to thank for showing me how to layer a couple of years ago. They have great ideas. I’ve had two jewelry shows and just loved all the free things I earned. Now, bracelets are everywhere and you can find very reasonably priced pieces. Stretch bracelets in particular are easy to layer together and they lie  flat so they do not move on your wrist. Many women prefer this.

In years past I found myself bothered by the “clingy-clangy” bangles. They were a nuisance and the noise probably got to others around me. Layering other lighter bracelets in between helps. Some of my favorite light layering bracelets are the Seasonal Whispers now ON SALE at Nordstrom.  They add dimension and depthy quickly without being too heavy on your wrist. 

 Watch this Nordstrom video for even more ideas on stacking.

I also prefer a hinge bracelet to a regular bangle. If you have a hard time getting bracelets off/on your wrist, then go with the hinge. Look at all the possibilities with these fantastic colors!

 Be sure and enter the NORDSTROM SWEEPSTAKES to win one of TEN $500 Gift Certificates. (bracelets can be from any store.)

Deadline is March 10th.

Below more ideas:

 A little gold AND rose gold!

A few bracelets on the watch arm.

One of my favorite new “creations” mixing some old and some new.

My wrap pearl bracelet with black trim was one I wore constantly. I added the black whispers from Nordstrom and pearl stretch bracelets from Silpada to give it a new look.

What do you think? Will you give bracelet stacking a try? I’d love to see a photo if you post it on instagram. Send one to ME too.

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Fall Trend 2012: Snakeskin

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So what do you think of snakeskin? Some women think of it as a little trendy, a bit on the wild side or just too edgy for their style. I know women who will not even go near it because of their fear of snakes. I hate snakes with a passion, but I’m drawn to certain snakeskin prints especially in shoes/boots.

Snakeskin prints are a great way to add a little interest if you are a “neutrals only” gal. Many customers I know simply are drawn to shades of gray, taupe, cream and of course black. When then add color they feel conspicous and do not like the attention color can bring. Some don’t like color around their faces. Snakeskin accessories are a way to add a little something extra without color.

I like the texure and variety that snakeskin offers with accessories. I purchased my first snakeskin piece (other than a belt) at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale by Sam Edelman. I haven’t worn them yet, but I’m hopeful they will work for me. They are now on sale again. I liked them because they have more of the brown tones vs gray. Snakeskin can really take on different shades of black/gray or brown.


Snakeskin has been popular the last couple of years. I think this fall you are seeing more than ever. Below is a layout I create for my Nordstrom board on Pinterest. Start with a small accessory if you’re unsure and see what you think of snakeskin!


Snakeskin Separates and Accessories
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NAS: Shoes, Boots, Handbags Oh My!

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I hope you enjoyed my Top 20. Now it’s time to focus on my favorites in these other categories.

When it comes to the (NAS) Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I would encourage you to put your dollars towards shoes, boots or handbags if you have to make a choice. There will be plenty of clothes on sale through the season. This is the only time of the year you will receive these reduced prices on such quality items. Yes, you can hit it right with clearance items–we’ve all done that, but selection on sizes are limited.

If you do not see your size on the site, do NOT panic. Call a local store with the six digit number and ask a salesperson to search all the stores in the system. You can do the sale right over the phone and it will be sent to you FREE shipping. You will likely catch a sales person at the counter who may be in the middle of a transaction. Be patient or leave your name if possible. Things are busy this time of year. Also, things are returned every day, so check back on your favorite item if it is sold out now.


Cole Haan                                      Enzo                                            AGL


Franco Sarto                               Halogen                                                    Michael Kors                    

All of these have received rave reviews from customers trying based on comfort and style. The AGL is a regularly priced at $330 and they only go on sale one time a year and are down to $199. These are one of the most comfortable shoes out there and you will see many Nordstrom sales associates wearing them. That should tell you something.


Born                                                Corso Como                               Michael Kors

Uggs                                              Ivanka Trump                            Cole Haan


Sam Edelman                                 Uggs                                     Clarks

FRYE! You cannot and will not beat these prices!

Handbags & Wallets:


Cole Haan                                     Hobo                                       B. Makowsky

Botkier                                        Cole Haan                                    Coach

The Lauren wallet by Hobo is always a hit and comes in a number of designs.

