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Photo by Lara Blair Images

Photo by Lara Blair Images

Teacher. Home business owner. Certified Personal Stylist.

These stepping stones in my career path brought me to where I am today.

I now work with women of all ages TEACHING them how to LOOK, FEEL and DRESS their best on a budget.

I also teach busy women Fashion/Style tips through my writing. New blog posts each week help save time, money and energy! Reading a short article with a picture or two is sometimes all the inspiration one needs.

I too am a busy mom with a husband and two teenage sons living in Vancouver, Washington just across the river from Portland, Oregon and three hours from Seattle. This means great shopping in all directions!

Since I was a child I have loved clothes and accessories – spending hours planning
outfits, creating new combinations, and cooking up creative ways to expand my

I am always observing: I take mental notes in stores, admire well dressed women, peruse magazines/catalogs and borrow ideas to “make it my own”.

I love quality pieces, but I don’t like to pay full-price. I specialize in teaching women to create a look obtained from sale racks, discount stores and online sites. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve to get more for less.

I often begin shopping with a client right in her OWN closet searching for new
combinations that never entered her mind. Talk about saving money!

Through the process of working with individual clients, together we discover each
woman’s unique strengths and learn to hide the flaws. We organize, we combine new
pieces, we accessorize, we shop to fill the gaps. The result: a streamlined closet full of clothes that WORK. My goal is to help every woman feel comfortable and confident each time they walk out of the house.

In addition to working with women individually, I speak to women’s groups and teach
workshops. I also enjoy helping women choose their clothing in the retail setting which I do part-time working at local boutique.

From a subtle tweak, to a dramatic transformation, it is extremely rewarding to see how this process can affect a woman’s confidence and total outlook on life.

Style by Karen encompasses all these passions: Teaching, Writing, Speaking. Simply
said…I love to shop, love to write, and love to share my expertise and teach women how to be the best they can be.

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