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    Spring Trends: The Bell Sleeve

    Looking ahead to Spring trends, I have to say that this year is one where we are seeing more dramatic shifts in fashion. Higher waisted pants and shorter tops lead the way in the shift. I really define shifts differently than trends. For example, for years we’ve had mid and low-rise denim. Slowly, we’ve moved into more mid-rise and now higher waisted denim. Tops have been long–tunic length many times. Now they will be quite a bit shorter. Those are significant shifts.

    A trend can come and go sometimes rather quickly. The first one that will be quite prevalent is the the bell sleeve. Love it or hate it–you will be seeing it for sure. Before we get into some examples, I always explain trends this way. Find one you like, but there is no need to go overboard.

    You don’t have to like every trend. When the “cold shoulder” came out a couple of years ago, I struggled to find one I liked. I passed on many choices, not willing to settle just because it was a new trend that I felt I should be showing and wearing. Finally I found the perfect one. I think what made it work was the fact that the opening was smaller than other tops. Needless to say, I only have one cold shoulder top.

    What will I do with the bell sleeves? I will choose carefully. Its not a trend I’m partial to. I tried one around the holidays. I liked it. The sleeves were not too long (on my very short arms) which can really bother me. It’s actually on sale now. (Each picture links directly to the site)

    Here is a Bell-sleeved sweater from Cabi. The jacket has a three-quarter length bell-layered over a bright color to give some nice contrast, yet the outfit has appearance of a long sleeve.

    I did a quick search for bell sleeved tops at Nordstrom priced $50-100. Wow, you can see for yourself, they are everywhere!

    And another one from Stella & Dot.

    What is my advice with this trend? If you like it, give it a try. Buy one, not five. The short or three-quarter sleeve bell might be easier to wear than the long sleeves. I’d start there.

    I’d love to get some conversation going, and I think this style may bring out some opinions. What do you think of the bell sleeve? Is it on your shopping list this spring?

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