This concludes my posts on the  NAS. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the selections especially if you do not have a store close to you. Let me know what you found. I’d love to hear.


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Accessories “Rules”

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I love my accessories, no doubt about it! However, I meet many women who don’t wear any accessories or know how to put them together.

My friend Missy, who is also a stylist and blogger, recently wrote this post about some “rules” for accessories. After a little research, I could not find the origin of this “16 Point Rule”, although I remember talking to a Mary Kay consultant about it at one time. She referred to it when I explained my business. This was taught in a training she had attended years ago. I get the impression it’s been around for a while.

There are some rules that are made to be broken. While I think this idea is a guideline, I would like to put my own spin on it. First read Missy’s post,then see what you think of my revisions. Some of you might like the original version better because you need all the points you can get and so be it!

I’ve adjusted the point system to stay in tune with current trends. The trend in jewelry is all about statement pieces and layering. I wholeheartedly believe in a combination of classic and trendy. I think my new version is the best of both worlds. My revisions are in parentheses in BOLD.

  • One point for each of your shoes (ONE point for a PAIR of shoes. Who wears one shoe?)
  • One point if you have a pretty pedicure and it is showing because of open-toe shoes
  • One point if you have on fashionable tights or leggings (pantyhose do NOT count–and you do not get count these as again as a garment)
  • One point for each garment you have on.  If your garment has more than two colors, give yourself an additional point. For example, if you have on black jeans, a black jacket, and a multicolored blouse, you get 4 points. (Any pattern is as an additional point regardless of color)
  • One point if you are wearing a belt.
  • One point for each of your rings (your wedding ring set counts as one point) (Layered rings count as ONE)
  • One point for any watch, bracelet or bangle. (2-3 narrow layered bracelets count as 1 wide bracelet – ONE point instead of one point per bracelet)
  • One point for a necklace. If your necklace has a double or triple strand or it is very large, give yourself two points. (Statement piece=2 points or 1 point per necklace)
  • One point for each of your earrings, that you can see. (Again ONE point for a PAIR of Visible earrings )
  • One point if you are wearing glasses.
  • One point if you have makeup on.
  • One point if you’ve had a compliment on your hair in the last two weeks.
  • One point for nice, taken care of nails (no chipped polish please).
  • One point for your handbag if you will be carrying it 100% of the time, if not, zero points.
  • One point for a shawl, hat, scarf, wrap or other add on accessory item.

0 points = you’d be naked
12 points or under = girlfriend, you need some accessories
12-14 points = you are almost there but not quite. Where can you add something? Maybe a bracelet, a scarf or another ring?
14-16 points = well done
Over 16 points = too much sister, time to take some things off.

PHOTO #1 If I were to follow the “16 Point Accessory Rule” I would be at 19 Points. My System: 14 Points

It’s hard to see everything in this photo. I am wearing large visible hoops, but in a neutral color. I have a statement piece layered with another necklace–again pretty subdued in color. I think this outfit works and the amount of accessories is just right.

PHOTO #2 16 Point Accessory Rule: 19 Points. My system: 15 points

It would be crazy to think you should add up points each time you get ready. I would use this system ONLY WHEN IN DOUBT. Soon it will start making sense. 1. If you have a bunch of long layered necklaces, skip the belt. If you love scarves–then wear less jewelry.

2. If you have a statement piece or layered necklaces, wear small earrings or skip them altogether. If the bracelets are your focal point, play down the necklace. Remember it’s all about balance with accessories as well as balancing your color and texture in every outfit.

So I’ll be curious to see what you think of the 16 Point Accessories Rule and my revised system. How did you score? Do you need to add, take away pieces or did you come out just right? I would love to hear.

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Stella & Dot Giveaway

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It’s time for another jewelry giveaway! I’ve featured Stella & Dot several times, and it is one of my favorite lines. Thanks to consultant, Kyla Glass for sponsoring this Giveaway. Coincidentally, Kyla became a consultant last year after seeing the post on my Style by Karen Facebook page. She fell in love with the earrings I pictured and signed up shortly thereafter. Kyla and I have common friends, but had only met a couple of times. Since then we’ve become friends through Facebook, my blog and now our common interest in S & D. I enjoy helping women kick off a business and am happy to be featuring this company once again.

