Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Accessories and Shoes

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In Part 2 I’ll try to highlight some of the best when it comes to accessories and shoes. Click on the bold print to follow a link to all the choices offered with each brand.

Tasha has a great affordable necklace and earrings that will add color to many outfit. I’m partial to the emerald green and the purple. Great deal at only 31.90 and bold and silver stretch bracelets for only 17.90.

Cara is another affordable brand with some trendy studded bracelets.

Then go classic with Nadri. You don’t see these on sale very often and it’s a great time to get some of these classic, dressier pieces.

Handbags: Kate Spade and Michael Kors are a few of my favorites. Ordered the IIIBeCa (third photo) for myself.

Shoes and Boots

There are way too many to name or picture  so I’ll try to categorize for you. Here are some titles and links to take you directly to the item.

Frye the popular Melissa style finally has a zipper! Such a great looking boot in either color. LOVE! also available in extended calf.

Dansko Baker Bootie

Miz Mooz West

Corso Como also comes in extended calf.

Enzo Demario  You cannot beat this price at 59.90 for a great peep toe pump! Great neutral taupe that is perfect with most everything.

Ivanka Trump Janie is another beautiful pump for under $100

VC Signature  The smoking slipper made its entry last year and is back again.

Tory Burch has a beautiful riding boot, bootie and smoking slipper and I’d have to say these are 3 of my favorites. If you bought these 3 styles you’d have all your bases covered for fall outfits. Dressy riding boot is great with jeans or a skirt.

This barely scratches the surface, but hopefully gives you a taste of all Nordstrom has to offer during this fantastic sale. If you have a question, feel free to contact me directly because I have probably seen or tried it on.

Happy Anniversary Shopping!



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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites

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I’m back after nearly a two month hiatus! That is unheard of in the blogging world. But then again, I’ve said it many times, I’m not your typical fashion blogger! I took a different retail position, threw a big graduation party for my son and entertained family members all within the same two weeks. It was hard to fit in the blog!

I admit, the more time that passed, the more I debated blogging again. I’ll decide that at a later time–for now I’m back.

It is a tradition to write about the Anniversary Sale. As many of you know, Nordstrom is the only retailer to bring in a preview of fall/winter merchandise at a discounted rate. You have to think ahead and shop smart. When you do, the savings are big.

The sale was open to card holders on July 10th in what is known as Early Access. It then opened to the public on Friday the 19th and sale prices are in effect until August 4th. Are there many things left? You bet. While some popular items sell out the first few days, there is still a great deal of merchandise to choose from. Be patient if you don’t see your size and color. Keep checking back. Returns occur daily.

In my opinion, it’s one of the better years. Hot trends include the color purple, LOTS of leather, animal prints with a little military thrown in. This year I decided to add links by popular brand rather than list all the items/photos. When you click on the link it will bring you to the Anniversary items of that brand as they are listed first.

CLASSIQUES ENTIER  This line is known for its classic, more conservative style. The price point is a little higher for some shoppers, but the quality is superb. Anniversary sale is a great time to invest in this brand. My favorites were the stretch wool jacket/pants, drape neck tops with lace trim and the houndstooth knit jacket with leather trim.

TROUVE A little more trendy, Trouve had some great leather pieces this year. Great buy: leather clutch/crossbody for under $100

VINCE CAMUTO One of my favorite brands as it mixes current and classic. You will notice Vince Camuto has many choices when it comes to accessories and shoes too. Look for the ponte knit pants for 49.90, affordable novelty tops, unique accessories (fun hinged bangles in animal prints) I also loved the grey peplum dress.

HALOGEN Women like Halogen for its affordability and variety of styles. Great buy: shirred tanks for 29.90 are the perfect layering piece under jackets or sweaters, seamed pencil skirts: 45.90 and Taylor pants: 49.90. Items worth checking out: Cutaway leather jacket in taupe or black.

Now let’s have a little fun with some highlights from a few of the higher end lines that many women can’t look at during the regular season. Once a year during anniversary it’s worth a peek.

Theory Pants and blouse

Vince Sweater (gorgeous shade of blue) and riding pants with zipper pockets

Kate Spade black dress and purple sweater. The skirt, blouse and sweater are all on sale and shown separately. The sweater is my favorite!

Trina Turk (black coat is one of the best on the sale-hands down!) If you need a new wool coat for winter, this is a MUST HAVE!

If you’ve been to the sale did you have a favorite piece? Please share what you loved.

Coming on Friday: Accessories and Shoes



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Premier Jewelry Giveaway

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It’s time for a Giveaway thanks to Linda from Premier Designs Jewelry.

I’ve mentioned many times how much I enjoy featuring a small business owner.

