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From a Client’s Perspective…

Barbara Bryant used to laugh at the women chosen for makeovers on TLC’s What Not to Wear. “They just need to get over it,” she thought as she saw their clothes dumped into a garbage can. It was pure entertainment for Barb, and she never imagined she would be in a similar situation. 

Read the full story and see more before/after photos of Barb in Snapshot Magazine. 

Other Stories:

 Angela was my very first client. As an X-ray tech, Angela wears scrubs for work, but was looking for clothes for a few special upcoming events. We also focused on some casual separates she could wear with jeans on the weekends. The top with faux wrap helps create a waistline. The V-neck is also a flattering cut. Her black pants (hemmed just 1/2 inch from the floor) coupled with a 2-inch heel work together to elongate the leg. Top to bottom, we’ve created an illusion that takes off pounds. 

IMG_0712 (3)IMG_0770
Typically I do not focus on hair and makeup. If women ask for my suggestions, I give input. I also refer a client to a makeup line or combination of several lines that best suits her tastes and lifestyle. I went with Angela to her hair appointment, introduced her to the Bobbie Brown cosmetics (she had never worn make up previously) and she chose new frames for her glasses.  After the process, Angela looked and felt like a new woman! I continued to work with Angela a year later and we added professional photos to the mix.


Cathy has a nice sense of style. She needed help updating her closet, weeding out the excess and just another pair of eyes to help her see some new combinations. She also loved the affirmation and a second opinion I offered. It’s very typical to question certain pieces–should it stay or should it go? Cathy is a great example of a client who just needed a few tweaks and not a complete makeover. She valued another opinion that helped her make decisions quickly.

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