I look forward to the new catalog each season to see the unique styles. I love reading about the background that goes into each design, and it’s fun to hear about the inspiration that drove the designs.

“New ideas are everywhere… from vintage stores & art galleries of faraway cities to urban sidewalk graffiti to the fresh vibrant colors of a farmer’s market produce display.”
- Blythe Harris, CCO

In addition to vintage feel, I think one of the best features of this line is the mixture of silver and gold. Many styles are available in both. I went through my silver phase like everyone else. Believe me, there are certain pieces of silver jewelry that I’m very drawn to. Certain outfits just scream for a bold piece of silver jewelry.

But, I like to mix it up. I encourage you to embrace some gold in your wardrobe. Gold looks beautiful with warm colors; lately I like it with just about everything.

MEMO: Gold is everywhere and it is IN!

Rather than show individual pieces, I went to the S & D blog so you could get some ideas of how to wear the jewelry. Wow, look at these combinations. Stunning!


The Stella & Dot site is easy to navigate and the shop area is divided into categories: Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and now even handbags!

There are great videos that show even more ideas. Don’t forget the sale category. I love the Cascading Chain and own the la Coco Chain  Both are winners.

Now to the Giveaway. Kyla is giving away a $25 Gift Certificate AND the Chloe necklace.


I will choose TWO winners. To enter, make a comment and tell us about your favorite piece of jewelry and why you love it. Contest ends Wednesday, February 8th at 9 PM PST.

My favorites? Too many to show. Last fall I did a Series What I Wore for a Week.  Almost every day I wore a little S & D. Many of those pieces are still available.

This year I want that statement necklace shown in the Casual Friday layout above. I also am very partial to the blue shown with tangerine in the Date Night layout. I am happy to answer any questions about the jewelry and please feel free to contact Kyla through her website.

I can’t wait to hear about your favorites!

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Red Hot for the Holidays

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Red Hot

Dkny dress
$250 -

Party blouse
$55 -

High collar coat
$150 -

TOMS red shoes
$54 -

Hunter tall boots
$125 -

Vince Camuto stiletto heels
$108 -

Dorothy Perkins red jewelry
$17 -

Worthington red necklace
$20 -

Post earrings
$19 -

Agate necklace
$100 -

Tulle Clothing ruffle scarve
$35 -

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Accessorizing Your Holiday Outfits

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‘Tis the season. Holiday parties are right around the corner. What should you wear? I’ve noticed this year that women are seeking ways to add a little glitz without going ”over the top” for their holiday events.

Two years ago I wrote about the sequined cardigan and last year it was the sequined tank. Both are still stylish options.

If you want to make an outfit you have in your closet look different, and give it a little holiday sparkle, consider some accessories. It is also a great choice if you don’t want to spend a great deal on a new holiday outfit.

There are lots of great accessories out there. For this post I went to White House Black Market which I feel has very affordable and fun accessories. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Do you have holiday events that require a little dressing up or will your get-togethers be casual and comfortable?

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A Little Leopard Goes a Long Way

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In Style’s Top 50 Fashion Tips tells us… “Own at least ONE thing that is leopard.”

Leopard is one of my favorite patterns. It goes with black and several shades of brown. I like it in small doses. I think it adds a little “punch” to an ordinary outfit. It’s a great addition to all the camel you will see this fall.

If you don’t feel like being draped in leopard dress quite yet–start small: Belts, scarves, bracelets or a small handbag. Then think about adding shoes, a sweater or top.

Leopard never seems to completely go out of style. I was visiting with my sister-in-law recently and I mentioned my next blog post. She is a leopard fan and listed several pieces she’s had for years. Leopard pieces can be tucked away and brought out and worn in a different way years later.

Leopard print is everywhere and you won’t have much trouble finding it. A little leopard goes a long way!

Here are some accessories from Accentuate Boutique. The belt adds some interest to this black tunic sweater with texture and color.


You can never go wrong with a leopard handbag from Hobo!

Lodis I-pad case and wallet clutch.

Next, a few fun things from White House Black Market:

 What do you think? Do you have a leopard piece or two in your closet? Are you ready to add more?

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