Linda is a faithful Style by Karen reader and when I featured Premier in a previous post she won the giveaway, scheduled a party and then became a consultant. Love what my little blog can do!
Linda will give away TWO $25 Gift Certificates. Premier does not have a website for ordering, but you can view many of the designs and learn more about the company from their site. If you are local, Linda would love to show you the jewelry in person. If you are not local, the catalog is a wonderful source as well. Contact Linda and she will send you a catalog.

Premier is known for their ENHANCERS that can be put on any necklace even if it is multi strand. The enhancer opens up and snaps on rather than SLIDES on. This allows it to go on any thickness.

Here is the piece I chose. LOVE!

EVERYONE should have “THE CLIP”. Premier is the only source that I know for this. I have one in gold and silver and they are $10.

The clip allows you to take any long necklace and double it and clip it in the back.

Do you ever double a long necklace only to have the upper strand move throughout the day and practically choke you? I’m always adjusting and fussing when I wear a necklace that way. Here I am in a photo where a long strand of beads is doing the “choke effect”.

NO LONGER with the clip. Now look at the same necklace with the clip.

The clip opens up, you thread the two pieces through and then snap together and it stays securely in place! Not only does it stay in place but my long necklaces have more versatility worn double with the clip. (note: these are necklaces from my own collection)

In addition to the TWO WINNERS, Linda will give a FREE CLIP IT to the first THREE who contact her to see the jewelry in person or a long distance reader who places a catalog order. Be sure and mention where you read about it.

ALL COMMENTS WILL BE ENTERED FOR THE GIFT CERTIFICATES. Remember, TWO $25 winners. Then the first three orders will receive a Clip It.

Have lots of jewelry? Order a Clip It and enhance the pieces you already own. When you see Linda’s name in this post, it is a link that will give you her info. Click there and you’ll be connected immediately.

Let me know what you think! Can’t wait to see your comments.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: May 27th 2013 at 9 pm PST

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Random Find: L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray

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I’ve gone through many brands of hairspray over the years. Aerosol, non-aerosol…
I have fine, thin hair so hair spray is an absolute must have for me. Without hairspray my hair would be flat in 30 minutes.

Looking back over the years I can remember the sticky phase, the “my hair won’t move” stage. In those stages I would say that most of the time my hair did not look like it was caked with hair spray, but when you felt it–well, quite a different story. It always felt so good to wash my hair and I did that every day.

For years, In Style magazine gave high ratings to L’ Oreal’s Elnett.  I hesitated to try it, but when I did I really could understand what all the fuss was about.


As advertised it really does allow me to comb through my hair. Instead of washing my hair every day, now there are times I can skip a day and it’s fine. I don’t have to worry about all the awful hair spray residue.

The best part is that you can find it at any drug store (Walmart comes in a the best price of 12.97) rather than depending on a salon or beauty supply store.

If you need a new and light hair spray, give it a try!


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Sunglasses Part 2

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What did I choose? You were all right–Kate Spade all the way! However, I went with a different pair that was just a little different.

Here is the first pair I tried.

I also really liked this one too–also a Kate Spade model.

I chose:

In the end I decided I wanted to go polarized and that was the best choice. I love the little bit of teal on the corners. I did probably like the shape of the first one the best, but love the way these feel and look. I also thought they fit my face well–not too big.  And, hey I even love the case you get with them!



Thanks for weighing in with your opinions through the comment section. It was fun to read.

Are you going to buy a pair of sunglasses this season?

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Find the Perfect Sunglasses

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Sunny weather is here in many parts of the country. We’re even getting our share of sun in the “it almost always rains all spring” Northwest!

It’s been over 5 years since I bought a new pair of sunglasses. I’ve loved my Kate Spade glasses I found at the Nordstrom Rack for 49.99.  I know, that’s quite a record if you’re one who buys inexpensive sunglasses and purchases new ones frequently. I believe in spending a little more and taking good care of them. They are always in a case and I try not to wear them on top of my head.

I decided I wanted the royal treatment this time so I could learn all the ins/outs of my purchase to share in this post. I went to the sunglasses section at Nordstrom.

I judge a pair of sunglasses BEFORE I ever look in the mirror. I learned this from that Kate Spade pair I bought years ago. They FELT good the minute I put them on.

I suggest you put them on, then look in the mirror and try pair after pair.

Face shape/Shape of glasses: There are many articles on the web to help you find the right shape. In short you want to balance your face shape with the opposite shape of frame. If you have an oval face, you can wear almost any shape. I think that most of the time you will be drawn to what looks good on you. Ask for honesty with your salesperson or bring a friend.

Most pairs despite the shape, brand or price point have 100% UV protection.

Do you need polarized lenses? Polarized glasses reduce the glare. If you suffer from eyestrain, headaches when driving in the sun, spend time on the water, this may be a good choice for you.

Here is what I tried when I went shopping:

Michael Kors                                                                      Vince Camuto

Ray Ban

Kate Spade


So what do you think? Which ones do you like

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Random Finds

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I thought it would be fun to start a weekly post on “random finds” to share with you. I know for myself that when I don’t have time to page through magazines, I love being able to quickly read and see a picture that will hopefully stick in my memory when the need arises.

Random finds could be anything from cosmetics to clothes.

The first random find I want to share with you is a new product I discovered at the Kiehl’s counter. You may remember me singing the praises of Kiehl’s self tanner a couple of years ago. I do love this brand even more as I continue to try different products. It’s available in most major departments stores, online, and well, we even have a Kiehl’s store in the Portland Airport now.

I tried a sunscreen that is the lightest, freshest sun care product I’ve put on my face in a long time. You can add this to your daily routine right after your moisturizer and before you put on foundation, or you can use it just on your face before hitting the beach.

Most day moisturizers and some foundations also have a fairly high SPF so you might be full protected. However, in this day and age, as we become more in the know about the damage the sun can do, sunscreen is  super important daily if you are out/about at all.

I also tried a body lotion that was wonderful. I do not like heavy lotions or ones with strong scent. This was perfect.

I typically don’t buy the largest size of something when I’m trying a new product–even if that is the better deal. I bought the 4 oz. instead of the 8 oz. Most counters will also throw in some samples of things for you to try. It’s the best way to get a taste before stepping up and spending a bundle. So here are my random finds. Let me know if you try either of these and what you think.

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Denim on Top Collection

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There are so many choices out there this year! All of these pieces are available at Nordstrom and you can search by brand name.

These denim tops all run a little on the small side so it is a good idea to size up.

I own #5 and it is one of my favorites because of the incredibly soft denim and snap front. It’s fitted, but you can also layer a tank or tee with it.

I haven’t had a denim vest since the mid-90′s. I wonder if I can go there again?

I also really like #4 as the lace inset adds texture and just is a little more interesting than the typical denim shirt.

So what do you think? Do you like any of these choices or other things you’ve seen this spring?


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Denim on Top

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Denim jackets are back. Wait a minute–did they ever go out? How many denim jackets have you had over the years? I cringe a little to remember one back in the mid-nineties and another back in 2001. Remember the roomy boxy styles that were really more like a coat? Yes, we all had them.

In recent years we haven’t seen such a drastic change in styles, so if you’ve had a denim jacket for a few years, it’s probably still very much in style. The styles are short, fitted and look great with a skirt, dress or colored denim.

Next, let’s discuss shirts. Denim and chambray are back! In the past, we didn’t wear a chambray shirt with denim. Now that is ok if you vary the washes between top and bottom so it doesn’t look like you have a denim “suit”. It will also work well if you wear a long tank in a bright color under the shirt.

I really like the look of different washes with the jackets and shirts. In fact, this year I bought a dark denim shirt AND a lighter wash that can be worn more like a jacket. There tabbed sleeves, vests, and embellished denim.

Denim on top helps “neutralize” all that colored denim we see out there. It makes a great combination.

Do you have a pair of colored denim? If so, have you paired it with denim on top?


Denim on Top

ONLY fitted shirt
$54 -

Madewell block top

Fat face
$74 -


Marc by marc jacobs jeans
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“Smooth” Wear

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It’s been a while since I wrote about Shapewear. At that time I highlighted the various brands and pointed out the differences in their ability to “suck it in” .

Now, I often refer to a few brands as “Smooth Wear”. I think there are several options that smooth the lumps and bumps but aren’t necessarily considered Shapewear.

One of the most common complaints about shapewear is the fact that it is too hot.

Here are a couple options that are not heavy duty, but they will help smooth inconsistencies in the back and help with the “muffin top”. They are comfortable and you will not feel totally bound in.

First on the list is the Shimera Cami found at Nordstrom. I find this is perfect to smooth  and add that layer under tops that come a little low. It also really helps smooth that area above the waistband of your jeans.  It comes in a variety of colors and the scoop neck is reversible meaning you have two ways to wear the neckline–one higher and one lower.

Next I want to point out Yummie Tummie as I did in that original post. Again, you will get light support. It will hold you in a little more than the Shimeras. They are also made from a fabric that regulates your body temperature so you won’t be too hot or cold. It is reversible so you have a V-neck or a scoop neck. Nordstrom has a number of styles, but the Yummie site has a whole lot more.


The next time you need a little smoothing action, consider one of these options!


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